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  1. Amazing job ! i wasn't a big fan of the model but now with this paint scheme... I find the miniature awesome !
  2. Seb

    Terran Easy Cammo

    Really nice helix. Paintscheme works good.
  3. Your Ullr MKII Medium Shield Tanks are very nice ! Not fan of the RSN Seraph, but it may be the miniature ... hard to see volumes with your paint scheme. Maybe a dark wash in the recess ?
  4. Thanks to all. A really nice objective/piece of terrain !
  5. Hello ! After a nice week-end, this my painted crashed Terkaï Shuttle, from "Battle For Proteus Prime" starter box. Very nice model ! I decided to paint it fast, as my desk is full of Terran and Directorate minis to complete ... nice battel objective ! Sorry for some photos quality ... light wasn't exceptionnal ...
  6. Wonderfull army ! They are really amazing !
  7. Seb

    Seb's Workbench

    The most important is to be happy with your mini's paint scheme
  8. Seb

    Seb's Workbench

    Well it was a test. The other side of the battlecruiser is "normal". I wanted to try a glow effect on the windows ... but i'm not satisfied with result. I wanted a new paint scheme because i've had enough grey spaceships My Directorate Fleet is grey and blue ... my old Terran fleet is grey and red ... so I wanted to test a new paint scheme on my more recent Terran models so ... i'm searching a good ratio between these colors ... Well... no idea of Terran's "usual" colors. I wanted to change. My previous Terrans were more ... standards : Thanks for your comments ! It helps !!!!
  9. Seb

    Seb's Workbench

    Thanks ! Maybe a finished picture at the end of the week end !
  10. Seb

    Seb's Workbench

    Hello ! I'm starting to complete my old Terran fleet ... with more recent minis than my actual V1 Fleet ! I tried a new paint scheme, first with a Battlecruiser. It's a work in progress but i'm really happy with the result.
  11. Excellent !!!!!! Exceptionnal work. Very nice fleet !
  12. Very nice work ! The miniature is very fine !
  13. Very nice army ! The paint scheme works well.
  14. Very good ! They look more dynamic.
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