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  1. Looking at the packet for this year I would say if you varied the scenarios to include an escalating engagement type mission, that could counter the top heavy lists people were bringing at 900. While I think that bigger is generally better, 800 provides a pretty ideal balance point and forces people to make tougher choices in their list building.
  2. Terrans and RSN forces battle for superiority.
  3. I agree that a small game of one or two squads, no tacs or battle logs is the way to go. I do think that mars are alright, depending on the player. I think directorate are a tough starter fleet since their battle ship is tricky. Easy to learn shooting with bacause of turrets but harder to learn, since it doesn't quite stack against terrans, aquans, or dindrenzi.
  4. The owner made some mumbling complaint about rules updates when I asked about not carrying SG. Whatever. If it isn't too much of an imposition, could I PM you in the morning about the weekend? It is looking as through Congress may foil whatever semblance of one I was hoping to have.
  5. Yeah, not a real fan of that place. I was chatting the owner about firestorm over the weekend. He said I should head up to Baltimore, as there aren't any players at DW, and there is a serious group up there, which I assume is the DZ group/league. Regardless, I'm just trying to assess my options, short of getting a zipcar and heading up there some weekend. There is a store in Eastern Market that will special order FA, but I am not sure that it has the necessary tables for actually playing there, let alone people interested in the game. I saw a few earlier posts in the thread were made by metro-bound DCers, which is why I inquired.
  6. Hi all, does anyone in this group carpool from the District or somewhere that is metro accessible? I've been trying to get a few friends who play WHFB intermittently to take up FA with limited success (read: no success) and would love the chance to actually play regularly after I get my stuff painted.
  7. The answer is yes, they did get bigger. The new battle ship is a bit wider and taller than the previous. Not a ton bigger but it is noticeable. Still not as big as the tyrant or naussicaa, but it is a bit beefier, which is nice. Same for the cruisers and frigates, which is great.
  8. Is the battleship bigger than the previous resin metal combo?
  9. The whole "I'm going to play the previous edition" is ridiculous. It's that mentality that drove me away from GW in the first place. I'd really hate to see that creep in here. I think that Spartan has made a choice, not that I agree with it, to update the core rules and "optional rules" separately. We will, unfortunately, have to wait until August to have the full rules picture. Until then, I would say that people need to take a deep breath.
  10. I don't have the book handy, but I believe that is correct.
  11. It seems that some of them have been written more plainly, but I think they are almost all the same.
  12. MARs yes, fleet specific MARs, (i.e. biohazard ammo) no.
  13. Well that is a bit of a relief, though I would have gladly paid more to have everything in one volume. Regardless, I am glad to see that this gap will be filled quickly.
  14. The new book says that a weapon CANNOT combine linked and spit fire for any primary or torpedo attack. Wouldn't that address this issue?
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