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    Averlorn got a reaction from Bigsquatch in Federated States of America Colour Scheme Database   
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    Averlorn reacted to Erebi in Erebi's Planetfall   
    Thank you all for the positive feedback  
    Unfortunately I only have my image blog. http://erebiminiatures.blogspot.cz/  I speak very bad English
    It is tamiya x-13
    Here is my transportation foam

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    Averlorn got a reaction from Erebi in Erebi's Planetfall   
    Those miniatures are stunning! May I ask you what blue colour you used on your Directorate? 
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    Averlorn got a reaction from Presidente in No need for a camo for Mother Russia !   
    Still stunning your miniatures :-) So temptating tomcopy your colour scheme ;-) please continue your excellent work.
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    Averlorn reacted to McKinstry in Official Thread: Ottoman Empire   
    The overwhelming general consensus as expressed loudly and often on this forum was that the 1.1 Ottomans were seriously unbalanced and too strong. They were inevitably going to get dialed back from the second 2.0 was announced.
    Does that mean the existing stats are inviolate? No. As Delboy and Bunnahabin have stated often, play games (lots of them), write battle reports and they will take it under advisement.
    Theory craft alone without games and reporting and it probably will not change.
    I saw some battle reports being posted on the Chinese armoured DN. That may well bring a change or two with enough games and enough reports.
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    Averlorn reacted to BDub in Mechsuits 3D printed.   
    Painting is under way.

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    Averlorn reacted to Gouniaf in Ottoman Empire Colour Scheme Database   
    My Ottoman fleet (the beginning of my adventures in Dystopian Wars):

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    Averlorn reacted to Bunnahabhain in Dystopian Wars Playtester Thread   
    All Beta testers are reminded that they should not discuss the second edition of Dystopian Wars outside the Beta Test section.
    Delboy and the other senior testers should begin to comment on the second edition in this thread at an appropriate point.
    However, I will repeat our first design goal for Second Edition:
    No DW Model in any collection will be invalidated by the Second Edition. They will all be fully supported in your force guides and in the rules.
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    Averlorn got a reaction from darkjedi203 in Federated States of America Colour Scheme Database   
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    Averlorn reacted to BasicBob in Dystopian Wars Playtester Thread   
    I strongly suspect that merchant support carriers will be available separately in the near future.
    By the way Spartan is always giving you something else to buy. That is their diabolical plan. They don't force you to buy it. They just let human psychology do its work for them.
    You like pretty miniatures don't you.
    You want to game with pretty miniatures ...don't you.
    You want to buy pretty miniatures...don't you.
    And so it goes till eventually your wallet appears open and you take money out of it.  
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    Averlorn reacted to Bunnahabhain in Cruiser arms race   
    Fixed that for you.
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    Averlorn reacted in Dystopian Wars Playtester Thread   
    Hello All!
    I'm Delboy, the Senior [senior] Playtester/Designer for the Dystopian Wars Game at present.
    .....no jokes about my age please......  

    Quite a few members have asked if it is possible to have us (ie the testers) comment on vessels that we have designed and tested.

    Its a good idea, but as with anything that is governed by the legality of our Non-Disclosure Agreements, I think its sensible to lay down a few ground rules. This should allow everyone to focus their questions into ones we CAN answer and help remind everyone covered by their personal NDAs where the line is drawn.

    Remember Spartan have final say on any copy/comment NDA'd members post, so if this thread gets out of hand they are entitled to shut it down and take action against any NDA'd person who steps over the line.

    We CAN talk about :
    1 - How the model plays and our experiences during the stages of playtesting.
    2 - The concept of a model's use on the tabletop and possible game tactics.
    3 - Synergy with existing models.
    4 - Models that are headlined in the Spartan Blog or if clearance is given to the Tester to comment by Spartan.

    Remember we ain't here to steal Spartan's Thunder, only to tell everyone how loud it is!

    Also, folks should realise that the playtesters do not WORK for Spartan, and present their thoughts as un-paid, private individuals who have a vested emotional involvement with the D-Wars Game. That said, they are protected by Spartan from any aggressive, overly negative posters who may see this as an opportunity to make themselves heard. If everyone remains focused and adult during the thread, follows the rules of the forum and directs their comment in a mature non-accusatory fashion, there will be no problems.

    So given these criteria, here are my mutterings about.......
    The Fresnel and Arronax
    The Aufseher Airship
    The Rudnitsky Class Repair Ship
    The Konigsberg Class Battle Cruiser
    The Onryo Support Gyro
    Reno Medium Tank
    Speerwurf Light Zeppelin
    Lysander Support Vehicle
    Bansan Walker
    Pesets Class Submarine
    Alma Class Frigate
    Tennessee Class Land Ship
    Aronnax Submersible - a revisit
    Fresnel Support Cruiser - a revisit
    Triumph Command Vessel
    Foxhound Light Tank
    Recke Assault Tank
    Steward Assault Tank
    Myobu Light Tank
    Miage-Nyudo Command Walker
    Orlov Assault Tank
    Arbalete Air Support Tank
    Scorpios Tank Hunter
    Orpheus Drone Controller
    The Italians
    Ritter Assault Tank
    Shildtrager Medium Robot
    Grele Flak Tank
    Columbia Land Train
    Komainu Garrison Tank
    Ronin Heavy Walker
    Ryou Skimmer Robot
    The Chinese
    The Australians
    Collosus Small Robot
    Minsk Tank Destroyer
    Defiance Small Robot
    Poltava Light Tank
    Baronet Command Tank
    Janus Small Walker
    Time Dilation Orb mkII
    The Ottomans
    The KoB Support Box
    The PE Support Box
    The FSA Support Box
    The EoBS Support Box
    The CoA Support Box
    The RoF Support Box
    The RC Support Box
    The Amphibious Landing Box
    The Merchant Navy Box
    East India Company
    The Kingdom of Denmark
    The Polish and Lithuanian Commonwealth Air Force
    More to follow.....
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    Averlorn reacted to Galvainn in Flotillas - Painting Progress   
    Love the colour scheme on the French. Very striking! The Americans are excellent too. Did you notice those green flyers look like flying frogs painted this way?
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    Averlorn got a reaction from CDR_G in Federated States of America Colour Scheme Database   
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    Averlorn reacted to Watchdog in My Ottoman Fleet WIP log   
    The Hisar is a mobile airfield, not a fleet carrier. This is a huge difference, since it is more a little downgraded dreadnought with an airfield welded onto it, than a ship dedicated to carrying airplanes around.
    It is a huge asset to my fleet. Adding 12 TFT's to my fleet, it usually gains me aerial superiority and more activations than my opponent, especially if taken together with Sinop class armoured cruisers and Kanuni class dreadnought. In the game against CoA on the pictures above, the scenario did not allow the two free local air support wings, therefore, my opponent was limited to his 6 drones from the Epicurus. I had 23 tokens.
    The Hisar can hit the enemy hard even in RB4 (not possible in this scenario) with its two bombards and the turrets. If it gets some targets into its side firing arcs, together with its escorts it can really wreak havoc among the enemy fleet, and it can keep rearming and reorganizing the TFT wings at the same time! I learnt to use it to reorganize my wings effectively, usually I land the two 3-strong wings from Sinops on it in turn one, preferably before the Hisar gets activated, so that I can have a full wing out as CAP or another full dive bombers wing ready to move in turn 2. It can send out two wings per turn and still use its generators and weapons.
    The Hisar is also a key element for the effective use of the Cekirge mines, since its Mine Controller Generator's range is 24", as opposed to the Sadrazam's 16". I actually took a Hisar in an 800 points game instead of a Sadrazam. My 4 dive bomber wings sunk a damaged battleship and an intact cruiser.The ability to control the mines should not be underestimated by the opponent, since they can blast away ships, flyers and TFT's together and they are kind of a free attack during movement.
    The Hisar with its 3 escorts can also be an effective boarding unit. 12 AP together, in groups of 6,2,2 and 2. The Hisar's AP get +1 to hit. It has Sharpshooters. The Ottomans actively assaulting anyone and winning? How is that possible?  Combine the assault with Fettah and Sinop squadrons using their own sharpshooters and enjoy the look on your opponent's face as you prize their battleship or dreadnought.
    In short, I love the Hisar.
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    Averlorn got a reaction from Youenn in And Another Blue Pinguin Fleet   
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    Averlorn reacted to Sanguinary Dan in How long must we wait?   
    Don't get me wrong here. I'm thrilled with the volume of new releases for DW this year. But....
    When are we going to have the ability to add to those new fleets and buy parts? I NEED more Fortuna bombers, Gladius cruisers and Protector Frigates. I'd sell your first born to get more Australian turrets and Ottoman mines.
    So? How long will you make us wait to take MY --errr-- I mean our money Spartan? TELL US! Please?
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    Averlorn got a reaction from AndyT in Some pieces of scenery   
    Hey everyone, here some pieces of terrain I 'm usually playing with. Hope you like them

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    Averlorn got a reaction from vonHymack in Some pieces of scenery   
    Hey everyone, here some pieces of terrain I 'm usually playing with. Hope you like them

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    Averlorn got a reaction from stoevers in Russian Coalition Fleet   
    Hey guys, here some pics of the RC miniatures I painted for a friend (hope you enjoy it Dave )  The bombers are finished but I forgot to take pics.
    N.B: as all my pics those ones were also taken with my mobile phone

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    Averlorn got a reaction from stoevers in And Another Blue Pinguin Fleet   
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    Averlorn got a reaction from BigB in Some pieces of scenery   
    Hey everyone, here some pieces of terrain I 'm usually playing with. Hope you like them

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    Averlorn got a reaction from Sky_Admiral in And Another Blue Pinguin Fleet   
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    Averlorn got a reaction from Sky_Admiral in And Another Blue Pinguin Fleet   
    After painting 3 cruisers, 6 frigattes and my Battleship in a colour scheme that I finally didn'tlike (and of course varnishing it :-) ) I decided to repaint the already painted models. Big thank you to tabletop_terrain for the inspiration. Although my ships are far away from his standard I like them a lot .I hope you enhjoy pics. Next miniature will be my Callimachus. 

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    Averlorn got a reaction from Sky_Admiral in And Another Blue Pinguin Fleet   
    Hello everyone, 
    having almost finished my FSA fleet (naval and aerial) I decided to start a new fleet. My choice soon fell on the Covenant of Antarctica.
    After two sessions of about 2 hours each I managed to paint 3 Cruisers and 6 corvettes. I'm quite happy with the way the models turned out, epecially because I only painted them at gaming standard (although I think they still look a little bit dirty)
    Enjoy the pictures. Comments (positive and negatives) are, as usual always welcome:
    Edit 10.08.13: Some new pics, i.e. the one of the Fresnel, finished Platon and last but not least my TFT and my Aronnax. Enjoy it! 

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