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  1. Averlorn

    Erebi's Planetfall

    Those miniatures are stunning! May I ask you what blue colour you used on your Directorate?
  2. Really nice work! already painted something new for the aquans? :-)
  3. Still stunning your miniatures :-) So temptating tomcopy your colour scheme ;-) please continue your excellent work.
  4. Excellent and thank you! Will try the same method during the next weeks with my ottomans (except to take no red but only green :-) ) Again thank you very much for the tutorial and keep on going the good work. Regards;
  5. Thank you Karun. Never tried this method for DW. I'd really like to get your own white recipe :-) Was considering starting RC after finishing my OE, and my colour scheme would be similar to yours. In fact, for the hull I wanted to paint everything white which you painted red and vice-versa. Really stunning fleet so far, one of the best color schemes for the Russians imho. Well done (and hope to hear from you soon)
  6. WOnderful! How could you get this flashing colours? Especially the white?
  7. FSA: Jack of all trades, masters of none Ottoman Empire: No "big" flyers, no subs and quite weak against boarding assaults. Australians: Unfortunately I can't tell anything about them, haven't faced them yet. Maybe some fleets are better against others, but all in all it's well balanced (imho).
  8. We are like kids. We need Derek's attention :-)
  9. Dear Spartan Games, Dear Playtesters, my first steps in the world of tabletop gaming were 13 years ago with Warhammer and Warhammer 40k from Games Workshop (which I still play regulary). After some years I expanded my knowledge of different gaming systems like Warmachine/Hordes, Malifaux, Helldorado, Firestorm Armada and, of course, Dystopian Wars. Why should I not apply? · Time: I can only spend more or less eight hours a week in reading the rules and thinking about the read. And maybe only three or four hours a week in playtesting. Why do I want to apply? · I actually owe 2 Dystopian Wars armies: FSA (about 3000 points) and CoA (1500 points), both regulary played and both painted (a third, Russian Coalition has beend painted for a friend of mine). · I’m patient. This is also regulary tested by my 3 daughters. · Linguistic competences: Regulary spoken and written at work:Luxemburgish, English, German and French · And last but not least: I’m very curious. I want to know what will await us in 2.0. If you think I’m the right person for this don’t hesitate to contact With best regards; Christian
  10. Hey Delboy, no news about the new mercenary fleet ? :-)
  11. I especially like the FSA. HAve you ever tested the new miniatures in battle?
  12. You definitely have a huge amount of tokens :-) Kust for curiosity: how is the ottoman fleetcarrier performing on thetable? Oh, and nice painted fleet
  13. Caramba, this colour scheme is amazing. Has it been made with some airbrush or are those colours inks? How many coats did you take and how did you apllied it? (so many questions... :-) )
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