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  1. Has something changed in the last week or two? Large parts of the new look forum are now being displayed with vertical rather than horizontal writing on my Android device. All was OK when the forum first changed over.
  2. Now they really are taking the **** spamming this anti-spam thread !! EDIT: Well at least that spam message got deleted
  3. I had hoped Fleet Action would be official rules for small scale battles but it looks like these unofficial ones remain the best option http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/15953-battle-patrol-rules-for-smaller-faster-scenarios/
  4. The amount of spam on this forum is getting out of hand. It's getting to the point where I'm worried about coming here in case there are security/virus issues. Spartan, time to act.
  5. This is exactly what I have found. I used 2x1mm magnets and they hold the wings in place but they will come off with a bit of a knock. Wish I'd used slightly larger magnets
  6. Not legal. I would advise against sharing a scanned copy. That's why they use copyrights.
  7. These are from my Soylian/Relthosa starter set. What are they? Where do I stick them ?
  8. Very pleased to see that the rules are going to be available separately, not just in the boxed set.
  9. Same here - 7 or 8 working days since I reported my missing bits (UK based) and they arrived yesterday. Cheers, Andy
  10. I've been using The Outpost in Sheffield for my last few orders. Good mail order service and prices.
  11. How do you define "veteran"? I am 50-something (cough) and have reading glasses and stronger glasses for painting. However I find the grand children much more tiring than painting The light has to be good though, so I mostly paint in the conservatory these days. The glass roof makes a huge difference.
  12. AndyT

    Top coat sealer

    Varnishes will almost certainly affect your paint to some degree but in most cases I find it enhances the final finish, giving more depth to a paint scheme. As mentioned above, try out your varnish on a test model, use a matt coat on top of gloss (if that is the effect you want), dont apply varnish in damp conditions and let the varnish dry for 24 hours in between coats.
  13. AndyT

    CoA Coeus

    Sadly no, just one "body" and two bases. I had to magnetise and pin this one.
  14. AndyT

    CoA Coeus

    It's a zeppelin-type thing, moulded into the base.
  15. AndyT

    CoA Coeus

    Not quite finished but getting there...
  16. Hey BigAndyT - I'm shortfatAndyT
  17. My magnets aren't really helping very much. It is the pin inserted into the body that is doing most of the work. It is a shame Spartan didn't design it to fit together a bit more securely.
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