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  1. But they do not drop them in a dogfight, as there is no Attack Run involved, and if we're thinking in real-world terms, if they're crazy enough to go plane hunting, they would drop their bombs there to. But they don't, so there's inconsistency.
  2. Pg 169 "A Support Aircraft Squadron may use either Ordnance or Ack Ack where appropriate when making an Attack Run." "Once an Attack Run by Torpedo Bombers or Dive Bombers has been resolved, place an Ordnance Away! Game Marker on the Squadron." This reads to me that I can can opt to do an AA Attack Run against an enemy flyer with my bombers, but since it was an attack run, their bombs are gone even though they did not use them at all. Is this intended? Or should the second rule read "Once an Attack Run by Torpedo Bombers or Dive Bombers using Ordnance has been resolved, place an Ordnance Away! Game Marker on the Squadron."
  3. I always hated how the weapon stat line on the Trenton didn't match the model at all. 90 degree fore/aft was stupid and mostly wasted. Offset 180s makes perfect sense, and I almost feel like I can use them again without running a cheese grater through my brain. However, I always felt they were very weak when compared to everything else at the same cost, and they've actually gotten worse. Sure, they have more options of what to shoot at now, but at even less AD than their previous low amount. I really don't see the point of them when I can take Jacksons for the same cost. I always hated playing FSA in the land game because the Washington and Trentons were just about the worst things in the entire theater. Now we have many nice options.
  4. I work at a game store, and we just had one on the shelf from the last restock I did. My supplier has them in stock as well, so I don't think they ever really went anywhere. I know they were out for a little while, but that happens all the time with everything at some point.
  5. Personally, I like how they work in this edition. They're not activation spamming. There's hardly any intercept move chaining creating messy furballs. They're dangerous, but are fairly well leashed to their carrier. I couldn't really ask for them to be any better.
  6. Agreed. The Dindrenzi ones are too boxy to match the RSN style. Terrans are nice and sleek and match them very well.
  7. Yeah, like the Tarakians. *shudder*
  8. I don't think they're a glass cannon. Their survivability is very average to slightly above average in some areas. My personal playstyle with them is fairly straightforward. I take Precision Strike on everything that I can, and try to neutralize the biggest threats early on. Targetting weapons, engines, or life support/bridge depending on what I'm up against. It tends to fall flat on its face against Relthoza, but does well against most others. I love all the carrier capacity and max out wings on everything I can. Spooks make a great side threat, and Bulwarks are great for jumping in later in the fight.
  9. I like the Directorate design, but this is really bland. From the top, it doesn't look any different than a Executioner class cruiser. It's probably bigger, but way too similar. I would have loved something like the Sorylian one. Obviously similar, but obviously different.
  10. Personally I think the v2 rules are a very positive change. New ships are always great, but even if these turn out to not be the greatest in the world, the game itself has taken a huge leap forward. For what it's worth, I don't expect these to be super awe inspiring. I expect them to do something a little bit different than the norm of the faction (based on the loose descriptions), but at the same time be a difficult choice for the points.
  11. Wow, nice. I'm usually just missing parts or find the wrong parts. My FSA starter had half KoB tiny flyer tokens. The worst one was the Tarakian battleship. I work at a game store so I see a lot of product come through here. It took 4 tries to get the battleship with all the parts inside.
  12. I get what you're saying, but still think a small percentage of the "main faction" could be commanded by are large force of the "ally faction". It's not too much to ask one of the big guys to loan a few frigates or some cruisers to their ally for a mission. Maybe allow up to 25%, no tier 1.
  13. The Directorate 1 Persecution Dreadnought 2 Judgement Battleships 1 Overseer Carrier 3 Tormentor R&D Cruisers 3 Justice Heavy Cruisers 6 Vanquisher Cruisers 6 Executioner Cruisers 4 Nemesis Destroyers 12 Enforcer Frigates 4 Hostiliy Drones 6 Punisher Escorts Rense System Navy 1 Banshee Dreadnought 1 Spectre Battleship 2 Argus Carriers 4 Cerberus Heavy Cruisers 9 Spook Cruisers 3 Phoenix Destroyers 6 Bulwark Frigates 6 Siren Escorts
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