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  1. They have confirmed they added the Ottomans to the Allies Upgrade later this year (or early next).
  2. Which is why I went in the opposite direction.. Low Level Flyer..
  3. Hi guys, I normally don't post in the RC forum but figured you'd like this. I'm one of the Admiral of the Fleet backers, and 1 of the 2 Mediums I'm designing is Russian Air Core. I don't want to give anything away but if the ship comes through approvals and playtesting close to the alpha stats we had worked up... you guys will love it! It has a theme that fits in nicely with the Ice Maiden ships.. and is (at least to me) perfectly Russian.. crazy and stubborn as hell I can't wait to see it released- even IF I'm gong to be fighting AGAINST them regularly!
  4. Same here Archer... Can't wait till one of my ships squares off against my other!
  5. Exactly... apart from 1 or 2 missteps that were corrected relatively fast, SG ran a pretty good Kickstarter, and they are doing FAR better than most on delivery schedules if they can start shipping by end of April, 1 month after the projected ship date. On a related note.. as one of the guys designing his own ships, I have to say... the communication, feedback and response so far from SG has been phenomenal.. I really am pleasantly shocked at how fast I've gotten replies from SG- Hats off to you Spartan Mike!
  6. I know it does... but it's a BB.. now... if you gave the Honshu a option to tale a Fury Gen....
  7. As another person with many many fleets and a nascent French fleet, I'll 2nd that. France isn't a good "jack of all trades" like The Japanese. If you try to include everything you'll end up watering down your effectiveness way too much. It's actually easier to do a Lance Fleet than a Skimmer Fleet since there's no Skimming Cruiser (only the Light Cruiser). On a similar note as fleet-building, you'll need to decide on how you want to use your Generators. The French have an odd mix, probably the most variation of all the major powers. They start with great Defensive with the Cloud/Nullification Gens, or you could go full aggressive and swap for Fury Gens (Which might fit Lance fleets better...) (BTW... I'm still peeved the French get a Fury Gen but the firebug Japanese don't!!)
  8. Figure 2 weeks MINIMUM (and thats generous) Once they lock down the Pledge Managers they can give the Printer final counts for the Hardback and Softback rulebooks (not the ones in the Ice Maiden Box), same with the screen printers for the T-shirt sizes. Depending on how fast the printers can produce will determine when we get our stuff.
  9. I was never a FA fan- just never liked any of the models.. too much a BFG player I guess. Planetfall would allow me to scratch that Epic 40k itch I get every year or so... and I love the look of some factions like Directorate and Sorylians
  10. I agree Soulless, and I checked my Pledge Sunday to make totally sure But like I said... 48 hours won't kill us. Compared to some KS delays? And truly the only thing the 48 hours holds up is the books... if they did get a ton of backlash on the 2 day delay.. they could always ship some of the models 1st followed up be the real shipment a few days later. (I can't see that happening but it's hypothetical assuming every backer went ballistic.) I'll say the whole KS has renewed my interest in SG, I'm even digging out my Planetfall stuff and taking a look at it again.
  11. Honestly.. 48 hours isn't going to make a huge difference on the shipping dates. You could argue that 48 hours is the same "flex time" you get with international shipping! If it was "Hey we are keeping the thing open for another week... maybe 2"- yeah, that would be the time to get salty. Also- there is another way to look at it. If SG is taking a little extra time to accommodate late backers while not significantly impacting the KS as a whole.. that ups the chance that those late backers will be "first" backers" on the NEXT KS.. maybe even the Allies one.
  12. My main fleet is EotBS, and my regular opponent is RC, so I can speak to both. If you are looking for the opposite of your High Elves/Eldar playstyle- Go Russian. It would be like switching from your elves to Beastmen or non-Tzeentch Daemon armies. They are short-ranged bruisers.. but oddly not good boarders at all. (In my experience they win boarding simply by having more AP- certainly not by the quality of the boarders) They can take a ton of punishment.. but be very wary of anything that will disable your Jammer Gens or strips APs from you. If you'll be fighting Prussians a lot- be prepared to have entire crews slaughtered by Tesla weaponry before even the 1st Hussar hits your decks...
  13. Mike, When the time comes to post blogs about the models that will be released publicly- how about adding a paragraph or 2 from the creator, give insight on why they came up with the crazy idea? This being on top of the official background...
  14. Probably not (Neil is big on no model left behind), but I get the sense other retailers have limited access to individual models- the PYB may be Spartan only.
  15. Originally I was thinking going with the Ottomans- giving them a battle carrier .. but they'll probably get one in the Alliance Update (I hope!) so I looked around at what Core seemed lacking... and needed something unique... (sound of a drill revving up...)
  16. Very fun Podcast Ruckdog... now I WANT ep 2 to dive into DW!!!
  17. I'm assuming it will all be online.. shared desktops etc.. Skype, setups like that. As much as I'd love a UK trip not really in the cards. (Least not till Big Finish Audio announces another Big Finish day then the GF and I will be making a Dr Who pilgrimage lol!)
  18. I'm thinking about 2 designs for Russian Airships. 2 Mediums, different roles. Only hint right now will be... Drills
  19. Mine absolutely will be public- and they aren't even for my main fleet- they are for my regular opponent's!
  20. The Sputone is VERY good! I can see lots of Admirals wanting to add a squadron to their forces... the AA is enough to make RoF jealous.... (I also love the Cyclops- nothing spectacular but a good Ship of the Line which the Wolves lacked.. and still packs a punch over their weight.)
  21. Depends on how you define sub par. If you look at the 4 Light Cruisers, it comes in 2nd only to the Riever. They are more maneuverable, and you can hide them, or at least partially. Run them behind a Honshu squadron or behind a tough Large like a Sokotsu or a Kaiju. Even if they take a couple hits you still should get within boarding range with the majority of the squadron intact. With 3 in a squadron you'll average around 11-2 AP on the low end. Adding a 4th and you'll likely be adding a full 5 to that low end. Even if your opponent concentrates on taking out the squadron, it's still effective. Right now taking out 3 light cruisers- or damaging them to the point of ineffective boarding- is fairly cost-equal. A squadron of Cruisers, a BB, or even a pack of Destroyers can do it and still come out on points. Adding a 4th target and they now need to commit more than the Nakatsus' 220 points to take them out, meaning that much isn't shooting at your important ships.. Ignore them and they are a serious boarding threat. Treat them as a medium sized Detroyer or Frigate Pack... You want to be more frustrating.. attach a Arashi to take hits on the way in...
  22. My main fleet is Blazing Sun so I'll comment on those- Naval- Arashi- LOVE the model but slightly over-priced for it's numbers- drop it 5-10 points to balance out it's near uselessness in RB 1 (especially since it can be attached to Mediums which will be up close and personal) OR alternatively.. give it a Rocket attack in RB 1- maybe 2-3 strength? Nakatsu- Definitely needs to be bumped to 2-4. Sui- This needs a complete rethink. This is supposed to be our Heavy Destroyer, yet it has less teeth than the Yurgi. The torpedoes just aren't a threat. They need to either extend to RB 3 OR have their numbers bumped to 8/7. The boarding threat also isn't that great as well, since they will get shot up going in and even 1 HP damage reduces their effective attack considerable. I'd suggest giving it "Attachment Medium/Large 1 or 2" to get the most out of the CC3. Aerial- Raijin- Again, great model just not worth bringing right now. The Node Projector is it's only purpose. Plus the Zarigani attachment only makes sense in a Combined force- pure aerial it's utterly useless. Give the Gyro Squadron Support (EotBS SAW Fighters 3) for aerial battles and Combat Coordinator (SAS, 8", Heavy Ack-Ack or Vertical Dive). It's called a Command Gyro- give it a reason to be called that. Onryo- Same issue, not worth bringing apart from variety. I'm willing to withhold judgement until I see if the Sonic Gen is changed like it's been hinted at. However if it's not- give them the option for Fury Gens... that would fit perfect with EotBS's firebug tendencies. Fiery death diving out of the sun works better that "annoying headache maybe diving out of the sun". Armored- Surprisingly I can't find that much wrong with our land forces, except maybe make the Kagoshima Carrier (9)?
  23. To a degree- I think they have to be one dimensional... it just fits them as they've been portrayed. But with enough... wiggle room to allow for fleet building. The way I see it.. the issues with the Invaders are 3-fold 1) Massively over-powered shooting. While thematically, this fits, mechanically it's not fun at all. Tweak the numbers and rules of the Death Rays and Harvesters down a bit. 2) Toughness. Lets be honest... the Tripods are tough SoBs! Perhaps too tough. Change their defenses to something unique to them, but still tough. The "scaling" Guardian Generators idea would be great. Or my Reactive Hull idea.. or both. Get rid of the Ablative whatever you do... these things shouldn't be nigh-invunerable but should force you to rethink how to attack them. By now, most players know how to attack the Ablative/Shields combo... 3) The Boarding tweak. Boarding only after they gain Vulnerable means that you will have a very shredded boarding capability by the time you crack the Invaders hulls- for nations that rely on boarding more than others... this is too high a tax. Allow limited or modified boarding. No prizing, or no AP loss just Crits, something to make boarding a threat to these guys again. and Erloas- as for the tech balance- not every culture will advance at the same pace. It could be they've been in suspended animation for centuries, thereby slowing tech advance, or the society could have stagnated leading to no desire for discovery. Take a look at the "Worldwar" series by Harry Turtledove. Aliens invade earth in 1942, yet they only have the equivalent of ealy 21st century tech (outside sleeper ships). Why? Their races' empire has lasted longer than man has been around, yet took take decades, even centuries to introduce new tech, preferring to study it's impact for generations first. (By the end of the series we had completely surpassed them.. and they still couldn't accept that fact and were struggling with it still, decades later) SG could say the Vaults were the Invaders...dumping grounds for tech they considered dangerous or bad.. and they refuse to develop down those routes... there's lots of ways to 'normalize' them. Hell.. go the Doctor Who route and borrow a page from the Ice Warriors... advanced warrior race but because of the conditions on Mars, very very limited resources to sustain a war.. so you get Martian invasions only every couple centuries when they marshal up enough material.
  24. I'm not so sure game balance can be defined as both sides having a dead equal chance of winning. If every side had a exact equal chance you might as well be playing Tic Tac Toe. I do think the Invaders can be 'nerfed' a tad and made a regularly playable force... with the understanding that they are more powerful than every other faction but they do have weaknesses, you just have to find them. I can understand some not wanting them canon- to some they don't belong in Steampunk. I wonder if the ban on Boarding them can be lifted? Would that help 'bring them down to earth"? Perhaps keep the ban, but make it so that things that strip AP (like Fire, some Tesla effects, etc) are extra effective against them?
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