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  1. Agreed, but I get the feeling Portugal doesn't even change the bedsheets without the EIMC's approval...
  2. Not quite... all existing Portuguese military ships/vehicles are now owned by the EIMC. That includes shipyards and factories! The quote is "The Company effectively controls the diminutive Portuguese Empire's military strength and security." To me that means they run Portugal! I'm hoping that means the EIMC fleet gets expanded out at some point!
  3. I'm having a amnesia moment- which ship is this? The Yokai mk 1 has both Gens, but not Rugged 1?
  4. A full Onryo squadron is now a perfect way to deal with the newest cheese- Strato hugging Carriers... I don't need to bring it down, special delivery of 3 Chaos & Disarray tokens!
  5. I don't know if the information leaked out from the General forums yet- But the Sonic Generators got a COMPLETE Overhaul and are actually damn good now. The Sonic can now do two modes- "Shriek"- can target one model in a squadron in either surface or aerial bands in range. On a 3+ that target is hit with an immediate Chaos & Disarray marker. "Repulse"- Causes all Enemy Boarding attacks by Non-Robot models to suffer a -1 to hit for the duration of the Game Turn. a 3-strong Onryo squadron just went from useless to scary in seconds..... And a lot of our big ships are now threats to Aerial from sea level now...
  6. Well, considering in the Fluff update the EIMC basically own all of Portugal's military now.. I'm hoping for a carrier or 2... and airpower, more airpower!
  7. Here's hoping we see some new EIMC in the future- with the fluff changes in 2.5, their military capability has expanded greatly!
  8. Considering the ideas you bounced off me when we were working on my designs, I'd be very curious what your own designs are!
  9. I highly doubt they are all large models.. 9 larges is too excessive, I don't think SG would allow that much of an imbalance.
  10. This is the most likely I agree. But I would hope the Admiral models are all released before SG attempts any more Kickstarters (like possibly for the Allies expansion or Planetfall). If they start another KS before ALL the models are out.. it could generate some bad blood and impact future KSs
  11. I doubt anyone expected a huge "Admirals" release all at once. (OK, we might dream about it but we know every head at SG would likely explode if you guys even tried!) It might be a cool idea to "theme" the way you release them. What I mean is group them into roles and then do (for example) a "Assault ship" release with some SG models and some Admirals models. Then later on do another theme like ASW, or Aerial or whatever. Just an idea.. nudge nudge
  12. I'm very pleasantly surprised!!! Still a lot of Brits... no love for Mercs? shame!
  13. Sorry, but the 2nd Medium is for my Empire of the Blazing Sun
  14. A Fortification?? Interesting Mike..... You can never have too many Robots!
  15. I will be reading! Only other thing I can think is that the British finally get rockets.. and make them incendiary?
  16. Hmm... Archer didn't deny the disruption Generator..... Trying to think what else the Empire has that you Gaijin can steal? Good thing my ship is a serious boarding threat on top of Anti-sub.... That's ours!! Get that ship!!!
  17. If a Brit Squid sub shows up with a Disruption Generator... Kill it with fire!!!!
  18. Exactly... I'm not saying any more because I don't want to spoil the "What the????????" factor
  19. OK a small bone... It's not a sub What function? Hopefully it will replace a function we lost....
  20. That would give away the surpise. (whistling innocently)
  21. Good guesses Nobody. The Akkorokamui was actually one of my early ideas that wouldn't work. You are on the right track and aren't actually.
  22. Hi guys. I totally forgot to post this then got crazy busy. Anyways- I'm one of the crazies who pledged Admiral of the Fleet. Now I originally thought if you designed 2 Mediums they had to be from the same faction. Once Spartan Mike set me straight on that I decided to help my main fleet with a ship. (The 1st ship was Russian Coalition) Mike and I kicked around ideas for the ship, 1st couple ideas were a non-starter due to model restrictions, and we finally came up with a design crazy enough to work I don't want to give much away, since Neil still has approval and playtesting and such... but I'll tell you its from the Alchemical Institute in Kobe, same place as our squid-subs. (So yup, mythological influence) It is very much anti-sub but not in the way you think, and could be extremely deadly to surface ships as well. I truly cannot wait to get to the model design phase.. this thing will look insane on the table.... I will tell you it was a bit hard to keep the name non-specific. The original name I wanted, or part of it, meant "Giant". Mike cautioned that wouldn't be smart because when Neil saw this thing he will probably want to make a Giant version!
  23. I will say it's not the Ekranoplane (even me, a history nerd, had to look that one up). I WILL say that there is a precedent for my idea in the RC forces.. I've been testing the alpha stats with my friends... ouch... when the ship does what it's supposed to... it's devastating. My friend who regularly plays RC has taken to blaring the Soviet nat'l anthem after he cripples a ship.
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