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  1. And now... a STO base.... http://www.spartangames.co.uk/schloss-saint-michael
  2. This is what I've always felt- a solid stat better then a neat piece of Wargear. Also "line" models will carry you farther than specialist models. I'm actually REALLY excited at the new STO navy. I was never a fan of the Prussians, they never hooked me like my EotBS. The Order on the other hand.. I love the idea of an army of knights with electrical weapons. It kind of reminds me of one one of my favorite classic Who episodes- The Androids of Tara.
  3. That's what I wanted to hear... where do I sign up??
  4. Drastab, I'd love to see that conversion! I really like some old Ucharted Seas models
  5. Mike I was thinking last night- a good 2-player box set would be Ottomans vs Free Hellenic.... Let me see that laptop again.... Also... SUSA vs Chile.. PLEASE!!
  6. I think you'll know when you place the order- the confirmation email I got specifically listed "X Battleforce" (With Pre-Order Upgrade & Battleship)
  7. https://shop.spartangames.co.uk/SearchResults.asp?Cat=2150 Do I need to say more?? (Preordered!!!)
  8. Ok.. I'm thinking if the Ika doesn't get Aquatic Assault- It's at as sevewre disadvantage underwater. While it's CC are considerable, you still need to be up close to use them, and have to run a gauntlet of Torps thrown your way before you get there! So either it needs Torpedoes of its own, or give it Long Range Assault so at least it can do it's job from a distance!
  9. Hopefully in those heaps of notes is Aquatic Assault for the Ika!!!!
  10. That's the best compliment- knowing that my design recruited more Admirals to the Empress's side! It was a pleasure creating the Tengu- and it's given me the idea to try a "all monster" fleet- Ikas, Chittas, Zariganis, Tengu and even a Ryou or 2!
  11. This is my gut feeling as well Hubcap. These are playable if not "wow factor" (forgive me, I've been binge-watching Storage Wars). This at least gives us 3 weeks or so to find all the errors...
  12. The Ika STILL doesn't have Aquatic Assault.. what gives?
  13. EotBS: Sokotsu is listed as a Massive instead of a Large
  14. COA: Aristotle is lacking a range for it's Combat Coordinator ability.
  15. EotBS: The Yokai Mk I is listed as a FSA ship?!
  16. No problem. My original concept had them in the feet, firing straight down into the water. I'll admit, the wrist launcher looks much better!
  17. Rockets and Depth-Bombs. The Rockets are on the left wrist. (Even the rockets are slanted toward ASW)
  18. Let's hope all the designs are received well! I for 1 am SERIOUSLY hoping they do the same type of KS for Alliance expansion. I have a ton of ideas for EIMC, Black Wolves and Ottomans (even a smalls idea for the OE)
  19. I'd say the John Henry is more of a multi-purpose unit. The Henry is decent at shooting, OK at boarding, and honestly CAN be used as a "ship of the line" if you don't care for the Lees or want an all bot list. The Tengu is far more specialized as a ASW/Boarding piece. If you try it as a mid ranged shooter you will get slaughtered.
  20. Yes, all of the Admirals are releasing there designs publicly. I'm pleasantly surprised by this!
  21. Good guesses. But it's the MARs and etc that really make them deadly
  22. Thank you Sir! And to be honest, dropping it from 3 to 2 only lost the Tengu squadron 3 AP Wait till you see the rest of the stats... hehe
  23. They WERE a squad of 3, no more. 1-2 now. Not sure on the poses, that's up to the modeller.
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