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  1. I kind of wish this deal was up when I pre-ordered the North Star stuff, argggh.
  2. Neil, Didn't mean to imply it would be a fan circle (BLEEP) just tried to say it couldso easily devolve into it so pretty clear instructions would be needed. (shows me what trying to reply while trying to install an entire dept on a new floor gets me...) I do think the steering group could be a nice springboard for adding more player-generated stuff, house rule variants etc.. One suggestion is have the steering group do more surveys with the playerbase, say quaterly, it will help fcocus their input. And are those Missile Silos in the great pyramids??? GIVE NAO!!!
  3. I like the idea- it is basically a focus group for each setting. This could go a long way towards helping heal some of the bad blood. But as others have said, the forums are a small portion of the playerbase, and there are those that want to see SG fail, the games burn etc. So you'd need to be very careful with who is on the committee- you want varying opinions but no one with an agenda beyond a favorite faction. You'd also have to be very clear to the members that they'll likely be painting huge targets on their backs from the trolls. Overall I think the idea may be just what the systems need.
  4. Well you are going to love the Tengu then G-S. Hunter (Submerged) is stamped all over the weapon systems (along with another surprise as well)...
  5. Neil, While we have you here let me toss my 2 cents in. First off- glad you are on the mend- sounds like you had a ton of rough issues to deal with! Now- take this as observation from someone who doesn't play Armada at all (or PF, though I do collect the models)- Once the 3.0 relaunch gets rolling, I suggest doing something slightly different with the releases. Treat Armada and Planetfall as 2 halves of one game, and alternate. A large amount of the bad blood built up was from 2 things- lack of communication on delays etc and no new content. I'm defining content as models, campaigns, scenarios, hell even scenery. From here on out it would seriously help build good will if there was something for the Firestorm Universe EVERY month. Please note I said universe. So, 1 month would be a Armada release, next Planetfall and back and forth. It certainly doesn't need to be models every month, it could be a campaign, or new rules for different "marks" of vessels, or even rules for celestial phenomena!! (say setting up a board that has bizarre gravity "channels" across it due to a dual or tri-star system, or a Neutron star, or perhaps a doomsday weapon that uses Asteroids as bullets?). Along with this is the fact that it may be good to "shrink" model releases so you have something every month? Instead of releasing a new Zenian League race (as example) as a whole box set or 2 in a month- divide it a bit, put out a "capital squadron" box with accompanied eescorts (attachments or smalls) then the next "FA" month- put out a "Hunter Flotilla" set with more mediums and smalls. (Think how the Ottoman or Italian boxes are set up in DW, the Naval box then a "support" box). Sure, it may mean a whole catalog will get strung out but I think at this point the community would appreciate a constant "smaller" stream of releases rather than 1 big splash then nada. The point I'm (longwindedly) trying to make here is that if the Firestorm KS is run like the DW one was, it can be a HUGE boost to the game- but Firestorm is starting in a much worse place than DW. The Kickstarter alone will not save interest in the game. DW has always had decent support- Firestorm hasn't, so you need to show a commitment close to what DW gets. I don't mean to sound critical, but like I said- observing the game community from the 'outside' and comparing it to what we have in DW, some pretty glaring things need to be talked about bluntly, no matter how uncomfortable it may mak Spartan. The end result will help everyone though!
  6. Your 1st stop should be emailing the store or dispatch, they usually reply in a day and are very helpful.
  7. I've never been a Armada player- virtually none of the model designs appeal to me (odd considering I love almost all planetfall designs...). However- Works Raptor fleet has been pulling my attention for a while and the 2 new races intrigue me. I was a dinosaur nut as a child and a Dr Who Silurian fan so the mention of a Saurian Enclave caught my attention. I'm always Nurgle Player in 40k, so "Nurgle" ships for FA? Yeah, count me in. It all depends on the rewards and what I can afford- but based on my experience with the DW KS- this is a really GOOD thing for Firestorm.
  8. Mek, that was amazingly well put and you are right on the money on almost everything. We all know SG has too many systems to support. The issue now is they can't end any of the 3 main ones. PF took the brunt of the "abandonment issues" because of a) SG's ADHD approach to game support and b ) They released a DIRECT competitor to their Firestorm universe! Should they have taken on Halo? Hard to say- on the one hand it was and is a great opportunity for a small company and I think any company would have jumped at it. On the other hand they bit off far more than they could chew, and they knew it. So now they are in a damned position no matter what they do. They can't back out of Halo- it would be business suicide. (Nor should they, the Halo system is decent, in some ways better than Firestorm) But their own world, Firestorm will always suffer as a result. They also can't sunset Firestorm- it's one of their cornerstone games and it is too rich a universe not to utilize. Spartan Mike deserves a insane amount of credit for what he is doing. He not only juggles development of DW, but also took it upon himself to be the SG "voice" on the forums. I think we can all agree that is the most thankless job in game development- it's the equivalent of a soldier running into no-mans-land yelling "HERE I AM!!!" He also steps outside his box when he thinks he can help- example is him pestering Neil that the Corinthian Club has had less attention than PF and it's not right. He tried to do the same with PF, knowing full well what he was in for being an "outsider" (IE not on the development team). The issue is there are a couple ... ignorants who have already written the system off no matter what and are nothing more than mean-spirited trolls out to cause as much disruption as possible to make up for how they were "betrayed". No- that is NOT all PF players, not even a small amount. But on Forums the loudest most ignorant Trolls get the most attention. Is it any wonder the Firestorm "voices" of SG- Josh and Linde (I think) don't speak up? It's human nature, you aren't going to keep coming here to get punched in the face. Honestly- admit even their timetable was unrealistic, and use the KS as a pure "relaunch" for Firestorm. Make the KS for both Armada and PF and from then on, alternate monthly releases. It doesn't matter if you release models, or scenarios, or even revisions or different "marks" of unit stats- but release something for each game every other month. Firestorm might even benefit from player-generated content more than SG's other systems. Put together a quarterly PDF of player submissions of scenarios, backgrounds, stats etc. Yes, they'd be optional but it would still keep the system living. No one is giving SG a free pass on their treatment of Firestorm, but the constant... flogging of them over it is doing more to kill it than even they did themselves.
  9. So... based on the Store descriptions, here's some educated guess as to the new ships- STO: Brudern Frigate- Sustained Assault, High Angle (Turrets), possibly Pack Tactics of some kind... Sieger Hvy Frigate- Rugged (1) RCD: York Hvy Frigate- Sustained Fire Assault Cannons, 1) sounds like- maybe attachment as well? Erie Torp Corvette- wouldn't surprise me to have a higher than normal AP balanced with Conscripts. Chambly Gun Barge- Ablative Armor? Possibly Experienced Engineers Newfoundland BB- Again, Ablative Armor? Amherst Cruiser- Ablative, sounds like either High Payload or Devastating for the Torpedoes. It actually sounds like all RCD get Ablative- either that or a higher DR.
  10. I'm doing the same Asmodian. One the models are such a joy to paint, and this way I have everything available to offer up demo games at my local watering holes. Philly can be a bit of a desert if you aren't playing GW or PP or X-Wing. To date I have my EotBS, RC, CoA, PE, RoF, LoIS and Black Wolf, the GF runs OE (Separatists) and I just picked up the KoB and FSA boxes. Plus everything on pre-order. You could say I like the game I believe the Ice Maiden set will be available generally- I think they want to launch the books 1st then the box in September I'd recon.
  11. Ebay is usually reliable, just stick to Stores and 1.0 box sets- that's what I do. Also, email SG and ask about the Lexingtons. I wanted to get some more Black Wolf SAS, but they aren't on the store- I emailed SG and they quoted me a price and after I gave them a quantity, all I had to do was pay through Paypal. They are extremely helpful!
  12. Ok Mike- my girlfriend wants to kiss you over the Ottoman hint, and my wallet wants to murder you.... I'm assuming it's another 2 player set? PLEASE PLEASE wait till at least next month to put it on pre-order? Some of us need to get a 3rd job at this rate with all these release! PS- I hope if it is a OE-RoE set, that RoE get a combo of Naval box models and new ones- aerial maybe?
  13. I imagine it would get Wing Launcher- the Strumbringer got the same treatment. It would be interesting to see if the Sinops get Wing Launcher AND Squadron Support- they'd be able to "replenish" their own CAPS. Part of me wonders if 2.5 Ottomans will get Squadron Support (SAW 5) as a MAR or a cheap readily available option. Given the limited range of operation they have (compared to the great powers) it would make a lot of sense, especially if they aren't going to get a carrier. I agree with you on the Zuhaf- it needs... something!
  14. No, you get the Quebec from ordering the Canada Battle Force. The 2 player set nets you Schloss Saint Michael.
  15. I imagine that they are going to get at least 1 more small. They are getting a carrier so I can see them getting a Corvette and or a Escort. The torturous wait for a ORBAT continues!
  16. Excellent- of course we'll need visual confirmation.. so about those ORBATS
  17. Just got my email about it- even though I'm not a Armada player (have Planetfall still in box though) I might go for this. Filled out the survey.
  18. Every time I look at the new Metzger, "Maxwell's Silver Hammer" starts playing in my head- this could be a bad thing....
  19. I also suspect someone at SG is aware of the separatist movement in the Norrland region of Sweden. (the Norrland area, though technically unofficial covers almost 55% of Sweden- but only has about 1 million or so inhabitants- out of Sweden's 10 million population. A lot of Sweden's resource wealth comes from the area, and they are VERY anti-EU. They voted against it in the 1994 referendum but were overruled by the rest of the country) They even have a couple unofficial flags, one of which looks exactly like the STO flag minus the red.
  20. I believe 1 of the changes to lights is they are going to 2-4, it's one of the things that got missed in the ORBATS. (Per Exploding Dice podcast with Mike if my memory is correct) Do they need Hunter Small? They are already non-capital, so no minuses to shooting at Smalls. Sustained fire might be better- light cruisers usually have smaller caliber, high ROF cannon.
  21. Excellent news Mike! You wouldn't want an Ika showing up in your swimming pool to 'have a word'..... or a Zarigani in your bathtub.... On a theorizing not- if not Aquatic Assault- what if we gave the Ika Long Range Assault- a bit of protection once thy surface and attack...
  22. This was a oddball "in-between" set. This isn't the way mini-campaign "boxes" will go in 2.5 I believe. For example- the new one- Operation North Star with the STO and Canadians lists a campaign guide in its contents. Also a lot of fluff for the campaigns are released as Blogs on the website- including the Corsican Incident- http://www.spartangames.co.uk/clash-of-wolves It's a short set up but it's a clash, not a full campaign like Pacific Cyclone was (That was about 14 Blog Entries detailing every move!) Corsican Incident is a great set- since the Spuntone and the Cyclops are not available separately yet Plus they weren't fast tracked because SG wanted to do all the Alliances as 1 big continuing update.(Probably starting in August, I can see a couple new updates a month or so from then out)
  23. At the least Altered Silhouette Now do the floaties count as External Generators for targeting? "Captain, theres a squad of Schildtragers floating our way!!!" "Sharpshooters...." (sounds of multiple balloons popping) GLUBGLUBGLUB "Enemy boarding thwarted Captain!"
  24. Nope, and I honestly wouldn't look for them till August right before release. Mike did let slip that there's a naval carrier of some sort. I'm hoping a lot of the Robots get multipurpose, so they can be used as attachments or Squadron Support (the Medium and Small bots I mean)
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