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  1. DAMN, wish I wasn't in the US, this sounds like a blast! (Damn me for living in the wargaming Black Hole of Pennsylvania...)
  2. I have noticed a severe drop off in communication in these particular forums of late, but I'm not surprised by it. SG is still a very small company- a "cottage industry" in almost every aspect. So when they add a whole new game system it's obvious that will get the lion's share of attention for a while. Add to that the built in interest a property like Halo brings.. well, yeah, other systems will "suffer". That being said... I do not think DW is dying in the least... it's just on a slow phase at the moment. The game has been given orders to "run silent" as it were. But the quality of the products that are being released are still top-notch. As far as the ORBAT changes? Yeah they might be too fast- I'd limit tweaking them to 1-2 times a calendar year. I haven't played in about 18 months because I've been mostly jobless for 2 years (Contracting IT isn't stable) but now that my employment has fully stabilized.. my group and I are going to jump back in. I'm pulling my my EotBS out of dry dock and my main opponent is doing the same with his Russians, and 2 other players are jumping in with Penguins and French. I'm hoping to start a Italian fleet next year and releases permitting, Ottomans as well.
  3. Ma, che sei grullo???? Utterly ridiculous.... and I LOVE it.... but my wallet wants a word.....
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