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  1. Very true and I'll be first in line for the relaunch! Uncharted was the 1 system i missed out on, it was in it's very final death throes when I found SG, so I never had a chance to snag any sets. I know it's a very outside chance any moulds are viable, but I have fingers crossed some are just so i can paint some. (dream find would be sky pirates. "Pie in the sky" dream I know but... )
  2. Quick question after reading the Blog post- you mention FA & FP models may be in future waves. Could Uncharted Seas be included or are those models utterly gone?
  3. Well, I'll be ordering 2 sets of Chanys!!! (Really hoping you find the LoC stuff and Black Wolf Aerial.
  4. NE Philly area myself, nice to see another DW player!
  5. Ah but my hope is not TFT Bombers (or whatever TFT morph into!) but bomber smalls like the Obu or the Pytheus! I know what those bombs can do to cruisers... imagine what they would do to a British armored column... hehe
  6. I'm actually glad I only picked up some 2.0 land boxes on clearance a couple months ago and haven't touched them till I see what the new AC looks like. That said- I'm hoping through development it addresses a few things that always bugged me. Biggest one- when the Mobile Airfields get redone, please give the Russian Coalition one!! The explanation that the Russians chose to use a multitude of Forward Air Fields over MAs due to the vast distances on the steppes just never rang true to me. It is far more difficult to keep a land supply chain going across those distances than to supply "on the go", especially when you consider that most of 19th century Russia (even in DA timeline) East of the Urals has little to no road network and what there is is likely dirt tracks that will become quagmires with the spring thaw. Also- Now that they've hinted that "air power" in Clash will consist more of rocket/jump pack troops, gryocopters etc (which I find very cool BTW)- I'm hoping they consider at least limited use of smalls from the Air forces. Bombers especially would fit into the gane perfectly- akin to the US carpet bombing with B-52s or the Germans using Junkers over France. I can especially see the Celestials using bombing as opening moves of a campaign. (Speaking purely as a player here!)
  7. Thank you for the update Rich! As someone who's seen 1st hand the... "entitlement" that happens after a business goes into administration I'm not surprised at all at what went missing. (Hell, as a kid I can remember helping my dad load a Drill Press onto his pickup at night- and he was the guy closing the place down!) I think the biggest cause of consternation right now is a combo of the unknown at whet designs will change and the after-market drying up. If you search on EBay, you'll find the vast majority of DW stock is now the land game. This isn't moving obviously because those in the know know the entire land game is changing scale!
  8. Thank you Richard for the replies, like the idea of formation-based boxes. With the smaller ships, might I suggest a "small squadron" reinforcement box? (Now forgive me I'm a DW player so I'll use their ship designations) Say a box with 1 maxed Frigate squad, a Maxed Destroyer squad and a maxed Corvette squad?
  9. Again, please don't quote me on this but from everything they have said in videos, separate "solo" national list will remain, and conflict between members is possible.
  10. My initial reactions is documented on the FB group as.. UM... NO. However I've stepped back after some more answers from Stuart and am cautiously optimistic. Historically The Chinese and Japanese empires have always been at odds, each seeing the other as a threat to their "empire building" (More-so the Japanese but..). Now if the Celestial Empire in DA is a reaction to "Western Imperialism" or Mongol threats or etc then I can see possible the Celestial Empire forming. (Similar to the UK/USA-USSR alliancve in WW2, with both sides not trusting the other an inch but working against a common enemy) Sadly I never snagged the Chinese sets before Spartan's demise (still looking for them if anyone has any hint hint) but they were some of the best thematic models they put out and I think WC can only improve them. One thing I do NOT like is the idea that because the Empress of the Blazing Sun is the "head" of the Celestial combined navies, some ships have the Blazing Sun carved into the ship regardless of nationality. That to me is a HUGE no. Now hopefully WC makes that an.. optional plate to slot onto a model. If not I'll likely just won't use those specific ships no matter how good they are. For the Celestial Empire itself? I'm most interested in the other nations. I'm dying to see what a Dystopian Korean Turtle ship would look like!
  11. Most major WMDs are built as deterrents, not planned to be used outside of last ditch defense or insane dictators. The entire Nuclear Arsenals of the USA and USSR were designed around this! Let's say for argument's sake that Warcradle keeps the plot point that continued use of Sturginium is starting to have a serious effect on the planet by way of weird storms, changing weather patterns. Assuming an Empire accepts the link.. they may be hesitant to unleash a "uber" weird weapon on their enemy for the backlash it may have on any potential territories they may gain... as well as anger from other nations that may be affected by any fallout- figuratively or literally! Here is another example closer to the genre- The old RPG "Deadlands" built specifically on this. The original Weird West game was set up so that all "weird Science" was the result of influence from evil spirits (the Reckoners) and "Ghost Rock"- spirit infused minerals. Every time a scientist created some wonderful new device, it was a spirit from the Hunting Grounds whispering in the ear of the scientist... The end result being their next setting- Deadlands: Hell on Earth. World War eventually did start, with nuclear exchanges along with mega-ton "Ghost Rock" bombs. This was the Reckoners ultimate goal- it summoned them, revealing them to be the 4 Horsemen. They then proceeded to lay waste the ENTIRE planet... Is that what you want Warcradle to aim for? Launch Dystopian Age with a World War and then say 5 years down the road totally change the setting to post-apocalyptic? (Dystopian Apocalypse?) (Not a attack, simply a question) Setting Age right on the precipice of a full on world war gives the MOST flexibility for designers and players alike. As much as I like the old fluff.. it was a bit tediuos to come up with scenarios why my regular opponent to my FSA Fleet were Russians! For the record, as a player- do I like all the fluff changes I've heard so far? No not all, but I recognize that setting the world on the edge and making the power blocs more... alliances of convenience give the game the best medium to grow.
  12. If you all will allow a self-confessed military history fanatic jump in... I'd like to address the use of Proxy Wars here. It has been said in the thread that 19th Century Powers preferred direct conflicts. That is not actually accurate. There were a large numbers of Proxy Wars in the 19th century (as well as the inter-war period between WWs 1 & 2). Proxy Wars in the 19th century were conducted far different than "Modern Era". Whereas modern proxy wars were fought with advisors, equipment and special forces- 19th Century Proxies were far more open. The Sudan Campaign, the Egypt-Ottoman War, the Somalialand Campaign, even the Crimean War could be considered a "proxy" war. It was a way to check rival Empires without setting a whole country on a war footing, which is a massive draining undertaking for any nation and cannot be sustained long. (This is actually one of the roots of the "Mobilization Means War!" mentality that helped ignite WW1) The other thing we need to adjust for, or suspend our belief for, is the fact that the science of the Dystopian Age is FAR more aggressive and unchecked than our history. Conflict and War always jump-starts creativity and invention. In the Dystopian Age it seems like the reverse has happened- The discoveries in The Vault have caused a inferno of invention without restraint of regular science, that in turn has ignited conflict which spurs more frantic creation. Why hasn't this blown up into a full war yet? Because to some degree.. ANY major jump in technology will bring some awareness, at least in the abstract, of the terrible possibilities. The great nations are aware how devastating full war can be... but more to the point.. they know their enemies are just about even with them in tech terms... no one has found that.. Edge yet that will devestate their enemies without the ability to block retaliatory destruction. So now it becomes a race and a chess match. Can I cut my enemy off from valuable resources in Africa or Asia etc, enough to weaken them so I CAN launch all out war? That is the conflict going on now...
  13. An Extra round of Rum Rations for all Crew! Welcome back everyone, let's try to keep this as honorable as an Eclipse Company etiquette meeting!
  14. Withoutdoubt, the KS modes I'm looking forward to painting, beyond my Admiral ships, are the League of Crimson. The color scheme I want is a vibrant metallic red with Gold accents. Has anyone had any luck with the Tamiya Clear acrylics over a silver/metal basecoat? I'm fairly certain the red will be good, but I'm, wondering if the Clear yellow over silver will work? Or should I go back to drybrushing the gold highlights?
  15. Depressing, but not unexpected. I really wish you guys had not gone back to the "stat card" style ORBATS, the 2.0 style would be much faster to format I'm betting.
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