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  1. When in doubt, the bigger gun is the way to go, especially if said gun is nearly impossible to kill.
  2. The couronne would be nice, even without TFT it's still insanely cost efficient and refuels TFT.
  3. I'm surprised nobody got stuck on nuclear kinetic weapons, now all we have to do is strap a nuke to a dindrenzi projectile and......
  4. Also, concentrate on cruisers and smalls, you can't damage a battleship with cloak, but cruisers and smalls are a different thing. Once he uncloaks, then you can shoot the big things.
  5. Hi and welcome, for your first question I can't answer but for the rest on the other hand... They are the same for all intents and purposes, just pick the model you prefer. You can do it but generally people prefer full squadrons of heavies when they can, but if you want to do it, go straight ahead, also some heavy cruisers don't have the same amo options than the cruisers meaning that they can't link fire and benefit from the special amo type. It means that up to 25% of your fleet can be RSN in addition to the already 25% of alies you can take, so your fleet can be up to 50% RSN. Also they will not prevent you from using the didrenzy only TAC cards. As far as mixing goes it shouldn't be too bothersome. No. Yes if I recall correctly, up to 25% of relthosa plus 25% of RSN. Corvettes are faster than frigates but more fragile, and escorts can only be deployed with larger ships and act as, well, escorts , they have more of a suport role as most of them have no weapons. I think thats it really.
  6. No, but we prefer the others
  7. Well, luckily I didn't mention my secondary clan of choice
  8. As long as you go gently and without using too much rotation speed you should be fine.
  9. The open end doesn't matter, we all know who's going to wing in the end
  10. Well it's that or fore arc torps, honestly I think the torps upgrade is situational (I mean, might as well hammer the thing that's already taken a rail-gun to the face, might finish it off), if I had to chose I would remove the plating, at least it will be a pain to finish off, and a heavy with 1 HP left can still bite, at least more than a dead one.
  11. I will admit that it is a tough choice for the BB as there are some nice hard-points but on the rest (bar the cruiser) I can't see why you wouldn't take it, it makes the dread really scary and the heavys and gunships will last longer. Well on the other hand, the terrans actually need to move to be in range of anything while us dindrenziys can lay back with a nice cocktail and blow stuff up from 42" away and without having to move forward
  12. I wish! It's actually really annoying on the larges, I try to get rid of it systematically.
  13. In V1.5 it was the match-up that I found the most interesting, every game was a close call.
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