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  1. Hi tansalus

    Not sure what these guys are about?  All they do is moan.

    Firestorm Strike Force looks to me like a great game.  I'll be ordering it and hope others do too, it has great potential.

    von Klinkerhoffen 

    1. tansalus


      I agree. It reminds of an old board game I played with my Dad, when I was a kid, called Dogfight I think. It looks to be well thought out and should be a lot of fun. I'm looking forward to picking up!

  2. Firestorm Strike Force Wow! Spartan produce a nice board game based around space fighter combat, set in the Firestorm universe and you moan? Game looks good and sounds fun. Looks like you could also use it for playing out Firestorm Armada fighter combat if you wished? This could be excellent for introducing younger players to the hobby, and for those out there with children a game you can play with family. Personally I like games like this because non of us are getting any younger and there are not many youngsters in the hobby. If we don't find a way of bringing them into the hobby and letting them enjoy war gaming it will go the way of the Do Do.
  3. Very nice. Also like the laser cut boxes.
  4. Its effectively Grey Stuff, and yes its good.
  5. Have you tried ProCreate? Another two part epoxy putty.
  6. Of course there will be more Hoardes of the things! They are looking good
  7. Reminds me of Starship Troopers? Nice bugs
  8. I would suggest the owning player decides what to remove in this instance?
  9. I'm with Duskland on this, I use a pin vice for similar reasons.
  10. Side view of Ka'Kun light skiff: [/url]
  11. But of course. Others have painted theirs in similar colours, but I decided on the scheme prior to seeing these, being influenced by the markings of a Royal Python.
  12. I use neodymium magnets. These can be obtained from various specialised outlets (do a search on neodymium magnets) and from wargames retailers. As to size, although I do not have any Terran models I have seen them and would suggest a maximum size of 3 or 4mm but probably opting for 3mm x 1mm magnets. Good luck
  13. Not sure on that one? But it seems right allowing the 'unceremoniously disembarked' infantry a chance to scurry for cover before they are shot at?
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