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  1. Nice work! Tell me, did you add any washes to the blue of the hull? It looks darker in the later pictures. Keep them coming!
  2. Oh & I'd keep the star decal on the fin too
  3. Lovely bomber to continue the trend of awesome models in this plog! Keep them coming
  4. Thanks all, i appreciate your comments. A couple of updates. No sign of the brass crew as yet, but if finished my Dread; SMS Scharnhorst & finally deployed in anger
  5. Not really progress pictures, but rather an action shot from a recent battle. My Rhine lining up a decent long range in-direct bombard shot And a second one showing the reaction of my opponent Renly. as his centre collapsed. Oh & look at what I've just ordered. im confident with a bit of triming of legs & arms, I can get them to a passible scale, with my models.
  6. Google 'Doms Decals' my friend. They have a whole range for 1/700 scale that work perfectly. I used the second smallest on my flyers.
  7. Thanks for your comments, yes that's my kitchen worktop. A happy coincidence that it looks like deep dark sea. Here's a couple of pictures of my latest 'freed' fighters Dive bombers Recon plane Many thanks
  8. Glad you like them Mortier, thanks for your comment. He'res a couple more pictures to show off the Battleship & some of my crusiers.
  9. Thank Marquis, That's exactly the look I was going for. I've been doing a little bit of work on the fleet of late, Let me know what you all think. Decals & weathering added to the carrier; My first effort at free'd TFT, C&C most welcome here.
  10. A great image there mate & one that im unashamedly going to copy. Love how the bottom flyers are pulling up after droping their bombs. The units at the back being higher is an excellent touch & one I hadn't even considered. very effective.
  11. Grab a Rhine, our best tesla broadsides & a canny primary weapon too.
  12. Hi Plumbersmack, I've just received the model & have started painting it up ready for a game on wednesday. Game ability aside, the Blucher is a lovely model & no mistake. Just purchased a pack of Hussars & a tiny flyer box (Im going to try & free my flyers)
  13. Just realised, I'd taken a couple of pictures of the first DW model I painted. Best share them here in my Plog A Prussian BattleShip SMS 'Der Soldatenköing' (The Soldier King) named for Emperor Fredrick William I. C&C welcome
  14. Hi Guy's thanks for all your comments. Regarding the Chevrons, afraid I can't take the interlectual credit for this as II saw an EotBS carrier with something similar & applied it to my own. I just felt that so much plain planking required something to break it up. played with the idea of markings, but couldn't find any examples of Prussian carriers with anything similar. While there were some great KoB & FSA carriers with markings, I couldn't fins anything Germanic enough. I was stuck for names for quite a while before naming the Carrier 'Wiese,' which is a tributary of the Rhine
  15. Look Renly, tell me what your not happy with? You definately played more than two games before hand You have a large fleet, don't despute what you have/havent got You did say you'd trounce me/ Win etc You love me really I can tell this re-match is gonna be fun
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