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  1. Rules Question

    Cheers guys That confirms what i thought Many thanks
  2. Rules Question

    Hi all Dont know if anyone still reads this or can help, but.. We were playing a game last night and for the first time (yes I know been playing for 4-5 years and this has never come up before!!) we had a situation with a ship, which had taken damage, firing several different batteries at the same target.. Now if you fire one battery you take off the appropriate number of AD as corresponding to the amount of maximum damage points, either crew or hull.. and if firing different batteries at different targets the rules say you do the same.. All makes sense so far.. However if firing two or more batteries at the same target do you remove the appropriate number of AD from each firing battery or just from the total number of AD? For example if 2 AD to be removed do you take it from each so -2 from fore guns and -2 from rockets or just -2 from combined total of AD?? Many thanks in anticipation of solving this issue Bluepirate
  3. Official Thread: Thaniras Elves

    Thanks average Joe, sounds like an interesting ship to use, although maybe out on its own rather than close to the rest of the fleet!
  4. Official Thread: Thaniras Elves

    Hi I am in the process of building an Elven fleet and just wondered if anyone has the stats for the thunderbird cruisers as they dont seem to be listed on the site? Handy to know so I can decide which cruisers to invest in... Thanks

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