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  1. Kaptyn krys, does the online deal over the weekend include the bomber? I'm working on an early plea for my birthday which is in June.
  2. Is the box deal the only way to get the bomber model? I could maybe stretch my money to get the bomber but I can't splurge on the boxed game at the moment.
  3. Ask no questions and I will tell no lies
  4. WHY IS MY WALLET EMPTY!!!! Curse the gods for this betrayal. I'd order this if I could or pay someone going to Salute to do it for me.
  5. I would recommend the Prussians. Lots of tesla death! Especially if you like getting in your opponents face and then cry out "Eat lightning bolts!" They are a good faction and can do a variety of tactics. I haven't played against their new stuff but it sounds evil.
  6. A mixture of looks and I tend to gravitate towards Japanese factions. I haven't looked back although I'm tempted to get allies for them once I get them to a preferable level ie at least 1 of each unit
  7. I do use my EotBS bombers but have only ever used their bombs twice. They don't survive to get that close after I shoot with them at long range and my opponent subsequently targets them
  8. pssst! can I have an EotBS version? pretty please
  9. First knee jerk reaction was 'Holy Mother!' But they will be the same as any fleet. If you use them in the correct way then they will smash things apart but if you don't use them that way then they'll be swamped like every other nation. I will admit that the thought of the Death Bringer (aptly named SG) getting into rangeband 2 is quite horrifying. I'll just have to either Ika it or TFT it, but I'm not too worried about it.
  10. I see it as being more of a flanking unit now. It can use the extra speed to go down the flank which should hopefully keep its rockets at RB 4 or 3 for a bit longer while using its turrets to clear it's flank. Then it can move in to use its elite crew. Might try this when I play my next game over 1000pts
  11. You can put fortifications on the water.
  12. Basicbob, I've heard of people trying to finish each weapon before selecting the next weapons target so there isn't the worry of wasting multiple weapons against a ship and killing it with first weapon.
  13. My group plays as follows. Declare all shooting - what is linked and what isn't any CC & AckAck must be allocated before dice are rolled. resolve shooting
  14. Don't quote me but I'm pretty sure it says attachment Naval. No specific size given. It would actually make me consider getting Destroyers. Hmmm, maybe once 2.0 is out the box with destroyers will be added to the long list of purchases.
  15. Tokens similar to the infantry tokens is a good shout. It would mean they'd take up less room on the table too. While I would love my torpedo bobmers to start the following turn on the carrier I think that would be to powerful.
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