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  1. I also think that new Pinpoint MAR are plain bad. How about make it automatically decrease enemy's DR by X value? For example: squad of Sor'Ka, who have Pinpoint value of 2, fire against Kratos. His usual DR of 8/8/6 reduced to 6/6/4 because of pinpoint.
  2. Nation: RC Model: Belgorod Landship Problem: A LOT! Pathetic speed, medicore toughness, less than desirable firepower. Solution: Increase the speed by 2", Increase the firepowerf of Broadsides, Fore Guns and Turret by 1 AD on each avaliable RB Nation: RC Model: Orlov Heavy Tank Problem: Just like Belgorod he just too slow to leave long enough, overprised, too vulnerable for boarding Solution: Increase the speed by 2", Increase the AP and HP value by 2 Nation: RC Model: Poltava Light Tank Problem: It's firepower AND overall resistance are inferior to that of Tikhvin and they are cost MORE! Solution: Decrease the size of squad from 2-4 to 2-3. but change the Turret from Primary (P) to Seconadary (S), thus alloving it to be linked with Fore Guns
  3. I also feel that RC deserve Close-Quarter Gunnery MAr on their Primary Weapons SO very much. Extra HP also wouldn't hurt... for the overall slow movement.
  4. After the fiasco with terran Assault helix I really wish for hawkers to use good ol tank on threads.
  5. Sorry, my mistake - I mixed the name of our Infantry and our scout bikes, since I grown too accustomized with calling them simply bikes.
  6. Just as you asked Nicius, I tend to use Mul'Kats as a mobile defenders for our Tank Destriyers and our Heavy Tank from the pesky srop units. Use a scout move to move them near the closest drop marker and put them into Overwatch.
  7. Best of luck to you and your warriors of Kerender!
  8. Good choice - all things listed by you ignores cloack (and hurts a lot even with medicorly good roll of dices)
  9. I think I prefer the second list. While I prefer Ka'Kuns over Kul'Voks because of their speed, our Heavy Infantry are more resilent, due to their DR 6. I think having more units with Pin-Point are better, coz' you'll get a chance to strip second HP from the Relthoza's walkers, even with their annoying Cloacks, so w squads of Ja'Gors are welcome.
  10. Maybe you're better to keep Bor'Kas near your long range attack units as a guardian against drop - their scatter cannons would ruin any infantry's day
  11. Dice rolls can be pretty insane I agree. But I doubt thwt we can blame the model itself for this
  12. I wanted to clarify - if fortifications ALWAYS starts in Advance Deployment do they count in the maximun advance limit of 40% of entire fleet point cost?
  13. I dunno, on the land we have a plenty of mean units, comparing to the other nations. Terriers are super-mean smalls (4 AD on the RB 2 for the win!), MK 2 still very solid (though, IMHO their AD-ordnance value should go up by 1), Steward my faorites - just give me inot of 3 and even Zhan and Vauban would sweat a bullets meeting them. Brunel and Soverign... just pure win IMHO (I hope thei turn limit would be fixed in the next update)!! On the sea-side... well, Id say we really need a tools to deal with large-heavy lists. Damn, I'm still sore remembering RC's list with 2 Khatangas, Kostroma and ally!Enyerprise.
  14. 15-16 AD should do the trick, since the opponent hit on 3+. And honestly, outside Windsor what good unit we had in our Navy&
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