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  1. At first i thought it was great. It was really fragile compared to other bunkers, but it made up for that by having 3 energy turrets so that it could lay some serious hurt on things before they broke it. Until i discovered that that middle 'turret' isn't actually a turret at all (still have no idea what the hell it is) and now i find myself thinking what on is it actually good for? So, can anyone tell me why i should EVER actually use this thing over, say, an Epicurus, or hell, even a daedalus would be more useful, at least it can cut through shields!
  2. I always use energy turrets, all the time. The last game i played, i had my ET Aristotle exchanging broadsides with a KoB DN for 5 turns straight, and winning every round! The best part of them is that because you are damaging the enemy so early on, they are far less likely to damage you back once they actually get to their optimum ranges. One of the best uses i found for them though was to destroy frigates at long range. not only does it deny the enemy their close range firepower, it also robs them of activations quickly.
  3. I had originally intended to make a Blazing Sun force, coz they looked really 'techie' compares to the others (i really love my super-science.) Then my friends told me to wait, as every fleet was represented apart from the covenant. then when they released them, my jaw hit the floor! they were everything i hoped for and more. So many wierd and wonderful models and tricks. plus i'm getting the hang of the general playstyle and really hitting my enemies hard. (in my last game, my ET Aristotle got into a 1 on 1 with the brittish dred and outgunned it in 4 straight turns!) And in a couple of weeks i'll have enough money to buy my aerial toys too! (drones, drones everywhere!)
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