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  1. Essentially, the pack does encourage certain list styles, though they vary across individual scenarios. However the objective is to promote a fun and engaged playstyle which rewards aggression and flair, something which I consider to be a great strength. Ultimately, I consider Ironclad to be the number one way to play the game, much preferred over fleet orders. As Drachenfutter can attest, I've given him a hard time over some if these scenarios, believe me when I say a critical eye has been applied. But the end result is great, as proven by multiple fantastic events IMO. Can't recommend the pack enough.
  2. All I can say is that I've attended about half a dozen tournaments run by Drachenfutter using this rule-system, I've taken Covenant three times and won with them each time. While it is true that you cannot solely take a list based on energy turrets and expect to find the games easy, this is sort of the point of any scenario system really, to move players towards lists that they think will do well at the given objective. Taking all energy turrets is a massive tactical bias towards a certain method with it's own weaknesses; you build your list to reflect what you need it to do, and while you can take a list solely filled with energy turrets, it's probably going to work a lot better as a balanced and flexible fleet with some guns mixed in there. The point of the scenarios is not to be equally balanced for every single potential style of fleet in every faction, it's to allow each faction to be able to construct a fleet that can complete them, and the CoA can do that just as well as anyone, trust me! However, even if you did take this option, the early firepower advantage that you have could be directed towards crippling key enemy targets, allowing you to advance towards the Russians and Prussians more safely and with more intact ships. You can overlap your fields of fire to always be engaging at optimum range while your opponent is forced into a bottleneck. You can be less concerned about them racing towards you at max speed, because they have a mid-table objective to worry about! The Ironclad Scenarios do not favour gunlines, but this is a feature, not a bug. As much as I like to tease Drachenfutter about his Prussian bias, though, I think they are entirely balanced and winnable by any faction as long as you construct your list accordingly.
  3. 160pts though. That's el cheapo. I mean, for a carrier at least, they don't get much less than that in the Large and Massive classes. It's not going to outgun a Heavy Battleship or a squadron of Cruisers, sure, but it does cost a third less in points. And it provides plenty of activations, including a useful SAS wing of let's face it, dive bombers. If you can line it up, then it will be rather effective. Lining it up is tricky though.
  4. Protip from me; don't try to board an undamaged Tunguska with a Ballistae. It is an excellent way to lose your Ballistae, and then the game! Excellent tournament as always though everyone! Very much a good time.
  5. Quality pack, only way to play the game these days IMO. Very good selection of scenarios with lots of different requirements, so makes list building for tournaments that bit more interesting!
  6. Will be there, plan is to be using the lovely new Italians. I think it will be a lot of fun!
  7. I agree. Better that the rules be right now than never changed through some silly idea that once a ruling is made it can never be changed. The updated ruling fits better with the spirit of the rules, I feel.
  8. The Node Gen and Calcification Gen combo will definitely be a very powerful force, I think.
  9. So, I've been playing quite a bit of Land Core recently. Bought a whole bunch of RoF Land. The Bastille is pretty great. And when I say great I mean striding energetically out of "good" and into "somewhat overpowered, let's be honest"
  10. Comparing ships from 1.1 with 2.0 is not really fair to 2.0 because 2.0 is not 1.1 The Elysium is good in 2.0, differently so to in 1.1, and you can't just directly compare them.
  11. Infantry was always a bit of a pointless effort in 1.1 as it was too slow and didn't have the necessary impact to be worthwhile. Now I think Infantry is a much bigger part of the game that people have really begun to explore, it's got a lot more punch, flexibility and speed, and significantly if you refuse to play the infantry game while your opponent does you will be at a severe risk of being done in by them. Which also ties into bunkers and such, fortifications are now also a big deal and they have a lot more of a place in and games than one might have suspected given 1.1 experiences. Honestly I think that Land games rely on combined arms more than naval games, stuff is cheaper, and as such you can get more, and as such you need to ensure that it works better in concert, with a good mix of numbers, speed, firepower and so on. I think the land list which is the most flexible is the strongest.
  12. Very excited for the new Italian boxes I must say. I took the Covenant with Italian Allies to a tournament yesterday and I was really happy with how they performed, so much so that next time I think I will take an entire Italian fleet! Decided to paint them nice dark italian racing green colour with grey-white filligree/trimmings, a rich brown decking and pale gold fittings, reckon it'll be pretty easy to paint and look very solid on the tabletop.
  13. The gunships did very well in our game today likeAsir, whenever you activated them I was very nervous as they can devastate an entire flank in one turn! I'd definitely consider them to be a mainstay force. I tend to think than Dindrenzi need tactical flexibility to compensate for their large amount of fixed fore railguns, and the gunships definitely provide that.
  14. I'd love me some Terquai But really? Aquans! Got back into Firestorm and Aquans are my boys and girls of choice. Their Battlecrusiers look very tasty indeed, I must say!
  15. Sorry I'm late to the meeting everyone, I had some important client calls to make. Did I miss the presentation? No don't worry, e-mail me the file and I'll review it later. Where were we? Aggressive property and bare ground/structure reclamation? I definitely think that all Directorate Commanders should consider the deployment of enhanced personal mobile suit assets in operational areas to be a very high priority in our action plans. Due to the recent breakthroughs in bio-development and pharma, as well as access to very cost-effective close defence technology, our competitor facing security staff are exceptionally capable in aggressive takeovers of the previously mentioned bare ground and structures. Though cut-backs will be likely the overall improvement in Helix performance will be very significant.
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