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  1. I would suggest the Epicurus also! No equipment of the Daedalus -that the Epicurus don't have- beats the TFT recycling option...
  2. My simple colur scheme: cooper, wood and a little mystical green glow Update: Unfortunately I can just upload 6.6 KB - thats to small for the pic. Can somebody help me??
  3. According to the rules (Edition 1.1) the two Main Turrets have a 90 degree Arc of Fire
  4. What kind of fire can a CAP and the parent model combine / link? - AA against a rocket attack? - AA against a flying enemy? - AA against a boarding assault? - AA counterattack?
  5. First we painted the isle on an paper. So we had an idea about the size. The isles are made of polystyrene. We cut it into shape and bond it on two wood plates. Each plate is 36" x 48". The elevation on the harbour-plate is also an piece of polystyrene. So we had an rough structure of the isle. The coastline and is made of cork. We bond it on the polystyrene. The holes between cork and polystyrene were filled with cement. After that we started to paint it. On the water we painted two layers of gloss vanish. On the land we bond five different kinds of static grass. The hardest part was to paint the 33 buildings!
  6. It took me and a friend nearly three months to finish this table. Here some pics We have used two wooden plates - each 24" x 48". It is possible to connect the two plates with the short or also the long side. All in all we have deployed 33 buildings and the Uncharted Seas jetty on the board. Hope you like it...
  7. Great fortress! Very nice!!
  8. I have a question: According to the rules version 1.1 the to hit number for dropping bombs on large or massive flying models is 5, 6. What is the to hit number for dropping bombs on small or medium flying models? Is it 4, 5 or 6? Thanks for help!
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