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  1. I like the STAR Cards. So I'd like to see these cards in version 2.0. The idea of coloured D6 from Dystopian Legions and Armoured Clash would also fit to version 2.0. I like the new rulebook of FSA. With the new rules the different races have specific rules and advantages. So each race have a special feeling in the play. I'd like to see that for the DW nations. To reach this specific modifications of "core rules" are usefull (e.g. different range bands). I hope that the raising amount of MARs will stop.
  2. Thanks for the hint Tagmatarches! I think that Taxiarhos is right! One download would be very nice.
  3. Hello! I received my Dystopian Wars Operation Sirocco Campaign Book. Accordding to the cover it is campaign book 4. Hurrican Season ist the first book, Storm of Steel is the second book. What is the third campaign book??
  4. Very nice! I like the red / grey scheme!
  5. Hello, we are thinking about a Dystopian Wars Tournament in Northern Germany that lasts one day. But we are not sure how to schedule the day. What do you think is a good size for a tournament? Usually we need 5 hours for games with 750 points. So it could be that we are slow players... How would you define the duration of the games - with turns oder rather a fixed few hours? I think that every participant should have at least 3 games. Maybe you have some helpful ideas...
  6. I don't like the decision! But I can't change it...
  7. We play unsually more than 5 turns. Because the fractions are well balanced it is not possible to see a trend before the 5th turn. In generell a DW game lasts very long. We play usually more than 4 hours!
  8. Thanks for sharing! Very impressiv!
  9. I like to put Uncharted Scenery pieces on Land for DW. The War Tower and the walls are great for bigger islands and lighthouse and battlekeep are fitting great on small islands.
  10. I tryed Airfield and Gun Towers together with naval models for CoA. The Airfield was okay. The Towers didn`t bring their points - the main problem was, that the Towers could not link their fire. You have to deploy the Towers close to each other to avoid it.
  11. Trokar

    First Island

    Wow Very, very nice! Thank you very much for publishing the tutorial!
  12. Very, very nice!!! I really like the waterfalls
  13. We play on a 6x4 table. But the deployments zones are that big, that the fleets are never more than 4' away from each other. We made the experience that nearly every battle takes place in Range Band 3 and less. So bigger distances between the fleets just mean, that both fleets have to spend more time to come to each other.
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