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  1. 1) Who are you? My names Richard and i'm a gamer from Liverpool 2) Which forces do you play in Planetfall? I play DindrenziI 3) Do you play any other Spartan Games? If so, which Forces do you have? Yes I play Firestorm Armarda (Large Dindrenzi fleet, large Directorate fleet, A Kedorian fleet, a Works Raptor fleet and a Oroshan fleet). I also play Dystopian Wars ( I have a large Prussian Fleet, a large Chinese Fleet, a Covenant fleet), I play Dystopian Legions (Have Prussians). I also Have played Uncharted seas (Have a Shadow Mage fleet, a Ralguard fleet, a Human fleet and a Iron Dwarf fleet). 4) Do you have experience of other Spartan Beta Teams? No 5) Do you have any outside skills that might be useful? Have run several leagues and campagins, have run demo games for many different systems and play LOTS of different systems. 6) Do you represent a larger group? If so who do you represent and how many players do you have? Am a founding member of The Liverpool Gamers Commune, there are several Spartan games players within this group who meet and play quite regular. 7) Are you willing to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)? Yes
  2. Kombine

    My Dindrenzi

    Just finished my Dindrenzi core Helix, just waiting for the Heavy helix to ship......... here are some pics
  3. Kombine

    My Prussian

    Been Playing for a long time and thought i'd share some of my painted minis. Have painted more since and expanded my land fleet so I can play Armoured Clash.
  4. That's pretty much how I started and now we have about 10-12 players, plus we have just had our second league finish and gearing up towards a Firestorm league in the new year.
  5. Kombine

    Starting my Terrans

    Just finished the support vehicles.
  6. Kombine

    Starting my Terrans

  7. Kombine

    Starting my Terrans

    Yup an airbrush and plasticine, from a video I saw on YouTube.
  8. Just decided to start painting my terrans Just finished the Tanks:
  9. AUSTRALIA Location: -Adelaide: (Happy Valley-Southern Adelaide) Bejebas and 5+ others, all Fleets, most duplicated. -Brisbane: PullsyJr +5 others -Bundaberg; PFE100 and 6+ others. Some of them fourm members. -Devonport (Tasmania); NoRecoil +5 others -Newcastle: 4: KoB, PE, RF & FSA. -North-Queensland (Townsville);Nazduruk_Bugzappa +3 or 4 others -Toowoomba; Skullaxe + 3-4 other non-forum players. -Victoria (Gippsland): Kaldor -Victoria (Shepparton): caradoc and 1 other -Western Australia (Busselton): c0rruptd -Western Australia (Mandurah) catalyst2 (and 6 others) AUSTRIA Location: -Graz, Graz Area, Wolfen (FSA) -Klagenfurt; Dr. F.G. Hobo (PE) and a growing group of non-forum players -KLagenfurt; Constable (FSA, KoB,PE, Chinese) and friends (RF, CoA, PE,) -Lower Austria: Chaki (PE, FSA, EOTBS) -Vienna: bluelabeldrinker (PE and RoF) -Vienna: Sokratos (CoA, EotbS) + 1 forum players + 5 non-forum players(all factions represented) BELGIUM Location: -Oostende; Sjapie + 4 others; CoA (others: RoF, EoP, EoBS, KoB, FSA, RC) -Oostende: J-rom - RoF (incl above players) -Herentals; KoB, FSA CANADA Location: -Kelowna, BC; Npf6, CoA -Port Alberni, BC, Wolflord68, CoA -Ottawa, ON; Robock; PE, KoB -Toronto, ON; procchi, KoB -Toronto, ON: Biaga, ROF -Toronto, ON, Fireymonkeyboy, EotBS -Toronto, ON, Darkjedi203, KoB, RC -Toronto, ON, MurderousPenguin, CoA -Winnipeg, MB, nathan PE -Montreal, QC knolan007 Eotbs+Coa -Calgary, AB Zac Russian DENMARK Location: -Copenhagen; EotBS +5-6 others, FSA, CoA, RoF, PE, KoB -Odense (Svendborg); A bit of everything, but mostly FSA. FRANCE Location: -Marseille, Youenn, RoF ; +3 Others (CoA, EoBS, FSA) -Marseille, Soltan, RoF -Lyon, Nucreum - CoA -Lyon, tartopom, EotBS -Lyon, Trollune - 10+ players, all factions -Valence, Amiral X, RoF ; +2 sons (FSA, EotBS) ; +5 Others (CoA, FSA, KoB, RC) GERMANY Location: -Bayreuth; Gaanger - EotbS, CoA -Berlin; Caine-HoA - CoA -Cologne (Köln / Bonn); RunRabbbitJunk and 4 others -Frankfurt;ThorinXV - PE -Frankfurt; RunRabbitJunk - KoB -Karlsruhe/Pforzheim, PMOS1101 -6 players all Factions -Kiel; ElErecose - RoF, 3 other player (PE, FSA, EotBS) -Mainz; crabking - EotBS, KoB -Mainz, Nightwalk - RoF -Mülheim und allgemein Ruhrgebiet; Rhunmaki and 7 other players(Spieleclub); all factions -Neuss; Bastian - KoB -Osnabrück, Vadous - FSA -Paderborn, Archangle -7 players, all Factions -Tuebingen, the prussian guy, PE LUXEMBOURG -Averlorn (FSA) and 2 others (1 COA, 1RC) Also different players in the LGS (location Luxembourg City) INDONESIA -Jakarta, DasPotato (PE, KoB) and 7 other player (All factions) ITALY -Brescia; Febbre - Prussian -Uncleleng, Florence - Kob, EotBS -Shaffer, Florence - Prussian + EoTBS and FSA (last two not on forums) -TGK, Florence - RoF -Glados, Florence - CoA -Torino, Venter - RoF MALAYSIA Location: -Kuala Lumpur/Petaling Jaya: mudster - RoF NETHERLANDS Location: -Deventer: Jass - EotBS + CoA -Eindhoven; Sky Captain - KoB, PE + 3 others -Enschede: Valki - FSA, another 9+ players in the area -Groningen: Wandelaar - KoB -Sint Oedenrode: Faust - PE + 10 other in the region I play (all nations represented) -Heerlen/Maastricht: ORicK (KoB, FSA, PE, EotBS, CoA, RE) and 5+ other players in this area (several nations) -Arnhem/Nijmegen: Galvainn - RoF -Swalmen: Jelmer _RoF, RC (2 more players in Venray with PE ans FSA) NEW ZEALAND -Christchurch; Sirius - Prussia -Christchurch ( Burnham ); Karchev23- Republique of France -Dunedin- SirEmilCrane- KoB, prussians,with RoF and FSA at my club, another 8-10 in the area, all fleets -Dunedin- Demios- EOTBS, COA POLAND Location: -Katowice - softiron, 3 others non-forum PORTUGAL Location: - Lisbon- Pico (FSA, RoF, RC, KoB), another 5/6 in the area -Lisbon- Pirran (FSA, RoF, RC, KoB) SPAIN Location: -Barcelona;MgySgt.Reed (1250+,KoB) and 3 others ( 1250+ of FSA, PE, CoA) -Madrid; Abrilete - KoB (and a slowly growing group of players with all the factions, most non fourm members) -Ponferrada; bierzoman: 1500+ FSA, 1000+ CoA, 1500+ EoBS. UK Location : England: -Beverley (East Yorks): Vanguard - KoB, RC -Bournemouth; Dr.Z Eotbs, FSA, Coa, PE, KoB -Bristol; Mr Evil - EOTBS -Bristol: Evil OK - EOTBS plus a few others. -Nr. Bristol; Lugosi - EotBS -Cambridge; Redmick - KoB / RC + at least 8 others -Canterbury; Rabenscharz - PE -Nr Chester:; Chancer - FSA, RoF, RC + at least 10 others at Deeside Defenders Wargames Club -Christchurch; RiftsCommando - FSA. 4 other local players. -Exmouth; Mick A - FSA -Glastonbury; PlayTeser - RoF, CoA, KoB, PE, FSA, EotBS -Gloucester; AsleepByDay KoB, Coa, Eotbs, PE -Gloucester; Zithith - KoB -Gosport (Hants); gb030104 - Britannia, CoA, RoF, Prussia -Gosport (Hants); podhead - Britannia. -Greenock, Meliadus KoB, PE -Harrogate - FSA, BrotherAlpharius. Also have friends who play KoB and CoA. -Huntingdon - Smeagol; Every Faction over 12+ players - Huntingdon & District Wargames Society - Thursday Nights Games -Huntingdon - CDR_G: FSA, RC, LoIS -Ilfracombe, Devon - Captain Kyle: FSA, KoB, all naval/air only. -Lancaster -Druss KoB, PE, FSA, Russian (all land sea and air) -Leicester - Sebenko, CoA, other Uni Gamesoc members with PE, EotBS, RC, KoB, RoF and FSA -Leicester - Castaras, EotBS -Leicester - Charley, FSA (only in town for Uni term time, otherwise NR Goole, East Yorks) -London (Crossgaming Club) - Lord Nat: KoB, FSA(sea/ air) + others with RoF, PE and more looking -Milton Keynes - Rasmus FSA, EotBS, LoIS + 4 others via MKWGS CoA, EotBS, PE, RoF -Merseyside - Kombine + 5/6 other players. -Newbiggen (Northumberland): KOSB x 3, FSA x 4, PE x 3, EotBS x 1, CoA x 1, French x 2 -North Walsham (nr Norwich, Norfolk): KoB, EotBS -Nottingham : Deckard - CoA, RC -Orpington - Java - Kingdom of Britannia -Petersfield (Portsmouth): Azriall - EotBS -Plymouth - Adamsoco, CoA, PE, Jedrington - EotBS -Portsmouth; Jetengine - Brittania -Teesside; Cleal - KoB -Teesside, DeadSteve - Prussia -Potton/ Sandy (Beds); Munkerz - KoB, EotBS -Ross on Wye Neal b via Dice and Decks RoF -Shropshire, Shrewsbury - Gatekeepers Wargamers - 6 factions and growing -Southampton - dethbidonut: KoB & EotBS -Southend-on-Sea, essex - inq101 and several others. - EotBS, RF. -Tamworth (as well as Birminhgam and Nottingham) - HandOfIron - Coa, FSA, KoB -West Midlands - Santrix via Dudley Darklords CoA x1 FSA x1 EotBS x1 PE x1 RoF x1 KoB x1 -west midlands - Althorin + 4 others via Birmingham Marauders all fleets non land -Worksop - Kalisix RoF -Isle of Wight -Welsh RoF Scotland: -Edinburgh; Delboy, Kabbage, Squire, Kingfig + 14 others (all Land and Sea fleets @ +2kpts) -Edinburgh; Borris, MiddleMeadow, CoreDave + 2 others - COA, EotBS, KoB, FSA, RoF -Glasgow; RandomJohn: FSA and RoF, Fawlkes: PE and RoF -Glasgow: Bit: KOB and EOBS -Dundee (Elysium Wargames Society): Steve (Me), Mathew, Kev, Dave, Martyn + few others. PE, EOBS, etc Wales: Northern Ireland: -Newry (Club is in Belfast though); DKoW (Plus 1 player. Know of 3 other players) - PE, KoB (demo force) USA Location : -Anchorage, AK: Aedian (Rus, KoB) -Appleton, WI: Valthonis (RoF, FSA, EotBS) -Modesto, CA; Capt_Dunsel, FSA -San Francisco, CA, pancakeonions, FSA, EoBS, CoA (Ottoman Empire!) -Sacramento, CA; reticent_bassist + 2-3 others, FSA, France, CoA, Prussia -Colorado Springs, CO: groups @ Castle Games and Gifts (mondays), and Gamer's Haven (thursdays) -Denver, CO: Landlubber--FSA, RoF -Littleton, CO, Darthkema, KoB and RC (very soon) -Parker, CO: Cap'n Nemo with RoF (There's ~8 of us in the Denver area that I know of) -Manchester, CT: Mezegis, and about a dozen non-forum players at The Battle Standard: Manchester, CT -Daytona Beach, FL: DoomedToRepeatIt (RoF) -Ocala, FL: BigB (KoB done, PE & FR shortly), a few others with EotBS, CoA, FSA -West Palm Beach, FL. kturock EtoBS, PE, KB, soon FSA and LoIS -Atlanta, GA: SouthernCygnar (KoB, PE, FSA, EotBS) -Cedar Rapids, IA: Audun54 (KoB) + 5 others (2x PE, 2x CoA, EotBS) -Idaho Falls, ID, d'Eon, 1-3 others, COA, ROF at the moment, PE, EOTBS, RC hopefully coming soon -Chicago, IL; Pistolwhip Suburbs willing to travel around the Plainfield, Elk Grove, Schaumburg area -GraysLake, IL, ckosacranoid, SA Mercs -Indianapolis, IN: naptown wendigo, Prussia -Fort Wayne, IN Solvok KoB, PE & RoF -Lenexa, KS (Kansas City Suburb) Tergara RoF -Amesbury, MA: Hugeonic (KoB) -Frederick, MD: dedonta (RoF, KoB, PE, EotBS, FSA) -Port Huron, MI: carlkay58 (COA), DirectorWily (EotBS) and many others -Missoula, MT illuminus23 RoF -Missoula, MT Akinra FSA, EotBS -New Bern, NC: Kilted Cleric -Lincoln, NE; Ravenwatch, RoF, Prussia, KoB -Las Vegas, NV mortaine COA, EotBS, RoF [Also 10 know about others in town] -Las Vegas, NV Commodore Panda EotBS, RoF -New York, NY. Redeye, CoA -Rochester, NY. Lord Nobody- EOtBS, KoB -Cincinnati, OH; Cervantes3773 - EotBS -Dayton, OH; denyasis - Will Proxy any, Still deciding what to buy (Prolly EOTB or PE). -Kent, OH; dpratt00 - RoF -Oklahoma city OK; SkullH4T, Prussia, COA -Portland, OR; Baelspar - EotBS & some others not yet posted here. (cogcollective.org is our local groups website) -Portland, OR: Brother Glacius - EotBS, RoF, PE, and KOB -Troutdale, OR: Cambrius (KoB), two others non-forum. -Easton PA: Toymaker FSA, RoF -Harrisburg, PA EvilSockMonkeyZed- FAS & PE -Philadelphia, PA Unseelied- EoTBS -Knoxville, TN King Drew PE -Austin, TX; morty_piper (Prussia, with pieces from brittania as well) -Dallas/Plano, TX: Groups at madness games and comics (usually a sunday so far) and Texas Toy Soldier (so far by email arrangement) - Thesock, Spellbound + 8 others, including 2 EoBS and a ton of CoA -Lubbock, TX: DarckArchebald StormCrow Games (Friday Night) Dystopian Wars Growing -San Antonio, TX, Natwist(Prussia) plus 2 others(CoA, EotBS), Reacher (FSA, RoF) + 6 others (1 player of every nation)- try to meet every other Tuesday @ Dragons Lair -Woodbridge, VA don_mondo EotBS plus 2 others(CoA, KoB) -Olympia, WA, Dirty Bob - PE,FSA Olympic Card and Comics -Seattle, WA, smguy, EoTBS, PE -Spokane Valley, WA: The Gamer's Haven (large group on Mondays) -Madison, WI; Zing, EoBS -Madison, WI; Scooter, PE, EoBS -San Jose, CA; Curiasse d'escradre, RoF -Boone, NC: RazorWing EoBS, FSA -Bloomington, IN: northerndragons EoBS, PE, RC, CoA, KoB
  10. Oh I know, the rulebook says 6 but you're only ment to get 4 tokens (says so on the box)
  11. Mine arrived yesterday, and you get 4
  12. Fair enought, but just for the record i like these rules almost the same as the ones in firestorm and ive never had an issue with them.
  13. I like the fact that they are stand alone. I've ordered every thing Chinese, and if I want I can use they using the Allied rules along side my Prussians. I never felt the Major/Minor resource was a proper ally rule anyway, Just always felt like another way of saying "Limited deployment". In fact all my "old" Prussian Allies are painted exactly the same as the rest of my Fleet/Land Force.
  14. Says 21st on the web page (that's tomorrow) http://www.spartangames.co.uk/games/armoured-clash
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