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  1. I love the fact that each fleet has its strengths and weaknesses. The worst thing that could be done is to make the the fleets and or the ships the same.
  2. Love the look of the flyers, not completely sold on the rest but im just not a huge fan of them, excellently done though they may be.
  3. I like the first list myself. Partly because I dont like TFT spam and partly because I love our BBs. And thank you not liking JHs.
  4. Prussians hands down. An aggressive Prussian player is just hard to beat. Ive only played against the French and Russians once each but our ability to out range them both seems to be our key to victory against them.
  5. If your group is like mine, your Valley will be well worth its points. Mine always draws tons of firepower and while it will get shot down they ignore the rest of my fleet while doing so!
  6. Pure fleets for me. That being said I do like the idea of being able to take a few ships from the alliance factions.
  7. I think a small amount of imagry would be ok, I just want to see a sphinx shaped land ship.
  8. You do have a good point there but I like to hope that the sucsess of DW (and with luck DL) will trickle down into FSA ...... and UCS I guess. I started with DW myself but love FSA far more. With luck we can get more "converts."
  9. I'm not gonna say that you don't have a reason to have issues with Spartan Alex and belive me I understand why you do, but I have found Spartan one of the better companies to deal with. I mean when they tooj away the fleet Mars and we all hated that, they fixed. They gave us a workable fix for desroyers after hearing our complants. Your not gonna get that kind of action from most companies.
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