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  1. The Myshkin are a fun unit to play and potentially very powerful. They need the right circumstances to shine, as you want to use their bombs and boarding potential (5 regular marines each!) on the same activation. The best moment to pull it of is T3. You have two turns to get them in position, and you have to hope they survive that. This will be easier against some fleets than others. In turn 1, you have the option of going stratopheric for some protection. Maybe putting another juicy target close to them might help. In a battle against the Prussian Empire yesterday, I managed to bomb a Blücher and board a Sturmbringer. Of course, this is very situational. They certainly cannot be your only medium squadron and I'm sure they might disappoint from time to time! It really is a one shot wonder and not every battle will give a nice "double" target. I don't have any of the other models, so no experiences there.
  2. We have received our 2.0 rulebook, so the rulespack will be adapted and made available soon. In short: - Our bespoke rules for deployment/flanking inspired by HS etc will be replaced by the 2.0 rules - The missions will remain roughly the same - The MFV will remain at 800 points. We realise many things have become more expensive, but the smallish fleets will at least ensure most games will be fully played in two hours. There is still some room for players who want to paricipate Greets J
  3. Apparently, our new torpedo armed, cc heavy cruiser is a good submarine hunter as well... From what I understand (my rulebook ships tomorrow), a torpedo turret should be quite handy against submarines with a +1 to hit.The Lyon and Magenta might have decent torpedo values as well. We'll know soon enough whether the Voltaire will keep its torpedo's. I'm guessing either the torps got removed or the Voltaire will be reclassed as a strike bomber (or something like that).
  4. Very inspiring theme and thank you for the little tutorial
  5. There is ample accommodation in Ostend, the hostel quoted by Kristof has recently been overhauled and is quite good. I would advice to book ahead, as the holiday season has started by then. We will gladly arrange something for you, if you want. I'll send you a PM tomorrow.
  6. It is very encouraging to receive replies already! Feel free to register on http://www.tabletoptournaments.net/t3_tournament.php?tid=12003, that way your place is secured.
  7. On 12 July 2014, our club hosts the first Belgian Championship Dystopian Wars, a one day tournament with three different missions. The format is naval / aerial core, with a 800 MFV. The location for the day is Ostend, a city that bears the honour of being featured in the Dystopian Wars background as the scene of a raid in Storm of Steel. We understand this might be an inspiring and/or emotional fact for many of the attending players. The tournament will be held with the 2.0 rules. Our full rulespack will become available after the release of DW 2.0, to ensure our deployment system and missions follow the spirit of the new rules. To stay fully up to date, you can check our blog. Although we expect 2.0 will allow for faster paced games, we will keep the 800 MFV to provide ample time for the battle (and accompanying laughter and drinks). To register for the event, please use the T3 page. Alternatively, you can send me a PM on these boards. Ostend is well connected with the main motorways to the rest of Belgium and to neighbouring countries. Players from the north of France, the Netherlands and South East England have attended our events in the past. There is free parking space available. If you need accommodation, please contact me to arrange something of your choice. Feel free to post any questions, remarks (or random support ) - J
  8. The possibility of actually dropping the bombs on a ship depends a bit on the fleet your opponent plays. FSA tends to hold back and has enough long range gunnery to annihilate bombers before they get into position. RC fleets come forward and have less Rb3 capacity. And a bomber that already suffered a crit still has a chance to pass the lower AA. I've seen and done a few good bombings, but I agree it's not easy. Prior to WW II, there was the saying that "the bomber will always get through", and I think this could be something fun for 2.0. I know bombers are A380 sized monsters, but 2.0 could differentiate them from other flyers with bombs by making them fast (lets say 16") and hard to target with gunnery so that they can get a second turn bombing run. To compensate, their hp could drop and their ap reduced to 0 or 1. They would be very vulnerable after their run. Luckily, we have some interceptors, to take the fight to the bombers and ... intercept them
  9. In many battles, deciding which squadron or ship you will activate and what exactly you are going to do with it takes longer than we sometimes want. The start of turn 2 in particular can bring difficult decisions, it often decides which flank or objective you go for. For example: getting a good shot at two Konigsberg BC vs getting shot by them. This is of course one of the things that make dw exiting, but I wouldn't mind introducing the system from Legions where you predetermine the order of activations.
  10. I made this rather silly looking stand-in for my first game with the new rules tomorrow.
  11. We have this same question at this moment. My opponent's commander's life depends on it, so I'll give him the benefit
  12. I have been playing DW for almost two years now and the 1.1 rules are the only ones I've ever used. During this period, the game evolved and the community pointed out some issues, many of which are/were genuine and Spartan accepted the comments and acted accordingly. I have a feeling SG will keep listening. Every nation had at least one "mkII version" of a unit that was deemed below par. Tesla's were boosted, the Russians were reigned in a bit, the RoF now has ships that can deliver the crippling blow, we got clarifications, ... And due to the way the releases are organised, at least we don't get "codex creep". I feel this 2.0 version is really carried by the players and I will not complain that the rules change after "only" a few years. For me, that is perfectly acceptable for a relatively young game. I too long for some streamlining. Besides, the price levels are fair and much of the content is free anyway. You have your ships in drydock anyway, so you could as well give them ago before or after 2.0? If you do, I wish you a lot of fun with the French. Remember, our Heat Lances have incendiaries now to use against your friend's Chinese On your question about the fleet itself, there are numerous discussions in this treads on which units are powerful and mediocre.
  13. I think some MAR's will be reworked towards the format seen with the newer MAR's. Like seen for example with combat Coordinator ( <unit and ability> ). I also expect some major streamlining on tokens and small models mounted on bases. As it is now, we have TFT, small tanks, tiny naval targets that look the same model wise, but have completely different effects in play. I think they should all become tiny models, with some specific provisions for each (for example, ordnance can't target tiny flying models, AA cannot target small armoured models, etc..) A hint about this was given by Nazduruk Bugzappa in this earlier topic on the expected changes.
  14. Rumours spread by the Grand Coalition to destabilise the Protectorate further. Dystopian Wars Belgian Waffles are Sturginium enhanced and utilize GNE technology to fly into one's mouth.
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