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  1. My prussians will be attending this event. :-)
  2. When we started playing DW at our local gaming club, we had a little rule: no dreads. So I haven't tried the Bluchner yet. :-D
  3. Thoughts/experiences? I recently fielded 2 against a Russian Coalition fleet and they did quite good. Managed to destroy a reinforced cruiser squadron (2 cruisers shot to death and boarded the tambov gunship) and shot 2 frigates. Shortly after this one of the metzgers was taken out but the second one was still at full strenght. A lot of tesla based weaponry combined with resilience (rugged construction combined with 8 HPs). Did I get lucky or is the dual metgzer B squad (or maybe a metger B with a donnerfaust) a squadron which deserves a place in a naval army.
  4. Awesome fleet! I have recently tried a few land games and I found them very pleasing to play. Only have 28-32mm games otherwise :-)
  5. I present you my Sturmbringer:
  6. Added a finished donnerfaust to the step by step post. :-)
  7. That's a very good idea and well executed!
  8. They are really detailed models! They have added small little details (extra rivets or more pipes)
  9. Painting some new ships for my Prussians. The strike bombers are already painted. Now I'm working on the Donnerfaust cruisers. Step 1: black undercoat Step 2: basecoating Step 3: black wash/glaze (still wet) Step 4: highlights & extra details
  10. Ureel

    Ureel's PE land force

    They look awesome actually! The render doesn't lie :-D Will hopefully paint them up soonisch, but I'm currently working on a few DL and 40k models.
  11. Ureel

    Ureel's PE land force

    They are lovely bombs indeed, but I only basecoated them + black wash because that part of the model isn't visible when gaming ;-)
  12. Ureel

    Ureel's PE land force

    I like my DW/DL armies a bit colourful. So I'm painted my battle tanks grey, artillery green, blimps brown and the order robots red/blue. I have no idea how I'll be painting the Aufseher zeppelin. I haven't bought one yet (there's a STOP on buying new models at the moment). :-D Here's a (hopefully) better pic of the strike bombers: Next up for DW are the rest of the new box. Which will have to be posted in another thread :-p
  13. If you combine the mortars vessels with myshkin mark IIs and a few of the skyships you actually get a rather shooty & mobile army!
  14. Ureel

    Ureel's PE land force

    My land army arranged for battle: I also painted the new strike bombers, I only have this ingame action photo for the moment. The Schildtragers are also painted. Now I just need to get started on my Sturmbring & Donnerfausts. :-D
  15. The new models are dead sexy! Just opened my box :-D
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