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  1. I am quite interested in this project. Its a shame there is not much support here. But it is the rules I will get first. No matter how cool the minis are, the rules must be good. I have to many games where the rules failed to keep me interested. Currently I am reading Dropzone Commander and Dust Warfare...
  2. Thats the one, anyway, its all good now, cheers!
  3. Actually, having seen your post, I went ahead and copied the png files to my Samsung Tablet and ignored the error message...voila, they display! These images are great!
  4. Anyway, I have just downloaded and run a bulk image convertor program and converted all the png's into jpg's. Me happy.
  5. Mr Nail, Firstly, as I have said before, these cards are a fantastic gaming aid, I have a set of v2.7 all printed and laminated. Recently I got myself a Samsung tablet and copied the jpgs onto it for reference of opponents ships. Fantastic. Brilliant. The latest 3.2 file is png format, for some reason it is unsupported on my Samgsung, they still print well and are still a fantastic gaming aid...
  6. I have printed Mr Nails cards at A5 size, buts thats just because I am half blind these days...
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