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  1. As i undestand the new alliances rules you can't take a vengeance, it have an SV value.
  2. RC since the release of the last ORBAT : One beast and all the rest is expensive, slow and incapable of doing something before being wipe out of the board ! Fortunatly the new PLC are much fun to play with
  3. Love your HBB idea @slimeball !! I also would love the aussies have a real 65/70pts cruiser.
  4. Thanks for this report ! I missed something or in the KoB list all HEC squadrons are capital ?
  5. Hi, I like a lot the colors of the Raj fleet ! Could you ask your friend what color did he used for the green ? Thanks in advance.
  6. ??? I seek in vain, but I only see FSA with bombard and "high angle" MAR ( and the Ho-I EotBS)
  7. https://element270.wordpress.com/2016/05/17/the-shot-heard-round-the-world/ Goshawks don't have Devastating Munitions.
  8. @Bratr : Free Aussies can't be used with RC.
  9. With the exeption of the Katanga en the Tiksi I really dont understand the modifications .... And 4AP, 2 AA on a 95pts Tiksi ??... I think the Design Team forgot to had SV 25
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