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  1. Came up in a game recently.. I figured should get shields.. my opponent questioned it.. couldn't find anything in rules to say no.. thought I would check.. thanks for the response.
  2. When a Robot assaults the defender gets AA defensive fire - sufficient hits cause a point of damage against the hull of the Robot - does the Robot get to use shields because the AA causes hull damage? regards DC
  3. I ignored it until it got close - boarded it undamaged and used it against my opponent!! Aussie's!
  4. Sorry if I am being dim here.... Reading the rule on Pg173 - Drones that perform an attack run are considered to Ditch after the attack is resolved. Ditching removes the squadron from the tabletop into the Scrapyard, ready to be relaunched later. This seems to be the only reference to 'ditching' that I can find. I assumed that when a drone was 'shot down' being removed as a 'casualty' did not mean ditching and therefore the drone could not be placed in the scrapyard as that rule on Pg173 is quite specific as to when a drone can be placed in the scrapyard... from what is written through this thread seems that's not the case.. did I miss something? Is being destroyed/removed as a casualty the same as ditching? regards DCG
  5. Quick question on carriers - may be self explanatory but wanted to be sure.. Carrier 6 with 8 hit points takes 6 points of damage. Does this mean it can no longer do any actions with regards to SAW's? regards DCG
  6. When I purchased my Black Wolf Fleet I also purchased a number of dreadnought models to support it using the 'one careful owner' rules.. I see now in the latest edition of the fleet I can only take Large models. Is this intentional? I thought the point of 2nd edition was you could continue to use existing models / fleets, (no loss of models only new models). Apparently not the case and I'm a little disappointed if this is the case... regards DC
  7. Had this same discussion the other night. I like the rules, plays a lot better however the style of the print is difficult to read. Wont change my interest in the game or joy at the new rules... just a little suprised at the choice of fonts. Could be i am indoctrinated by work (gov job) but we are taught that the use of bold and underlining is the equivalent of shouting and swearing! :-)
  8. Regarding Generators - can the KOB still have access to the Guardian Generator and a Shield Generator on one model? regards DC
  9. WW2 Naval game 'victory at sea' has some 'ok' rules for TFT's. Its a similar system to Dystopian however most bombers/torp wings move about 16 inches fighters move about 21 inches depending on nation. Bombers and torp wings only get one attack and then return to rearm. Fighters have a maximum of 3 attacks/dogfights etc before they refuel/rearm and can be used to fly escort to bombers/torp TFT's. There is no fuel! Because of the increase in movement you can usually return to refuel and rearm in a turn or at worst two. Regards DC
  10. That would make sense... Especially considering that the kob submarine (vengeance) has the aa concealed in its submerged mode.Thanks for the response! Regards DC
  11. I have checked through the FAQ and haven't been able to find an answer to this, although I may have missed it?! A submerged model attacked by TFT or Rockets - does it get the option of firing self defence AA? I found reference in the FAQ to pg 56 that states a submerged model can only target a model with torpedoes or concussion charges however I wasn't sure if this meant a submerged model can not target rockets and TFT in self defence (as TFT and rockets are not models is the preceding sentence relevant to the situation?).. am I missing something? In the following paragraphs re declaring counter attacks (pg56) and defensive actions (pg57) it simply states all models in a squadron may fire... etc there don't seem to be any limitations on who or what can fire!? again apologies if this has been covered and missed the answer. Regards DC
  12. Got to say I was thinking the same thing!! Seems it would upset the points applecart... regards DC
  13. I see... cunning!! thanks for the quick response. regards DC
  14. Quick question - sorry if covered previously.. In the alliance rules it states; Allied Contingents MUST contain at least ONE Capital Class Squadron and ONE Non-Capital Class Squadron. The example provided is; Alliance Force HMAS Perth - 1 Cerberus Class Pocket Battleship – 140 points 9th Submersible Support Squadron - 1 Submarine Tender Squadron – 2 Tasmania Class Submarine Tenders – 160 points Both vessels listed are Capital Class Models?! So this would appear to be a mistake in the example? OR is the example correct and the requirement for Alliance Contingent changed? thanks DC
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