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  1. I like the new models and the setting but I think Spartan Games will lose a lot of good will by selling it with the old rule book. If you are a new player I would be rather miffed if I have to replace my brand new rulebook after two months. As a veteran you don't want to have more paper to recycle. I hope Spartan considers to push back the release until 2.5 is ready and ship it with the new rules. Not only wouldnt you piss off new customers, but I also could sell it to the veterans which where not to keen on the Russians and Prussians from the KS. Spartans Games has quite a damaged reputation in the German Community, these Starter Set in the current form will not help, it feels to much like they want to get rid of the old stock. Please reconsider
  2. Also it gives you more carrier points and an extra 3 SAS to play with. When I take the Rengt I allways go for the 5xSAS one Scout Option, because I'm not a big fan of 3xSAS squadrons (they always die in the defensive AA). That means I have one squadron that does stuff and on scout that activeates first at the first turn and then just buzzes around (sometimes I even forget it's there...). With 9xSAS I'm able to run two decent squadrons of SAS (usaly 5xSAS as fighter, maybe even an Ace if I have spare points and 4xSAS as Divebombers). 4SAS just seem to work much better then 3.
  3. I expect they will be in the next release, so in one month.
  4. That reminds me of a passage from Terry Prachett, I think it was in Good Omens
  5. You have to get them in RB2 to boost the torpedo spam. Because they are one of the few things your opponent can target without a drawback, they will join the subs below the waterline quite fast. And I'm never seem to be able to roll above a 3 for there target painter.
  6. I just feared that it wouldn't be enough. But I think it is time to paint my second valiant squadron How many points are you playing?
  7. How ist that working out for you? I fear that you get wrecked by carrier heavy fleets and torbedo bomber spam. It for sure seems tempting to try.
  8. I like it, but I was able to use it even before it got buffed.
  9. If your opponent isn't a beginner your list ist doomed. I usally don't take a dread below 1500 points.
  10. The one thing to consider with merlins is that they get eaten by drones and fighter SAS for breakfast. So they usaly end up being a one-hit weapon, after that you are left with a reduced squadron with a very low thread potential.
  11. Looking forward to the new Orbats getting included Thanks a lot for this very helpfull tool and the work you are doing.
  12. Damn, played that wrong the whole time. Not that it matters if you only roll 1s and 2s...
  13. i'm having my fair share of losses with the KoB as well, usally I'm to enthusastic at closing with the enemy. Probably I would far better with the PE or the RC but I just love the KoB models, so changing the fleet is not an option. I think KoB is one of the more advanced (challinging) fleets to play, for easier tactics I would probably choose the FSA, PE or the RC. And if you still keep loosing, you can still blame does bloody dices
  14. Hmm, if I book a trip to Essex, how many blisters do I have to buy to make a profit
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