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  1. I thank you folks very much for your contributions, and for keeping this thread alive after its torpor. We continue to attract some great bits of storytelling, and I'm most grateful to you all. With any luck, I'll find the time and inspiration to make my own additions once more! Until then, a tip of the cap to you folks!
  2. Ta-da! Rule Britannia! Britannia rule the sky! Black = Recon Grey = Dive Bombers Tan = Torpedo Bombers Olive = Fighters These are all 1.1, mind you....
  3. Hopefully this won't stop folks from painting their TFTs in different colours!
  4. Okay, apologies if this has already been asked; I can't find it anywhere.... In post #6, in the first pic, I see what I thought was a Ruler-class battleship, but upon second glance looks far more impressive, and something behind it. What is that slender, tasty looking carrier...and what is the up-gunned Ruler-looking beast?!
  5. AUSTRIA -Graz, Graz Area: Wolfen – FSA -Klagenfurt: Dr, F.G. Hobo and growing group of non-forum players – PE -Klagenfurt: Constable – FSA, KoB, PE, Chinese, friends with RF, CoA, PE -Lower Austria: Chaki – PE, FSA EotBS -Vienna: bluelabeldrinker – PE, RoF -Vienna: Sokratos, 1 forum player, 5 non-forum players – CoA, EotBS, All Other Nations AUSTRALIA -Adelaide: Bejebas, 5 others – All Nations Represented -Brisbane: PullysJr + 5 others -Bundaberg: PFE1, 6 others -Campbelltown: Daemonette666 – CoA, CoFA, RC, OE, RoF -Devonport: NoRecoil, 5 others -New Castle: 4 – KoB, PE, RF, FSA -North Queensland: Nazduruk_Bugzappa, 3-4 others -Penrith: SillyWbbit99, 3-4 others – Majority of Fleets, @ Tin Soldier Penrith -Toowoomba: Skullaxe, 3-4 other non-forum players -Victoria: Kaldor -Victoria: caradoc and 1 other -Busselton: C0rruptd -Mandurah: catalyst2, 6 others BELGIUM -Herentals: KoB, FSA -Oostende: J-rom – RoF -Oostende: Sjapie, 4 others – CoA, RoF, EoP, EotBS,KoB, FSA, RC -Tournai: HMS Triumph – KoB, Canada, RC, Ottomans, Invaders, East India Cie CANADA -AB, Calgary: Zac – Russian -BC, Kelowna: Npf6 – CoA -BC, Port Alberni: Woldflord68 – CoA -MB, Winnipeg: Nathan – PE -ON, Ottowa: Robock – PE, KoB -ON, Toronto: Biaga – RoF -ON, Toronto: Darkjedi203 – KoB, RC -ON, Toronto: Fireymonkeyboy – EotBS -ON, Toronto: MurderousPenguin – CoA -ON, Toronto: procchi, DoRAaNZ – Kob/PE/LoiS, HEIC/Merchants respectively -QC, Montreal: knolan007 – EotBS, CoA -QC, Québec: Hicks – PE (+ 2 others) DENMARK -Copenhagen: EotBS + 5-6 others – FSA, CoA, RoF, PE KoB -Svendborg: Mostly FSA, other nations represented FRANCE -Gif Sur Yvette: Urial – KoB, RoF -Haubourdin: HMS Triumph + ten others – KoB, Canada, RC, Ottomans, Invaders, East India Cie, PE, FSA, EotBS, CoA, RoF, Chinese, Australian, Italian -Lyon: Nucreum – CoA -Lyon: tartopom – EotBS -Lyon: Trollune – 10+ players, all factions -Marseille: Soltan – RoF -Marseille: Youenn + 3 others – RoF (CoA, EotBS, FSA) -Valence: Amiral X + 2 sons – RoF (FSA, EotBS), +5 others (CoA, FSA, KoB, RC) GERMANY -Bayreuth: Gaanger – EotBS, CoA -Berlin: Caine-HoA – CoA -Berlin: Hunger – EotBS, LoIS, CF -Berlin: Legion-Rancor – RoF, Invaders, LoIS, Ottomans -Frankfurt: RunRabbitJunk – KoB -Frankfurt: ThorinXV – PE -Karlsuhe/Pforzheim: PMOS1101 – 6 players with all Factions -Kaiserslautern/Mainz: EMMachine – all factions (except CoA/Invaders) -Kiel: EIErecose – RoF and 3 other players (PE, FSA, EotBS) -Mainz: crabking – EotBS, KoB -Mainz: Nightwalk – RoF -Mülheim und allgemein Ruhrgebiet: Rhunmaki and 7 other players (spieleclub) – all factions -Neuss: Bastian – KoB -Osnabrück: Vadous – FSA -Paderborn: Archangle – 7 players, all Factions -Tuebingen: the Prussian guy – PE -Speyer: Meterbrot – RoF LUXEMBOURG -Luxembourg City: Averlorn – FSA, 2 others (CoA, RC). Also other players at LGS INDONESIA -Jakarta: DasPotato – PE, KoB, and 7 others (all factions) ITALY -Brescia: Febbre – PE -Florence: Glados – CoA -Florence: Shaffer – PE, EotBS, FSA -Florence: TGK - RoF -Florence: Uncleleng – KoB, EotBS -Venter: Torino – RoF MALAYSIA - Kuala Lumpur/Petaling Jaya: mudster – RoF NETHERLANDS - Waalwijk: Galathon - KoB and CoA + 6 more people playing in Tilburg. -Den Bosch: Galvainn – RoF -Deventer: Jass – EotBS, CoA -Eindhoven: Sky Captain – KoB, PE, 3 others -Enschede: Valki – FSA, another 9+ players in area -Groningen: Wandelaar – KoB, ANZ -Heerlen/Maastricht: ORick – KoB, FSA, PE, EotBS, CoA, RE, +5 other players in this area -Sint Oedenrode: Faust – PE + 10 other in the region (all nations represented) -Swalmen: Jelmer – RoF, RC (2 more players in Venray with PE and FSA) -Veghel: Iron Elemental – PE NEW ZEALAND -Christchurch: Karchev23 – RoF -Christchurch: Sirius – PE -Dunedin: chicjen_pi – FSA, RoF, CoA -Dunedin: Deimos – EotBS, CoA -Dunedin: SirEmilCrane – KoB, PE with RoF, FSA at local club, + another 8-10 in area POLAND -Katowice: softiron with 3 others non-forum PORTUGAL Location: - Lisbon- Pico (FSA, RoF, RC, KoB), another 5/6 in the area -Lisbon- Pirran (FSA, RoF, RC, KoB) SPAIN Location: -Barcelona;MgySgt.Reed (1250+,KoB) and 3 others ( 1250+ of FSA, PE, CoA) -Madrid; Abrilete - KoB (and a slowly growing group of players with all the factions, most non fourm members) -Ponferrada; bierzoman: 1500+ FSA, 1000+ CoA, 1500+ EoBS. SWEDEN Location: -Gothenburg: Serpent - KoB, EotBS (Gaming club also includes ~4 more players [CoA, PE, EotBS x2]) UK Location : England: -Beverley (East Yorks): Vanguard - KoB, RC -Bournemouth; Dr.Z Eotbs, FSA, Coa, PE, KoB -Bristol; Mr Evil - EOTBS -Bristol: Evil OK - EOTBS plus a few others. -Nr. Bristol; Lugosi - EotBS -Cambridge; Redmick - KoB / RC + at least 8 others -Canterbury; Rabenscharz - PE -Canterbury: CaptBrucesea- EIMC, MN, KOB (Naval Only) -Nr Chester:; Chancer - FSA, RoF, RC + at least 10 others at Deeside Defenders Wargames Club -Christchurch; RiftsCommando - FSA. 4 other local players. -Exmouth; Mick A - FSA -Glastonbury; PlayTeser - RoF, CoA, KoB, PE, FSA, EotBS -Gloucester; AsleepByDay KoB, Coa, Eotbs, PE -Gloucester; Zithith - KoB -Gosport (Hants); gb030104 - Britannia, CoA, RoF, Prussia -Gosport (Hants); podhead - Britannia. -Greenock, Meliadus KoB, PE -Harrogate - FSA, BrotherAlpharius. Also have friends who play KoB and CoA. -Huntingdon - Smeagol; Every Faction over 12+ players - Huntingdon & District Wargames Society - Thursday Nights Games -Ilfracombe, Devon - Captain Kyle: FSA, KoB, all naval/air only. -Kirkby Thore, Cumbria - Sailion - RoF/RoB, Lols and KoD. -Lancaster -Druss KoB, PE, FSA, Russian (all land sea and air) -Leicester - Sebenko, CoA, other Uni Gamesoc members with PE, EotBS, RC, KoB, RoF and FSA -Leicester - Castaras, EotBS -Leicester - Charley, FSA (only in town for Uni term time, otherwise NR Goole, East Yorks) -London (Crossgaming Club) - Lord Nat: KoB, FSA(sea/ air) + others with RoF, PE and more looking -Milton Keynes - Rasmus FSA, EotBS, LoIS + 4 others via MKWGS CoA, EotBS, PE, RoF -Merseyside - Kombine + 5/6 other players. -Newbiggen (Northumberland): KOSB x 3, FSA x 4, PE x 3, EotBS x 1, CoA x 1, French x 2 -North Walsham (nr Norwich, Norfolk): KoB, EotBS -Nottingham : Deckard - CoA, RC -Orpington - Java - Kingdom of Britannia -Petersfield (Portsmouth): Azriall - EotBS -Plymouth - Adamsoco, CoA, PE, Jedrington - EotBS -Portsmouth; Jetengine - Brittania -Teesside; Cleal - KoB -Teesside, DeadSteve - Prussia -Potton/ Sandy (Beds); Munkerz - KoB, EotBS -Ross on Wye Neal b via Dice and Decks RoF -Sheffield; SHG Drachenfutter, Solar, NES, LikeAsir, Thamoz +20 on and off forum FB group: Outpost yacht club -Shropshire, Shrewsbury - Gatekeepers Wargamers - 6 factions and growing -Southampton - dethbidonut: KoB & EotBS -Southend-on-Sea, essex - inq101 and several others. - EotBS, RF. -Tamworth (as well as Birminhgam and Nottingham) - HandOfIron - Coa, FSA, KoB -West Midlands - Santrix via Dudley Darklords CoA x1 FSA x1 EotBS x1 PE x1 RoF x1 KoB x1 -west midlands - Althorin + 4 others via Birmingham Marauders all fleets non land -Worksop - Kalisix RoF -Isle of Wight -Welsh RoF Scotland: -Edinburgh; Delboy, Kabbage, Squire, Kingfig + 14 others (all Land and Sea fleets @ +2kpts) -Edinburgh; Borris, MiddleMeadow, CoreDave + 2 others - COA, EotBS, KoB, FSA, RoF -Glasgow; RandomJohn: FSA and RoF, Fawlkes: PE and RoF -Glasgow: Bit: KOB and EOBS -Dundee (Elysium Wargames Society): Steve (Me), Mathew, Kev, Dave, Martyn + few others. PE, EOBS, etc Wales: -Bangor; LabRat101 - RC, PLC Northern Ireland: -Newry (Club is in Belfast though); DKoW (Plus 1 player. Know of 3 other players) - PE, KoB (demo force) USA Location : -AK, Anchorage: Aedian (Rus, KoB) -CA, Los Angeles: Admiral-General Louis – Russians, PLC, Ottoman’s & Growing -CA, Modesto: Capt_Dunsel – FSA -CA, Monterey: Eisengratz – Covenenat, Australians, Russian Coalition -CA, Sacramento: reticent_bassist +2-3 others – FSA, France, CoA, Prussia -CA, San Francisco: pancakeonions – FSA, EoBS, CoA (Ottoman Empire!) -CA, San Jose: Curiasse d’escradre – RoF -CO, Colorado Springs: Groups at Castle Games and Gifts (Mondays), and Gamer’s Haven (Thursdays) -CO, Denver: Landlubber – FSA, RoF -CO, Littleton: Darthkema – KoB and RC (very soon) -CO, Parker: Cap’n Nemo with RoF (There’s ~8 of us in the Denver area that I know of) -CT, Manchester: Mezegis, and about a dozen non-forum players at The Battle Standard -FL, Daytona Beach: Doomed to RepeatIt – RoF -FL, Ocala: BigB and others – KoB (PE & FR Shortly), with others using EotBS, CoA, FSA -FL, West Palm Beach: kturock – EotBS, PE, KB, soon with FSA and LoIS -GA, Atlanta: SouthernCygnar – KoB, PE, FSA, EotBS -GA, Atlanta: McKinstry – PE, KoB, Aussie -IA, Cedar Rapids: Audun54 – KoB and 5 others (2x PE, 2x CoA, EotBS) -ID, Idaho Falls: d’Eon and 1-3 others – CoA, RoF, PE, EotBS, RC -IL, Chicago: Pistolwhip – Wiling to travel around Plainfield, Elk Grove, Schaumburg and area -IL, Grays Lake: ckosacranoid – SA Mercs -IN, Blookmington: northerndragons – EotBS, PE, RC, CoA, KoB -IN, Fort Wayne: Slovok – KoB, PE, RoF -IN, Indianapolis: naptown wendigo – Prussia -KS, Lenexa: Tergara – RoF -MA, Amesbury: Hugeonic – KoB -MA, Boston: Адмирал флота, MajorMcNicol – FSA & RC, RC & Independent Merc Company respectively -MD, Frederick: dedonta – RoF, KoB, PE, EotBS, FSA -MI, Port Huron: carlkay58, DirectorWily – CoA, EotBS respectively -MO, Columbia: diarianordo - RC -MT, Missoula: Akinra – FSA, EotBS -MT, Missoula: illuminus23 – RoF -NC, Boone: Razorwing – EotBS, FSA -NC, New Bern: Kilted Cleric -NE, Lincoln: Ravenwatch – RoF, Prussia, KoB -NV, Las Vegas: Commodore Panda – EotBS, KoB -NV, Las Vegas: mortaine – CoA, EotBS, RoF (Also know about 10 others in town) -NY, New York: Redeye – CoA -NY, Rochester: Lord Nobody – EotBS, KoB -OH, Cincinnati: Cervantes3773 – EotBS -OH, Dayton: denyasis – Will Proxy Any, still deciding what to buy (Prolly EotBS or PE) -OH, Kent: dpratt00 – RoF -OK, Oklahoma City: Skullh4t – Prussia, CoA -OR, Portland: Baelspar – EotBS & others (local group @ cogcollective.org) -OR, Portland: Brother Glacius – EotBS, RoF, PE, KoB -OR, Oregon City: Cambrius and two others – KoB, DoC, RC (FSA and EotBS, CoA for the others) -PA, Easton: Toymaker – FSA, RoF -PA, Harrisburg: EvilSockMonkeyZed – FSA, PE -PA, Philadelphia: Unseelied – EotBS -TN, Knoxville: King Drew – PE -TX, Austin: morty_piper – Prussia, with bits of KoB -TX, Dallas/Plano: Groups at Madness Games and Comics (usually Sunday) and Texas Toy Soldier (email arrangement) – Thesock, Spellbound and 8 others – 2 EotBS and a ton of CoA -TX, Lubbock: DarkArchebald – StormCrow Games (Friday Night) Dystopian Wars Growing -TX, San Antonio: Natwist, Reacher, plus 8 others – Every nation represented -VA, Stafford/Woodbridge: CDR_G – FSA, RC, RoF, Australian, Merchants -VA, Woosbridge: don_mondo – EotBS, plus two others playing CoA and KoB -WA, Olympia: Dirty Bob – PE, FSA @ Olympic Cards & Comics -WA, Seattle: smguy – EotBS, PE -WA, Spokane Valley: Silth, The Gamers Heaven (Large group on Tuesdays) – RoF -WI, Appleton: Valthonis – RoF, FSA, EotBS -WI, Madison: Scooter – PE, EotBS, Tuesday @ Dragons Lair -WI, Madison: Zing – EotBS
  6. Not only do I not mind, Solodice, but that was quite a bit of fun. I'm more than happy to include Bloody Mary's Best in the story. I'm certain the Eddies won't mind the help! I will say that I'd like to post my reply to it before advancing your side again. Back and forth, if that's all right. wbburton: No criticisms forthcoming, man. That was some good stuff. Naz: Looking forward to the foo fighters!
  7. What Mythic said. I started the thread so that folks could post any kind of fluff they were inspired enough to share. The Quebec campaign was just the first solid framework/storyline in which we could post cohesive contributions, and comes back into vogue periodically. But feel free to post any fun fluff additions you like. There's lots of stuff floating free of context in there.
  8. I find I'm working in a lot of Dystopian Legions details. I guess that makes it a crossover story!
  9. Or at the beginning of the game you can negotiate with your opponent any sort of House Rules you might wish to incorporate for the forthcoming match. Obviously you won't be able to do anything like this in a tournament, but the House is a powerful rules entity. Anyone who is married - read: Residential Sergeant Major - knows this.
  10. I'm going to re-purpose an extensive quote I read in another similar thread by Solar.
  11. Just curious if anyone has played a campaign anytime recently?
  12. 17 September 1872 Camp Petawawa, Ontario Watery yellow sunlight slanted in through the thin, high window of the barracks where Captain Evan Black was meeting with his four platoon leaders. Almost two hours had passed since assembly – dawn had finally broken. Orders had been handed down with missions and objectives, and the men were issued their rations and ordered to get some cot time while they waited to deploy. Black gestured at the map on the table with his left hand. His right held a steaming tin cup of crude oil that the officer’s mess had passed off as coffee. “It’s a straight run through Ottawa. The local constabulary has the main street barricaded off, so there should be no delays.” Lieutenant Robert Wesley, commander of third platoon and known as Little Bob among the officers, interjected. “General Conveyors?” Black nodded as he blew on his coffee. “Conveyors by section. We’re going from light infantry to mechanised, gentlemen.” “Which just means we get to ride rather than march into battle,” observed Lieutenant Charlotte Gladstone. “Yep. And we can probably expect resistance as early as Lachute, so after Papineauville I want sharpshooters on alert and flamethrower specialists ready to toast any Frogs that come too close.” “Or Yanks, eh?” growled Big Bob with a feral grin. Lieutenant Robert Winters was every bit as bellicose as his massive frame would imply. “No, Bob,” replied Black. “The Americans are going to be lending us rather a substantial hand on the eastern front, as I understand it. Let’s play nice with our southern friends, shall we?” “Yes, Captain,” Big Bob said. The feral grin remained. Black continued. “Our mission objective is the same as the rest of the Eddies: capture or destroy the French mobile airfield that Intelligence says is currently stationed in Laval. The whole regiment has been tasked with taking out this…” he tapped on a sepia photograph, “…La Victoire.” “This seems like more of an adventure for Sky Hussars, Cap,” said Joseph Adams, Black’s company 2IC and leader of first platoon. The other lieutenants all looked at Black in silent agreement with Adams’ assessment. “You’re right, Joe. It’s precisely the sort of swashbuckling derring-do the ratpackers are famous for, but I imagine they’re rather busy over Montreal – what units we have left. We didn’t have many to begin with and I’m afraid the French caught our aerial force somewhat unprepared. Their surprise attacks took a serious toll on our air power. “Instead, we’re deploying by company and spreading out the platoons so that if something goes awry, we shan’t all be caught out. The idea is that we all make our way to La Victoire by a certain time and fall upon her like fire ants on a bullfrog.” “That’s rather poetic, Captain,” smirked Wesley. “Shut up, Bob,” Black replied lightly. The men – and woman – had a brief chuckle. “All right, gentlemen, here are your individual assignments.” Black handed each of his lieutenants a small packet. “Let’s go over them before our chariots arrive, shall we?” * * * * * The column sped down Quebec Autoroute 50 at almost eighty kilometres an hour. Three hours had passed without much incident. The one notable exception was on the way through downtown Ottawa; many of the capital’s residents had lined the barricaded streets to cheer and wave as the tracked Conveyors motored past, briefly turning the drive into an impromptu parade. The crowd had thinned shortly after entering into Gatineau and had dissipated completely by the time the column turned east onto the Autoroute. The highway roughly paralleled the Ottawa River with large tracts of farmland to the north and south still being worked by local farmers as though war was not thundering less than a hundred kilometres to the east. Throughout the valley, copses of trees punctuated the lowland in a broken reflection of the surrounding hills that were covered in evergreens and deciduous trees that displayed all the rusty hues of Canadian autumn. The morning was bright, crisp, and cool, but with a chilly edge that threatened rain or worse from the leaden clouds to the south and east. The column of sixteen General Conveyors was just passing Sainte-Phillipe-Est at the junction with Highway 148 when the section’s vox-man hunched over, listening to an incoming transmission. With an urgent look to Captain Black, he gestured to indicate that the company commander needed to hear it. “Signal column halt!” Captain Black ordered the vox-man, shouting to be heard over the roar of the vehicle’s engine. The vehicles eased to a rumbling idle and Black took the headset from the vox-man. “This is Column Niner, go ahead.” Nine was the code term for a formation commander. An unfamiliar voice came through the headset, sounding tinny, with just a bit of static. “Zis is Corporal…Renard…Canadian Engineers. Ze bridge…Rivière du Nord…been blown. You will…detour through Lachute…Boul de l’Aeroparc.” What in the name of...? “Who blew the bloody bridge?” “…ne comprends…” “Listen, glue bag! Who authorised the damned bridge to be blown?” Static was the only reply. With a growl, Black shoved the headset back at the vox-man. “Well, this just became a bag of hammers!” He clambered out the hatch in the side of the Conveyor. He jogged the dozen metres to the lead vehicle and rapped on the hatch. Adams’ head popped out. “Yes, sir?” “Just got word on the vox…” “Yeah, the bridge ahead is blown. We heard it too. What’s the plan, Captain?” Black thought quickly for a moment. He wasn’t very familiar with the area, but could remember a fair bit from poring over local maps the night before. “How about…? Ah, dammit. One side, Joe. Let me in there.” Adams stood aside to let Black into the Conveyor, but protested. “The whole point of you being in the second vehicle is to keep the company from getting decapitated if we get jumped.” Black paused. “You’re right, of course.” He jabbed his thumb over his shoulder towards the second Conveyor. “Get your ass in gear.” Adams climbed out the hatch, still protesting. “That’s not what I meant, Captain!” Black slammed the hatch shut and locked it. Pulling a map from the pocket of his scarlet coat, he unfolded and studied it a moment. Without looking up, he ordered, “Signal column advance!” and moved up next to the driver. Indicating a new route with his white-gloved finger, he instructed the driver to make the left turn onto Boul de l’Aeroparc. The column motored ahead, then turned north onto the road that would lead past Lachute’s aerobase. As they did, the leaden clouds followed through on their threat and a sullen rain began to fall. The road angled to the northeast. The lead Conveyor passed a supply depot connected to the aerobase. About two kilometres ahead, Black could see the town of Lachute, which had initially grown up around a mill. Lumber and paper were still the town’s primary industries. Nothing moved in Lachute, though. Black could see no smoke rising from chimneys. No movement in or around the mill complex. He felt a tap on his shoulder. Turning, he found the vox-man thrusting a headset at him. “Column Niner, go ahead!” A heavy Scottish brogue rumbled clearly through the vox. “It's Ross, sir!" The section leader was in the last Converyor in the column. "Enemy contact, five o’ clock! Looks like a Frog scout flyer!” Black tossed the headset back to the vox-man and grabbed his magnoculars. He found he didn’t need them; high above the trees and angling towards the column was a French Furieux-class flyer, rain cascading from her bullet-shaped maroon hull.
  13. /\ / \ / \ || || || || Look! Up there!
  14. Portland, Oregon has a number of different events planned for this day. But then PDX is kind of a nerd city to begin with. Were I not working a twelve-hour shift that day, I'd be getting my tabletop geek on!
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