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  1. It will be interesting to see how the final rules shake out...from the beta, it felt like the stats were set such that having a squadron of ships that was one or two short wasn't nearly as big of a deal as it was in 2.5 and earlier. That might help mitigate the return of the "Hotdogs in packages of 10, hotdog buns in packages of 8" issue with box sets and expansion packs.
  2. Here are the winners from this year's contest! http://www.manbattlestations.com/blog/2018/07/07/2018-painting-contest-winners/
  3. The latest episode of Exploding Dice Radio is live! http://www.freebootersnetwork.com/2018/07/05/exploding-dice-radio-episode-11/
  4. Episode 10 is up! http://www.freebootersnetwork.com/2018/06/10/exploding-dice-radio-episode-10/
  5. Thanks! I’ll make sure to fix it in the next iteration.
  6. Episode 9 of EDR is here! This time, I’m discussing what I’d like to see change in DW 3.0, and what I’d like to see stay the same. http://www.freebootersnetwork.com/2018/03/20/exploding-dice-radio-episode-9/
  7. Hi all! I've put together a fan FAQ that tries to address all of the mistakes, omissions, and uncertainties that have been brought up here and elsewhere. This is definitely a work in progress, so if there is a problem I have missed let me know and I'll include it in the next version. NOTE: This FAQ is a fan project, and is not endorsed or approved by Warcradle. Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1x5dwWKJP6nbpK2pr1IRFUdeFDUNoottP/view?usp=sharing
  8. After a week of concentrated effort (basically, all of my free time, and staying up later than was strictly advisable a couple of nights :D), my Ice Maiden is finished:
  9. Hello all! The 2018 Man Battlestations Naval Painting Contest has begun! You can find details here: http://www.manbattlestations.com/blog/2018-painting-contest/ This is the 6th year for our little contest, and in the past models from Uncharted Seas, Firestorm Armada, and Dystopian Wars have all figured prominently in the submissions. All are welcome to participate! I hope some of you will consider submitting entries. Good luck and happy painting!
  10. Ok! The missing link has been fixed. Thanks for your patience.
  11. Yikes! I'm not sure, it's no longer showing up for me, either. I'm checking with the guy that runs the network website, and I'll let you all know here when the issue is fixed. Thanks for the catch!
  12. If you are referring to this specific episode, there is some discussion about DW during our interview with Neil. As for the rest of the episodes, DW has figured prominently in several! Josh and I are going to be doing a detailed piece on the Prussians in the next episode as well.
  13. In Episode 5 of EDR, Andy and Josh have a surprise interview with Neil Fawcett, the founder and owner of Spartan Games! During the course of the interview, Andy and Josh pump Neil for all sorts of information about the upcoming Firestorm Armada Kickstarter, Firestorm Strike Force, and more. This is a must-listen for any Spartan Games fan! You can find the episode here: http://www.freebootersnetwork.com/2017/07/29/exploding-dice-radio-episode-5/
  14. I've started working on an Empire of the Blazing Sun fleet! I've just finished the test model for the scheme I'm going to use: Here is the rest of the fleet so far: More to come!
  15. Awesome! The only thing stopping me from pulling the trigger on the North Star stuff is waiting to see what the CC goodies are for this/next quarter
  16. Episode 4 is live! http://www.freebootersnetwork.com/2017/06/27/exploding-dice-radio-episode-4/ In Episode 4 of EDR, Andy and Josh take a step back from Dystopian Wars to discuss Firestorm Armada as well as Halo Fleet Battles and Halo Ground Command! In the first segment, Andy talks to Josh about how the development of Firestorm Armada 3.0 is coming along. In segment two, Andy and Josh are joined by Spartan Vanguards Doug and Vincent to talk some Halo. Thanks! I hope we can continue the positive trend
  17. Yeah, I had a similar thought. However, I suspect this list is still somewhat open ended....I see no reason why additional free factions couldn't be added in the future.
  18. Interesting! I had missed that discussion. From the way the 2.5 PDF reads, the Imperial Bond and Grand coalition are the only two superblocks, though the diagram makes the free nations look like they are also a block.
  19. While the concept of mercenary factions and forces definitely still exists in the fluff, the old rules from 2.0 for things like Mercenary Combined Forces and Allied Mercenaries are definitely gone. The table in the book lists the current mercenary groups such as Black Wolf, EIMC, HEC, etc as part of the Free Nations superblock, which means you would need opponents permission to mix mercenary forces with another faction not from the Free Nations superblock. For completeness, here is the list of the Free Nations from the 2.5 rules: Covenant of Antarctica Commonwealth of Free Australia Ottoman Empire – Separatists League of Italian States Black Wolf East India Merchant Company The Honourable Eclipse Company League of Crimson Socialist Union of South America EDIT: I just re-read D8, and while the diagram on page 199 makes it seem like the Free Nations are their own superblock, the text of the rules specifically states that only the Imperial Bond and Grand Coaltion have superblock status.
  20. Episode 3 of EDR is now available from the Freebooters Network: http://www.freebootersnetwork.com/2017/05/24/explodingdiceradio-episode3/
  21. I've always thought of this part as the Calcification/Disruption Jenny : http://shop.spartangames.co.uk/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=DWM0103 The DN should have come with one.
  22. Good catches! It appears that there were a few subtle changes between the PDF posted to Backer Kit and the advance copy I was sent. There may very well be a few more (plus some things that I just plain got wrong on the first attempt).
  23. And finally, Section D: Section D D1 - Model Assigned Rules “Altered Silhouette” has been deleted. “Area Bombardment” has been modified to include the number of templates generated by the weapon when performing Area Bombardment. “Combat Deployment” no longer has different insertion methods (Ponderous, Standard, or Rapid). Everything now uses the 2.0 rules for Standard insertion, where the disembarked model(s) are placed within 4” of the deploying model and can then activate later that turn. “Combat Patrol” has been changed to refer only to Combat Air Patrol. “Deadly to Infantry” has been deleted. “Deep Running” has been deleted. “Drone Launcher” has been deleted. “Drone Relay” has been deleted. “Engineers (Type)” has been changed to “Experienced Engineers.” The option to have “Inept Engineers” has been removed. “Experienced Engineers” still perform Damage Repairs on a 3+. “Flame Retardant Armor” has been deleted. “Inert” has been changed to state that a model with this MAR that suffers a critical hit now loses D3+1 HP, instead of just D3 HP. “Inventive Scientists” now results in a Corrosion marker instead of a Raging Fire marker if the re-rolled generator die is a 1. “Retardant Armour” has been modified to include a specific Munitions/Gunnery type that the armor is effective against. The full MAR now reads “Retardant Armour (Munitions Type/Gunnery Type, Number).” This MAR does not apply to any Munitions or Gunnery types not listed in the parentheses. “Rugged Construction” has been modified to remove successes equal to the number in parenthesis from Targeted Attacks & Counter Attacks, vice removing dice from the Total AD Pool. “Sharpshooters” has been changed to Black D6, vice exploding Red D6. “Spotter” has been modified to remove the Spotter quality level, the D6 roll to successfully spot a model, and the placing of markers. Instead, any target model within LOS and the range listed in parentheses next to the MAR is considered Spotted for the purposes of IDF. Squadron Support has been changed to remove references to Recon planes. Stratospheric Flyer has been deleted. Telescopic Zoom has been deleted. Troop Reinforcement has been deleted. Unique (New to 2.5) Only one copy of a model with this MAR may be fielded in a fleet. Wing Launcher (New to 2.5) Models with this MAR may perform a Replenishment action as if it were a carrier once per game. D2 - Generators Generator Mountings The Convertible mounting has been deleted. Generator Strikes no longer suffer a -1 To Hit modifier, but can now only be made from Range Band 1 & 2. Generator Types Ice Generator: Was formerly the Glacier Generator. No longer has Ice Points associated with it. The Iceberg Creation option has been deleted. Ice Generator now employs the rules for The Grip of Winter against a single target model. Kinetic Generator A single D6 roll is now made for an entire squadron of models equipped with the generator, instead of each model individually. Using a Kinetic Generator no longer increases a model’s Turn Limit by 1”. GNE Boost Generator Models targeted by this generator now gain D3+1” of movement instead of 2D3” Metallurgic Re-Constitution Generator (New for 2.5) A model with this generator can attempt to repair HP damage of a single friendly model. Mine Controller Generator Rules have been changed to state that all mines within the range listed in parentheses next to the generator are treated as Sentient Mines. Effectively, this changes the speed of mines moved by this generator to a flat 2” vice D3” Mines can only be moved once per turn using this generator instead of multiple times. Teleport Generator There is no longer a “mishap table” for teleported models. Instead, teleported models are always placed in contact with the the destination energy portal in any orientation chosen by the controlling player. At the end of the movement phase, the teleported squadron must take a Disorder Test. Tensile Accelerator Generator (New for 2.5) Models equipping this generator boost their DR/CR by the amount listed in the parentheses. Entropy Generator (New for 2.5) Places a Corrosion marker on the target model on a 4+. Target Painter Generator Targets are now painted on a D6 roll of a 3+, instead of a 4+. Multiple Target Painter tokens no longer stack. Sonic Generator No longer has a table to roll on. Instead, the controlling player can choose to employ the generator in either the Shriek mode or Repulse Mode. Shriek Mode: The target model takes a Chaos & Disarray marker on a D6 roll of 3+. Repulse Mode: Any non-robot models that try to board a model that has used a Sonic Generator in Repulse mode that turn suffer a -1 To Hit modifier during CQB. Tesla Generator When used in Surge mode: The generator succeeds on a D6 roll of 3+ instead of a 4+. A successful Surge now results in a roll on the Focused Critical Hit table. Only the effect is applied, not the damage. If the target has one or more Lighting Rod markers, the player rolls twice on the Focused Critical Hit table and applies both effects. Whirlwind Generator (New for 2.5) Specifically mentioned as an Ottoman invention. Uses a D6 table that can force the target squadron to change facing to a random direction and move D6” in its new facing. Calcification Generator This generator has been deleted. Shield Generator Shields still hit Rockets on a 5, (BLUE)6, but this has been removed from the generator’s description. Instead, this is only mentioned in the Rocket Ordnance entry in Section C4 Nullification Generator This generator no longer confers a Generators Offline marker on a D6 roll of 6. Storm Generator Was formerly the Weather Manipulation Generator D3 - Basic Terrain Terrain Features A bullet has been added stating that players must agree on any additional rules given to a Terrain Feature before the game begins. The terrain size and placement restrictions for Competitive Play have been moved to D4 - Advanced Terrain The rules for a Treacherous Terrain test are missing. D4 - Advanced Terrain Now includes the size limits for terrain features used in Competitive Play. D5 - Support Aircraft, Carriers, and Drone Launchers SAS Requirements: References to Recon planes have been deleted. The minimum strength for a SAS when created is 3 SAW (SAS can fall below 3 SAW during a game) Local Air Support Now only consists of 5-strong fighter SAS. The number of local support SAS available depends on the size of the game. SAW Formations An updated diagram with new annotations has been added. SAW Consistencies References to Recon planes have been deleted. Aces Aces now allow allows the player to re-roll all of the dice they supplied to an initial dice pool in an attack run, dogfight, or duel, instead of just one die. Carrier Models The carrier MAR now includes the exact SAS sizes a carrier is allowed to deploy at the the start of the game. A model’s carrier value is no longer necessarily equal to the number of SAWs it puts on the table. Carrier Actions The Re-Arm action now costs 1 Carrier Point instead of 2. The Re-Task action now costs 2 Carrier Points instead of 3. The Re-building action has been added (new to 2.5), and costs 3 Carrier points. This action allows a player to re-deploy a completely destroyed SAS from the graveyard. The rebuilt SAS is placed within 4” of the carrier. Drone Launchers and Drones Most of the 2.0 Drone rules have been deleted. The rules direct the player to consult the ORBAT for those nations that employ drones. Carrier Actions performed by Drone Launchers have a range of 6”, instead of 4” for normal Carrier Actions. D6 - Infantry (Was formerly D7) Purchasing Infantry References to Local Infantry Support and Specialist Group Squadrons have been deleted. Infantry Bases Infantry Formations must now be placed in a horizontal line. Boarding Actions Infantry tokens can initiate a boarding action from within 2” of a target, instead of needing to be in base contact. Infantry and Combat Patrols This subsection has been deleted. D7 - Model Classifications (Was formerly D9) The chart of sizes, types, and functions has been removed. Fortification rules have been moved to the beginning of the sub-section. Non-Capital models can now be Spotted for IDF. Operational Asset rules have been moved into this subsection from the Allies subsection. D8 - Using Allies (Was formerly D11) Drastically simplified from the 2.0 allies system. All factions are now part of one of three different “Super Blocks” Imperial Bond Free Nations Grand Coalition Allies cannot be taken from a different Super Block without opponent’s permission. Allies come from the 40% non-core portion of a force. Allied models must be taken as their own squadrons. Models with the Strategic Asset MAR are not available for use as allies. D9 - Competitive Play (New for 2.5) This subsection provides 6 scenarios suitable for use in a tournament setting. D10 - Commodores Completely overhauled from 2.0 Commodore section. The front matter from D10 specifies that ORBATs will contain Special Commodore Characters (presumably replacements for the National Commodores). D10 now contains rules for procedurally generating a commodore with a unique combination of skills: There are three Trait Tables, Command, Aggressive, and Defensive. Each table has 6 entries, and is rolled on with a D6. A roll of a 1 results in a negative trait! The total number of times a player gets to roll on the three tables is determined by the size of the game A commodore may not have more than 2 traits from any one table. This section also has a “generic commodore” with a specific set of 6 skills that is recommended for competitive play. D10 also give the option of assigning Sub-commanders, which have a single commodore trait and give the Large or Massive model they are assigned to the Strategic Value (25) MAR. D11 - Dystopian Wars Flashpoint Rules (New for 2.5) This subsection provides a detailed set of procedures for conducting a map-based DW campaign.
  24. On to section C: Section C C2 - The Movement Segment Movement Declarations: The Changing Height Levels paragraph has been moved to this section from Movement & Maneuvers. The note that only certain models can occupy the Stratospheric and Deep Diving height levels has been removed. Movement & Maneuvers A revised and expanded diagram explaining the use of turning templates has been added. The subsection on Minor Turning Corrections has been expanded with a paragraph discussing how these minor corrections are often used when lining up fixed channel arcs. The Path of Least Disturbance subsection has been amended with a paragraph that states SAS trays no longer block movement. If a model would end its movement on top of the SAS tray, the tray is moved to a “location that is acceptable to both players.” Movement Consolidation The line stating that Spotting Tests are done during Movement Consolidation has been removed. Collisions and Rams There has been significant restructuring to the content of this subsection and the information is presented in a different order than in 2.0. The Model Suffers Damage subsection has changed. Instead of a unique table, players now perform a D6 check, and on a 4+ they roll 1D6 on the Focused Critical Hits table. Two pages of diagrams have been added to illustrate both the Ramming and Collision procedures. C3 - Line of Sight Fire Arcs: The text descriptions for each of the fire arcs have been separated from their diagrams and consolidated into a single page. No change to the diagrams or descriptions. Minor change to the order in which diagrams are presented. No changes to the diagrams or LOS rules. C4 - The Firing Segment Attack Sequence Subsection 2a, Determine the Basic “To Hit” Value: The list of “To Hit” Caveats has been deleted. Subsection 2b, To Hit Modifiers: The positive modifier for “Target Painter Hit on Target Model” has changed from +N to a flat +1 The positive modifier for “Target is Spotted” has been deleted. Available Firing Options Linked Fire: No change to the Link Fire procedure, but a note has been added to clarify how to handle situations where the dice comprising the Linked Pool have different To Hit numbers Indirect Fire: IDF is now permitted if any model in the attacking force with the Spotter MAR has an unblocked line of sight to the target. The bullet describing a bonus for Spotter Markers has been deleted. Markers are no longer used for Spotting. The bullet stating that 4+ is the maximum To Hit number remains, but has been modified to remove references to having multiple Spotting markers. Area Bombardment The To Hit value has been changed to 4, 5, (RED) 6; formerly it was 5, (RED) 6 The firing option diagrams and examples have been moved to the end of C4. Weapons and Munitions (Was formally Section C5, and is now included in C4) Torpedoes: All Torpedoes gain the Barrage Munitions Type The bullet describing shield effects on torpedoes has been deleted. Bombs: All Bombs gain the Barrage Munitions Type Energy Blast Weapons Energy Blast weapons now have access to the IDF firing option. Energy Blast weapons now hit on a 3, 4, 5, (RED)6, instead of a 4, 5, (RED 6). Energy Blast weapons gain the Barrage Munitions Type When Energy Blast weapons are fired, the firing model now immediately gains a Generator Offline effect marker once the attack is complete. Particle Accelerators Particle Accelerators no longer use the “traveling energy template” method for determining which models are hit. Instead, the Large Blast Template is placed in range and LOS of the firing model and any models touched by the template are hit with full AD. The To Hit values for Particle Accelerators are now 3, 4, 5, (RED)6, instead of 5, (RED 6). Particle Accelerators are still limited to Standard fire and can only target models in the same Height Level Flamethrowers Flamethrowers now cause critical hits, but do not roll on the Critical Hit table. Instead they automatically cause Raging Fire criticals. If the attacker gets enough hits to cause multiple critical hits, this results in multiple Raging Fires. Flamethrowers have gained the Barrage Munitions Type. Flamethrowers can now only target models on the Surface height band. The Heavy Flamethrower sub-type has been deleted. Speerschleuders Speerschleuders have lost the High Angle and Sub Killer MARs. Special Munitions: Barrage: A new munition type for 2.5. Attacks with Barrage Weapons ignore Shield Saves. Concussive: A Critical Hit from a weapon with Concussive Munitions now causes the loss of 2 AP, instead of 1 AP. Corrosive: Now only triggers if an attack with Corrosive Munitions causes a Critical Hit. Additionally, a Critical Hit with Corrosive Munitions now only places a single Corrosive marker on the target, instead of 2. Incendiary: Incendiary Munitions are no longer considered Flame Weapons for the purposes of Defensive MARs. Piercing: If an attack with Piercing munitions equals or exceeds a target’s DR, but not its CR, the target loses one HP and takes a roll on the Focused Critical Hit table. Only the effect (not the HP loss) is applied. Magnetic Mines as a munitions type has been deleted. Mines (was formerly section C6, and is now included in C4) Sentient Mines: These work the same way as the old Magnetic Mines Special Munitions type. Mine Detonation Criteria: The exception for Tiny models has been deleted; Tiny models now detonate mines. Node Projectors: Node Markers are now placed in the Command Consolidation step of an Activation, vice the Auxiliary Weapon Step. C5 - The Boarding Segment (Was formerly C7) A new list of the general requirements was added to the beginning of the subsection. These are the same as in 2.0, but have been collected into a single list for clarity. The description of Aggressive and Friendly boarding, as well as the two types of Friendly boarding actions (Repair and Re-Crew) has been moved to the beginning of the subsection. The Boarding Procedure follows the same steps as before, but the following steps have had changes made to their procedures: Nominate Targets and Assault Groups Multiple models boarding a target now combine their AP into a single Assault Group If the Assault Group makes up different crew types that have different To Hit values, they are kept separate (by using different colored dice, for example) If AP is lost due to anti-boarding defences, the player that initiated the boarding action gets to choose which AP are lost. Anti-Boarding Declarations Changed to remove the reference to multiple assault groups. Anti-Boarding Fire The To Hit value is now a flat 5, (RED)6, with no reference to possible modification from MARs. The note referring to “excess” hits on a assault group has been removed. Close Quarters Battle (CQB) The note referring to Excess Hits during CQB has been removed. Determine the Victor! Sabotage is now a 1D6 roll on the Focused Critical Hit column of the Critical Hit table. Boarding Consolidation There is now a procedure for the attacking AP that survived CQB and wasn’t used as a salvage/prize crew. These surviving AP are distributed among models in the assaulting squadron as the attacking player sees fit, though no model can exceed its starting AP value. Robot Boarding Robot boarding has been moved to section C5 instead of being its own subsection in Section D. The Robot Boarding procedure now has 6 steps instead of 5, with the 6th step being Boarding Consolidation. Nominate Targets Robots can now assault models within 2”, instead of needing to perform a Controlled Contact Anti-Boarding Declarations This section has been re-written to emphasize that anti-boarding fire against robots is resolved against their DR/CR. Determine the Victor If a robot causes a Critical Hit on its target in a boarding action, the player no longer rolls on the Critical Hit table. Instead, the target suffers an automatic Hard Pounding critical hit. Boarding Consolidation The assaulting robot now moves 2” directly away from the model it just assaulted, as a measure to mitigate collisions. Revised diagrams have been added at the end of C5 to cover both normal boarding and robot boarding actions. C6 - The End Phase (Was formerly C8) The End Phase now consists of 8 actions instead of 6: Perform Compulsory Actions Execute any Damage Repairs Persistent Damage Turn Effects (New) Restore Order Total Victory Points (New) Check for End of Game End Phase Consolidation Turn Effects: Applies to markers that are described as lasting for only one turn. They are removed during this step. Total Victory Points: Was formerly a part of the End of Game step. End Phase Consolidation: This step now contains additional language that covers situations where a Commodore ability or Scenario Effect might trigger at this point.
  25. Continuing with Section B: Section B B2 - Types of Attacks To Hit Modifiers have been removed from the list of things ignored by Indiscriminate attacks. MARs affecting To Hit values (Elusive, Small Target, etc) still state that they are only activated by Targeted Attacks. The Targeted Attacks description no longer mentions To-hit modifiers, either. Applying Damage Procedure has been changed from a 3-step process to a two step process. Each step has 4 sub-steps. Step 1: Determine Volume of Damage 1.1: Damaging Hit 1.2: Critical Hit 1.3: Damaging Critical Hit 1.4: Multiple Critical Hit Step 2: Apply Damage and HP Loss, in this order: 1.1: Damaging Hit 1.2: Critical Hit 1.3: Damaging Critical Hit 1.4: Multiple Critical Hit Damaging Critical Hit: New damage mode for 2.5. If the number of hits equal DR+CR, but less than 2x CR, the target suffers the critical as normal, plus loses one additional HP. Damaging crits are ignored if a model takes hits in excess of 2x its CR. The subsection describing the application of Critical Hits no longer has a note stating that models with 2 or less starting HP do not roll on the table. B2 now includes a copy of the Critical Hit table. Magazine Explosion now causes 2D6 HP loss instead of D3+2. Raging fire now causes D3+1 Raging fire makers, instead of D3 markers. It also no longer results in automatic AP loss. Hard Pounding now causes the loss of 3 HP instead of 2 HP. Sturgenium Flare now causes D6 HP loss. There is a new column on the table called the Focused Critical Hit column. Players roll a D6 on this column in certain situations. The results are as follows: 1 - Shredded Defenses 2 - Generators Offline 3 - Weapons Damage 4 - Engine Failure 5 - Navigational Lock 6 - Chaos & Disarray B3 - Disorder Disorder Test Resolution: One minor change to the list of conditions that trigger a Disorder check. The “Model in the Squadron Has Been Lost” bullet has been changed to say that a check is NOT required if “Attached Escorts or Combat Air Patrols” are lost vice “Attached Escorts or Combat Patrols.” Command Coherency: Wording has been streamlined, but no functional changes. The description of a coherency “daisy chain” has been removed. The line about a squadron of a single model never being out of coherency was added. Coherency distance remains 8”.
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