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  1. Ruckdog

    2018 MBS Naval Painting Contest

    Here are the winners from this year's contest! http://www.manbattlestations.com/blog/2018/07/07/2018-painting-contest-winners/
  2. Ruckdog

    Exploding Dice Radio

    The latest episode of Exploding Dice Radio is live! http://www.freebootersnetwork.com/2018/07/05/exploding-dice-radio-episode-11/
  3. Ruckdog

    Exploding Dice Radio

    Episode 10 is up! http://www.freebootersnetwork.com/2018/06/10/exploding-dice-radio-episode-10/
  4. Ruckdog

    DW 2.5 Fan FAQ

    Thanks! I’ll make sure to fix it in the next iteration.
  5. Ruckdog

    Exploding Dice Radio

    Episode 9 of EDR is here! This time, I’m discussing what I’d like to see change in DW 3.0, and what I’d like to see stay the same. http://www.freebootersnetwork.com/2018/03/20/exploding-dice-radio-episode-9/
  6. Ruckdog

    DW 2.5 Fan FAQ

    Hi all! I've put together a fan FAQ that tries to address all of the mistakes, omissions, and uncertainties that have been brought up here and elsewhere. This is definitely a work in progress, so if there is a problem I have missed let me know and I'll include it in the next version. NOTE: This FAQ is a fan project, and is not endorsed or approved by Warcradle. Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1x5dwWKJP6nbpK2pr1IRFUdeFDUNoottP/view?usp=sharing
  7. Ruckdog

    Ruckdog's Ice Maiden

    After a week of concentrated effort (basically, all of my free time, and staying up later than was strictly advisable a couple of nights :D), my Ice Maiden is finished:
  8. Hello all! The 2018 Man Battlestations Naval Painting Contest has begun! You can find details here: http://www.manbattlestations.com/blog/2018-painting-contest/ This is the 6th year for our little contest, and in the past models from Uncharted Seas, Firestorm Armada, and Dystopian Wars have all figured prominently in the submissions. All are welcome to participate! I hope some of you will consider submitting entries. Good luck and happy painting!
  9. Ruckdog

    Exploding Dice Radio: Episode 5 is Live!

    Ok! The missing link has been fixed. Thanks for your patience.
  10. Ruckdog

    Exploding Dice Radio: Episode 5 is Live!

    Yikes! I'm not sure, it's no longer showing up for me, either. I'm checking with the guy that runs the network website, and I'll let you all know here when the issue is fixed. Thanks for the catch!
  11. Ruckdog

    Exploding Dice Radio: Episode 5 is Live!

    If you are referring to this specific episode, there is some discussion about DW during our interview with Neil. As for the rest of the episodes, DW has figured prominently in several! Josh and I are going to be doing a detailed piece on the Prussians in the next episode as well.
  12. Ruckdog

    Exploding Dice Radio: Episode 5 is Live!

    In Episode 5 of EDR, Andy and Josh have a surprise interview with Neil Fawcett, the founder and owner of Spartan Games! During the course of the interview, Andy and Josh pump Neil for all sorts of information about the upcoming Firestorm Armada Kickstarter, Firestorm Strike Force, and more. This is a must-listen for any Spartan Games fan! You can find the episode here: http://www.freebootersnetwork.com/2017/07/29/exploding-dice-radio-episode-5/
  13. Ruckdog

    Ruckdog's Blazing Sun

    I've started working on an Empire of the Blazing Sun fleet! I've just finished the test model for the scheme I'm going to use: Here is the rest of the fleet so far: More to come!
  14. Ruckdog

    Corinthian Club Chat!

    Awesome! The only thing stopping me from pulling the trigger on the North Star stuff is waiting to see what the CC goodies are for this/next quarter
  15. Ruckdog

    Exploding Dice Radio: Episode 5 is Live!

    Episode 4 is live! http://www.freebootersnetwork.com/2017/06/27/exploding-dice-radio-episode-4/ In Episode 4 of EDR, Andy and Josh take a step back from Dystopian Wars to discuss Firestorm Armada as well as Halo Fleet Battles and Halo Ground Command! In the first segment, Andy talks to Josh about how the development of Firestorm Armada 3.0 is coming along. In segment two, Andy and Josh are joined by Spartan Vanguards Doug and Vincent to talk some Halo. Thanks! I hope we can continue the positive trend

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