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  1. I m quite agree with Youenn: For a fight you need 2 people... I can add that I met IRL Nucreum and fbrunzt (the French forum admin) and they are both good guys and nice players.... But sometime they are a bit "too" passionated… It s just a game!
  2. Very good work!!... ... But wrong forum
  3. Some clarification and simplification would be welcome! For exemple distances sould alasw been mesured the same way...
  4. It s a pitty because FI:P can be a great game: The minature are great and the grules are quite good (and can be very good with few improvements) I hope that Spartan will take time on this game (too...)
  5. Very nice work (much better of what I have done on exel... ) But If I may make some remarques: - it Would be nice to have a short description of the MARs on cards (on picture or remplacing it...) - You going to have some trouble for folowing troups (for exemple there is not enought room in KR area to write servral value for ablative armor) - Black back ground is not a good idea. Because you could not writr BLACK dice in black
  6. I know that there is good game designer in Spartan team, but at it is the good time for this I d like to express my wish! - “Real” 10mm infantry models: it would be nice on battle filed - Many other VTOL - Anti tank weapons: Using the same kind of rules than Heat lance for DW - Artillery: A vehicle which can fire without a clear line of sight. It should have no Dice at Effective range. For this kind of vehicle I think the first movement characteristic should be 0 too. … Do not hesitate to comment or give your own wishes…
  7. Thanks. But you don't answer my question...
  8. When troops with Rapid Drop MAR are deployed? Before or after Reserves segment?
  9. During Activation Phase, I turn over an Activation Card of a Squadron wich hase been previousely destroyed (or have been activated already throught reactive fire) What happens? 1) I can t activate any Squadron and The Activation pass to next player. 2) I can activate next Squadron Thanks
  10. No news of Studio Sparta since the realease of FI:P... It s a bit worrying for a new game!
  11. I agree. I played 5 small games this week end and now I have few questions...
  12. Very good idea!!! As I will make some initation in 10 days I m realy intrested in these kind of card. But if I may I would make two remarks: - Effective range, MARs and arc of fire of each wepon shoud be write just after if - A standard card size would probably be a betre choice (bigger and it can be protect in plastic pocket)
  13. Could someone tell us what is the size for each model? ... For my senary I d like to know what will be the size of the bidges
  14. Thank you!! Could you just show us Activation cards. I m curious to see if they are clearer than oter cards of Spartan's games I made the same mistake: A mix up between "Support squadron" and "support vehicule" After I realised that the only suport vehicule are Pilum AA vehicules and Nighogg AA Tanks so Wepon platform are not concern. They are not attached nor control by communication vehicules.
  15. Hannibal

    Demo Play - October 2012

    First play at Octogone (Lyon - France)
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