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  1. It s definitly not a single set (at least 3 or 4 I think...) Closer look to infantry and heavy tank:
  2. I agree. But as you can see the news are relayed here very quickly. So I can live with the news post only on facebook even if it s not the best
  3. Very nice work. We wait for your terrains too!
  4. Who knows? Mabye infantery will be able to take contrôle of leviathans... Wish they could!
  5. There are many discussions about Leviathans and big walker. Sure they are quite impressive. But for me another big news from Claymore was the first picture of infantry. It was something that was missing from first release and I was very impatient to see them. And I m quite happy with what I have seen! Now I just to want them in games.
  6. I think Boblogik has no news. That why he's sad. I think we have just to whait few more days...
  7. All "old" models could be used as veteran units (with specific and oficial profils if I'm not wrong)
  8. Thanks Delboy. The possibility to play a campain at 3 level is just amazing
  9. I will wait for official announcement begin of this week. But I hope we could have enough time to test at least the core rules. The balance between units can be done later assuming profiles will be downloadable.
  10. Good news! We are in the starting bloks...
  11. Beta rules next mounth I hope...
  12. Ben you are a master in the art of tourturing teasing...
  13. Hannibal


    You are right. it sounds good!
  14. Hannibal


    Thank you for the photos Ben. News models look amazing! I hope we can see more soon Just to know: What are the size of these models?
  15. Two months without any kind of information.... I know Spartan games has others projects and I m really happy of the work they have done on FA and DW. But some news would be appreciated.
  16. It could be worse. For exemple Relthoza infantry:
  17. Please Ben send beta rules!... They'r turning crazy here!
  18. Thank you! Note that these files have travel throught time...
  19. Edit: Ok we will wait until official release...
  20. It s hard to wait...! Can you tell us how energie turrets and drones work now?
  21. Can the assault carrier can launch her drones when she is underwater?
  22. I m realy suprise this has not been simplified in V2...
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