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  1. Thanks everyone. In fact it s my first try for camo... It s far from perfect. But at this scale I think the most important is the general impression.
  2. Just a first exemple:
  3. +1 And preorder for November!!
  4. Ready to give you a hand... If you pay in mini
  5. My Dindrenzi Tarxon VI Veterans will be finish this month. And Terran force in December for the arrival of fresh reinforcement (I hope!)
  6. We know that there will be specific weapons against infantry and aerial models. But could we expect anti leviathans gun made for penetration of the strongest armors? In Firestorm Armada the only way to kill a Behemoth was to fire with another behemoth or with a LOT of smaller units. I hope this time there is also specialized units who can do this task.
  7. I hope Terran and Dindrenzi veterans unites will be included in new ORBATS (mines are colecting dust for more than 2 years now...)
  8. You mean that there is diferent armor values? Like Ironclads in DL?
  9. I think it has been said that its mostly resine (mabye with some small metalic parts)
  10. Thanks Dereck for charring your experience with us; I d like to know more about objectives. - On the picture it seems that objectives are buildings. Is it your choice or it is required to do so? - What is the differences between Primary and secondary objectives?
  11. I would be curious to see these dices...
  12. I will probably buy one of this nice ships... But not to play with it. I m not a big fan of games in which you have a tactical avantage if you can buy an expensive model ( like games of "you know who") But maybye you can include large lander in a specific scenario.
  13. From Spartan Alex we know: So yes the rules will be quite diffrent. I'm not sure but it seems that rules will be available as free pdf (but prbably not soon...)
  14. In fact german has a rifle that could destroy all Tanks made during WW1: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mauser_1918_T-Gewehr It doesn't stop the devlopement of thaks...
  15. Does it mean Veterants' profils will be available at the same time than rules?
  16. We know that a "stadard game" is around 2000 Army Point. but what are the cost (in AP) of one helix box?
  17. "Every single day Every word you say Every game you play Every night you stay I'll be watching you"
  18. What about reforcement? I thought that it was a reay good idea to include renforcement rules in Planetfall V1... But to be honest the rules was a bit strange (As the mouvement of renforcement united was not limited) Do you change this in Planetfall V2?
  19. If I remember well, SG has said that: - 6 main races will be released - 2 box for each faction - Release date will be knowned next week
  20. I m more optimistic (probably to much ). My gess is that we will gett soon preorder of 3 starter boxes
  21. They say this week: still 5 days 7hours and 28minutes...
  22. As terran player I think medium tank will be the back bone of my army followed by ground APCs. But I will not resist to add Leviatan or hevy tank as support... Or both Alex?... ... I hate you.
  23. It seems that veterans are not one of the 6 specialist helixes. My guess is that it would be part of alleys’ helix. But anyway i think it would be good to see the rules before complaining about them. Edit: And I agree with Dr Dodo. A veterant unit can easely been made from new model with some imagination
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