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  1. Miniatures from DL or WWX, seem to be more or less the same size (but I don't have WWX miniature to be sure) I really expect that every units available for DL will have a new profiles for LWX As Rulebritannia, I understand that LWX will be mode focus on troops and commandment, than WWX. But I don't expect big changes in term of numbers of mini on the table. We’ll see… Edit: About miniature size I find this picture: Seems ok for me
  2. I’m excited by the announcement of Lost World Exodus. As formal player of Dystopian legion waited this for some time. And I’m pleased to see that some of the concepts are inspired by troops available in DL (but with Warcradle’s style!) I hope every old miniature would have a new LWX profiles. Do you think there will be a beta test for this game?
  3. I think Antarctica is a really good choice: A very important place in dystopian world and a mysterious one... But I hope we can see an expansion based on Hooke’s Reach too... one day. Any way you can chose to play wherever you want…
  4. warcradle studio annonce un nouveau jeu en 35mm: Basé sur le système de Wild West Exodus mais qui se déroule en Antarctique (près du "Vault") et opposant les 8 nations de DW (Commonwealth, Covenant, Prussian...) https://blog.warcradle.com/blog/2019/3/announcing-lost-world-exodus?fbclid=IwAR2qKRa5e7a1tUwrC-fqSPV5kBUdAMrXM4UUYNV-WfXbOvbLyHukrzPBy-Y Premier visuel une hussarde polonaise: Ça arrive cette année après DW V3.
  5. J'etait "un peu "optimiste en fait On pale que Q3 2019 "La patience et une vertue"
  6. Aux dernières nouvelles la traduction française de Warcradle est bien avancée....
  7. It has been clearly said that a new game at 32 scale will be launch: - With WWX rules - In a completely different place in the world - The 8 factions of Dystopian war would be playable in this new game (The Enlighted will be common to WWX) So Dystopian Legions miniature will not be introduce in WWX (because it will not be logical according to background) but we can suppose we could use them in this new game.
  8. It s a realy good new. As Beta tster for Plantfall I had apreciate the work of Derek. Speaking of Communication: I hope we can ave some informations on V3 soon...
  9. La campagne est disponible en français ici: http://www.wildwestexodus.com/content/66-rules
  10. Je n'en sais pas plus. a mon avis cela dépendra surtout de la stratégie commerciale de WS (Warcradle Studio pas Wait and See...) - Avant l'été: Ca parait être un délais difficilement tenable - En septembre: Possible si Warcradle veux relancé le jeu rapidement - En fin d’année: Le plus probable s'ils sortent un starter set Plus que la date de sortie ce que j'aimerais savoir c'est si cette nouvelle version sera juste un dépoussiérage des règles (comme le passage V2 => V2.5) ou une refonte du système (J’espère en le simplifiant)
  11. Et dans toutes les langues s'il vous plait!
  12. Hiigara, tu peux poster (presque!) tout ce que tu veux ici. Mais une section dédier à PF ne ferait pas de mal (ne serait-ce que pour montrer que le jeu est encore jouer) Skill tu t'en occupe?
  13. Hannibal


    Bienvenue sur la partie francophone du forum Warcradle studio! En tant que l'un des modérateurs sur cette partie j'essayerais de vous aider au mieux de mes possibilités et je veillerais à ce que l'ambiance soit bonne. (Mais bon vu qu'il y aura des français ça râlera forcement un peu aussi ) Je vous souhaite tous bon jeu!
  14. When could we expect complet rules to play test?
  15. If I remember well I eared in podcast that new factions will be develop next year. But that doesn' t mean new alternative helices won't be release too
  16. I wish Spartan can sow us some 3D render of each model as they did for Aqan or Sorylian Leviathan. It would help customer to visualize the models. To be honest when I see the official photo of dindrenzi gunship I was not convinced at all then I see another view and I find this model amazing. So point of view matters!
  17. 'Armoured' is a term use for 2 diferents things: - LOS: Light, Armoured, Elevated, Flying - Type: Infantery, Armoured, Leviathan, Aerial In my opinon the general rules refer to the type of element (not the LOS) as Leviathan, and Aerial are also mention (for others races) It would be clearer if Type Armoured could be remplace by another term Edit: I just saw that in Ba'Klash special rule the term 'Light' is also used... So you may be right... It s quite confusing
  18. Light Tanks get the reroll1s. They are part of armored forces. It s srange that Leviathans still not benefit for Strengthened Shields
  19. I hope we will see another picture of RSN helix. I don't know what to think about archangel but i m sure it s just a question of angle of view.
  20. Ok thanks for the information. I will wait...
  21. Recon helix will be release soon, so it would be nice to have there stats. It s better if we could have updated Orbats in advance here because we traduce them in french, and we need time to do this. And Delboy has writen that stats have been fully tested for mounth so it shouldn't be a problem.
  22. 1) Who are you? Bruno 42 year old fom France (Lyon) 2) Which Forces do you play in Planetfall? Terran and Dindrenzi 3) Do you play any other Spartan Games? If so, which Forces do you have? I play to Dystopian war (CoA) Dystopian Legion (KoB and PE) and soon I will play to Firestorm Armada (Dindrenzi) 4) Do you have experience of other Spartan Beta Teams? No (Even if I had already apply to Planetfall Beta Team sevreal times... 5) Do you have any outside skills that might be useful? As Vangard I orginised dozens of demo games so I how new player react when they lear the rules for the first time. As Engineer I now aso to analyse any problem. 6) Do you represent a larger group? If so who do you represent and how many players do you have? I'm member of RTS (6 players) but I m also the moderator of Planetfall section in French forum for Spartan games 7) Are you willing to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)? Yes I already did
  23. Agreed They are really fragiles but realy good! You cannot initate a CQB after mouving flat-out...
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