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  1. All my prussian ships are done :
  2. i just finished my Tempelhof Battlefleet : Tempelhof-Blitzen Fleet Carrier : Toten Heavy Destroyers : Konrad Support Carrier all the models in my Tempelhof Battlefleet :
  3. My commonwealth Fleet Rurik Frigate : Sineus Fast Cruiser : Norilsk Heavy Cruiser : Borodino and a Khatanga Heavy Cryo Cruiser
  4. The paint scheme is easy to do but need to have a little patience. All my scenery are old models from Spartan Games : From Left to right : Oil Rig > Federated States of America Tower Set > Dystopian Wars: Scenery: Industrial Set > Fortified Prison
  5. > A small reinforcement for the Covenant, an Escort for my flagships ! I bought a Diogènes Frigate from wayland to count as an escort or Frigate. > The Prometheus with its escort :
  6. An Augustus Bombardment Cruiser with its Gustav Heavy Bombard :
  7. I'm starting an Imperium Fleet. In the last edition i really liked the Full Spectrum Dominance's Prussian Fleet and i use his paint scheme as an inspiration. First step the Arminius frigates :
  8. Les règles Française présentant quelques erreurs de traductions, j'ai regroupé et corrigé ses dernières dans une "Faq" non officielle. Edit 01 : ajout d'un errata sur la règle obscurcie (14.04.2021) Faq Non officielle - Livre de règles VF 1.09.pdf
  9. Last but not least The Prometheus : All of the Covenants in the starter box :
  10. Thanks! To go with my tiny fliers a huge whale launcher... A Descartes Control Ship.
  11. Ulysses vanguard cruisers finished!
  12. All covenant mass 1 ships and SRS finished, next step the Ulysses Vanguard Cruisers
  13. The Imperium's Blitzen Bombers : (Source : Stuart Mackaness FB) Imperium bomber Token
  14. First model a Merian class frigate
  15. WARCRADLE STUDIOS DIARY #39 : Imperium Carrier : Scandinavia Ragnarok Battlecruiser : Imperium Gundam :
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