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  1. Thoughts on ship Classes

    My problem with the heavy and light variants of everything is that there isn't really enough "design space" in the existing rule set to really differentiate them, particularly when it comes to the DR/CR/HP set of stats. Especially at the small end. Putting a light, regular, and heavy frigate, plus 3 corvettes, into 3 or 4 DR, 4-6 CR, and 2-3 HP fills up really fast, even before you take faction traits into account. In the end it felt (to me) like a cynical way to sell more models, not something that actually adds much to the game. One of the reasons I'm somewhat interested in the combining mechanic rather than linking is you can compensate for higher AD group totals not just by lowering individual ship stats, but by expanding DR/CR levels which opens up that crowded space (all ships in the game currently fit between DR 3 and 8, and CR 4-14).
  2. Your Firestorm Fleet Count

    Dear God. Frans, you need to sit down with someone and have a long talk about spending priorities
  3. Movement Changes?

    Everyone involved in Rebellion loved Stoobert's movement, once they saw the video and played it. A major issue is we haven't come up with a great text explanation for a rulebook though. With just text and diagrams it comes off clunky and weird. As I recall the first time a Warcradle person looked at it in email it basically came back "huh" It "seems" way harder and more complex than it is if you just have the text, which is an actual problem when it has to be in a rulebook. I just love how it drastically speeds things up but keeps the emphasis on arcs and facing that is so critical to Firestorm. And yes, waypoints are for maneuvering around terrain but making sure you don't end up in a completely illogical facing (the requirement to keep the waypoint and your starting location in your aft), and that's basically it.
  4. Is the 3.0 in the pipeline scrapped

    That is unbelievably funny to those of us who remember what you thought at 2.0 rollout.
  5. New player

    The Directorate probably have the most complete tactica of any faction, permanently linked at the top of the Directorate page. The General Tactica post includes a lot on cyber ships and tactics, and then each ship has it's own specific post as well. Very briefly, you want the Anarchist battleship, Turmoil R&D cruisers, Hostility Drones, and Overseer with Tormentor accompaniments. In v2 the "default" option is to target Life Support (especially against Terrans) since it degrades opponents AD and PD, but there are also tricks like targeting engines on a tier 1 (if it has to turn to avoid terrain and you'd rather it hit the terrain instead :)) or on one ship of a Tier 2 squadron (since they have to stay in coherency that effectively trashes the Move of a whole unit).
  6. Your Firestorm Fleet Count

    Spartan, you owe CorroPredo a plaque on your production floor: "This molding machine brought to you by CorroPredo"
  7. Illosians are are a Kickstarter bonus level if enough is made.
  8. I really did enjoy the universe timeline provided--very good read. I will (sorta) miss Saurians being a Sorylian offshoot, but overall a much appreciated and very cool expansion of background. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/921886974/firestorm-galaxy-expansion/posts/1965830
  9. 3rd Edition Boarding

    At least two (and probably more) light destroyers that can get Focused Fire without spending command points. I...don't want to get banned.
  10. 3rd Edition Command Orders

    Why would any Admiral issue a random command
  11. You've been a much needed breath of fresh air @Spartan_FA_Mike Good job.
  12. Questions about the Overseer box set

    Yeah, those stats are why I'm a little leery of Saurians using Overseer tech. The Overseers are/were a scenario McGuffin, not a playable race. Presumably the Saurians will be WAY toned down from that, but at that point are they really using Overseer tech?
  13. 3rd Edition Command Orders

    What is the game design purpose of Command Orders? They add a new game mechanism that has to be balanced, added to fleet builds, and then tracked during game. What do they add to the game experience to compensate for that? Here's what I see: 1) A balancing mechanism to compensate for FTB differences. 2) TAC replacement 3) Compared to v2 they mostly RESTRICT choices, since so many previously unlimited options around movement and boarding are now restricted. I think the *goal* might have been to add tactical flexibility, but it's actually doing the exact opposite. 4) That in turn has caused the creation of whole new Specialist MARs, whose apparent goal is to do nothing but reduce the command cost so certain types of ships don't become useless. Having to introduce mechanic B to counteract mechanic A should have been a red-flag. 5) Balancing just seems impossible to me. From working against FTB (and scaling when FTB is set but command points have no limit), to Disorder markers adding a flat +1 to the cost (which means that it increases costs by anywhere from 100% for a 1 point order, to 25% for a 3 point order), to stopping game-breaking combos and auto-includes when there are so many options and you can use so many orders every turn....I spent a lot of time on the v2 beta and FFG--I just don't think this is ever going to balance out very well. It's 3-5 that bug me, obviously. Even more so with the preview of faction specific orders. It's probably too late, but how about something like this: Faction FTB Free Command Points Dindrenzi/RSN/Aquan/Terquai 3 (just noticed that on Aquans, interesting) 1 Relthoza/Bakash/Terran/Hawker 2 2 Sorylian/Veydreth/Directorate/WR 1 3 Additional command points cost 15 MFV per point, regardless of faction. Ops Centre can add a command point, and Dirty Secrets remove a CP (at the start of game, getting rid of the infuriating "ha-ha no you don't" aspect of the current MAR). No more than 1 command order can be used each turn, per player, and only if the Admiral is on the board . This makes balancing way easier since one per turn means spamming broken combos simply won't be possible; it also makes it easier to balance the FTB/Free command point mix, as opposed to different costs by FTB which has scaling issues..ie FTB is FTB regardless of game size, but it's easier to fit, say 100 MFV of command points into a 2000 pt list than it is 1000 pt, and some factions would get 10 command points out of that investment and others 5. Each order issued uses 1 Command Point (fix learned from TAC's to again help balance things). Disorder markers do not change this. You do not have to pre-choose orders like you did TAC's, or buy them back (was unnecessarily limiting and we want to add tactical choices to the game). They are all available at the start of each turn (but again, can only choose one per turn to play). General Orders Note Focused Fire Per current v3 Targeted Strike Per current v3 Emergency Vectoring Per current v3, or roll ship from v2, except no damage/disorder done Solid Repair Removes all ongoing effect markers on a single ship, or 1 marker from all ships in a squadron Drives To Max +5" move--Much greater move bonus than TAC, to balance with things like Focused Fire Intel Gathered +4 to initiative check --again, better than TAC for balance purposes Perfect Timing Squadron of your choice automatically passes Reserve check--again, better than TAC for balance purposes Regroup Per v2 (I expect this would see more use if you don't have to pre-choose it before a game, at which point it can be quite good) Generally speaking these orders replace TAC's or add something new (Focused Fire, and effectively Targeted Strike since it was never used). By not having move options as orders (except Emergency Maneuvering, which has a new component and Roll Ship now has a cost so isn't a free way to avoid weapon disabled) it goes to a system that ADDS things, instead of feeling like a change that limits the games' tactical options because movement and boarding are so much more restricted. Faction orders can then be designed so each faction has 3 or so, and with the same cost 1 balancing factor. I don't know why it was decided that each faction needs 6 orders--seems completely arbitrary and just makes things harder to balance (especially when there are duplicates across factions).
  14. Questions about the Overseer box set

    The ship is the Overseers frigate from the boxed set. I'm not aware of a way to get the gate and ship seperately from the box.
  15. It's weird. In my opinion the "big things" like movement, fire mechanics, and wings (basic game mechanics) are moving in the right direction (notable exception--Command Orders). But so many "little" things strike me as wrong, and/or hugely faction altering for no real gain that it's hard. Kinetic, Pinpoint, Cloaking, Boarding, Ambush, Shunting, Primary/Secondary/Tertiary...they keep adding up. Don't worry Spartan, I'll still try 3.0. Just feeling pessimistic I guess.

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