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  1. well that sucks I hate pdf stuuf ,much prefere a real book
  2. ok cool there's a new campaign book but it says on it on it that its book 4 ,as storm of steel was book 2 ,where has book 3 gone :-( did I miss it or something
  3. thanks to Spartan for the pacific cyclone ,I was wondering when the hard copy(book) will be out to buy the pdf is great but I do like a book to look at as i'm a bit old and not that much of a pdf fan ,theres something nice in having the book on your shelf
  4. my sons just got his italians and nice they look to ,but he was wondering if he would be able to take a prussian dreadnought with them andany other prussian stuff as they are major allies and in the alliance nations ruls they have full co-operation ,ant help on this would be great :-)
  5. thanks for the info i wasn't sure but not reading the rule book i see it :-)
  6. do flying models count for light of sight ie: i have a coa battleship aiming at a british battleship with a bristh sky fortress between ,does the fortress block line of sight ,as its not 2 size defferance
  7. i was watching on ebay a Aronnax Class Submersible which sells for £8.00 in the uk ,the one on ebay when for just over £40.00 with the postage,this one was painted nicely but i think the buyer payed a bit to much ,i'm sorry if the person who bought it is on the forum but if that person is maybe they could say why they bought one when they could of bought five
  8. the stats redmick sorry :-)
  9. Where can i get the write up buff for the lord hood ???
  10. what also missed out was the 3 ships are from the same squadron
  11. Just a little question about line of sight ,do models block line of sight to there tagets ?Does ship 1 and ship 2 have line of sight through ship 3 to target 1 ? SHIP 1 SHIP 2 SHIP 3 TARGET 1
  12. it would be nice for spartan games to let people know what was going on even if its just a post on here explaning whats happening
  13. no not got mine yet i pre ordered it but still not got it i throught that because i pre ordered it would be here on the day or the next dat after release
  14. Hi uberlegend kings lynn is only about an hour away from lakenheath feel free to drop us a line when your over
  15. hi maddog we are in kings lynn and we meet every sunday afternoon 1 till 6 ,theres normally a game or 2 of dystopian wars if your interested pop us a line or look us up on facebook at kings lynn rpg
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