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  1. Definitely a positive sign - shows commitment to furthering the development of the game system outside of the core rule book. A few people decried the lack of scenarios in the new rulebook, here's your proof that this shortfall is not unacknowledged by Spartan. Hopefully we see a number of these campaign books released over time, with varying themes (Leviathans at the core of the next one perhaps? ). It mentions Oroshan Imperium as one faction and I'd suspect that there will be more than one pirate/marauder faction, the others... who knows? I'd look at the campaign books for DW/US for hints, though (if there are any released yet? :/). Do we think there will be 'local' faction variants of the core races? Same ship models but different list options or stat. cards, perhaps? I know that might seem lazy but as pointed out already, 6 new factions is ambitious otherwise.
  2. Great news. I've tried out the last couple of versions of the FA data files and it's been great, looking forward to getting my hands on v1 Would it be possible for you to also host the data file on the website?
  3. Does anyone else get the impression that the designers were thinking of the destroyers as 'space attack-submarines' when they wrote their rules? They're dedicated ship-killers and it feels like they're meant to sneak about and snipe. I think it was already mentioned elsewhere on the forum that they're not at all similar in function to modern navy destroyers. Would a MAR including some form of Overwatch help them fit more into the 'sub' niche? Would it make them more fun to play with/against?
  4. I guess that rules out existing FA turrets! I was looking at these as possible options: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v24/ZandrisIV/6mm/SizeComparisonAll.jpg http://www.oldcrowmodels.co.uk/6turrets.htm
  5. I'm quite sure that the intended meaning on that one was 'vertical axis' of the 2D image on the page in the book. Not vertical in the 3D space combat sense. Poor choice of words on their part I would say but obviously you can't go 'over' or 'under' mines as they would then be pretty useless. It's just highlighting that you can expend movement to go around mines.
  6. I'm looking at doing some conversion work on my Dindrenzi ships, replacing some of the guns (gunship broadsides will be the first to go) with larger/more-detailed turrets. A purely cosmetic change... but if I could find good parts I might also use them to build some other ship classes. My initial plan was to use 6mm sci-fi tank turrets (I've found a few sources for these). The size should be about right... I don't suppose anyone has already tried this and can share their experiences? Another option would be to somehow pick up Terran/other turrets as 'part' orders but I haven't found any site selling Firestorm 'bits'. Anyone know of any places that do so?
  7. Brilliant work, tempted to go ahead and pre-order the new RSN ships immediately
  8. So far I've been substituting templates and whatever circular household objects I could find for planets but I'm looking at making up some purpose built scenery now. I'm guessing that the most common building material for planets/moons would be polystyrene/styrofoam balls, am I right? It seems like an ideal place to start. However... there don't seem to be that many places (walk-in stores) that actually stock them in a variety of sizes (I can only find very small ones). Does anyone have any recommendations for buying them online? Specifically looking for suggestions based on personal experience and ideally in Europe. On a related note, I've seen a few examples of peoples work on the forums already which were great, does anyone else have painted/modelled plants to show?
  9. Ah-ha! That actually clears things up hugely, thanks. This is exactly where I was going wrong on the movement.
  10. Thanks for the feedback. I think I'll need to review my usage of them next game I'll include them with my Dread once built, too and see how they perform in greater numbers. Still getting used to the turning rules in the game, so my understanding of how they (small ships) move may be incorrect... Are they required to limit their turning in any way? The card just says they must move 0" before each 45 degree turn... does this mean they can turn any amount at any time or is that wrong? And they still have to move half their movement, which would be 5", right? Tricky with your battleship that wants to move even slower (once at certain range band...). Have I missed something major in the rules?
  11. I get the impression that the Directorate and the Relthoza *are* more traditionally evil than say, the Sorylians and Aquans, though, agreed? Evil faceless super-corporation and hive-mind alien insects? Traditional sci-fi badguys if ever there were some.
  12. Hi all, Just started playing FA, been following the chatter on the forums for a little while and I think I understand the rules well enough but I had some questions come up after the most recent game that I could use some help with. Until recently I've been playing games with just starter fleets but just started adding a few more ship-types into the mix. A couple of questions, then: 1. Escorts So far I've only had one group of Bucklers attached to my battleship but even so I felt that I wasn't getting the most out of them. They seemed fairly ineffective overall, with their fire limited to whatever happened to be passing by my BB, since they have to stick with the BB and can only fire in port/starboard arcs. I've seen them spoken of quite highly, am I missing something on these guys or am I just using them poorly? My understanding is that they have to stick with the BB, so they'll almost always be moving directly towards a large target. Are they better used escorting carriers? Or does the incidental damage they cause add up in larger games? 2. Game Size This isn't a specifically Dindrenzi question but anyway, what's the suggested size game that people play? It seems that any game with only one BB each tends towards the two BBs chasing each-other endlessly through the smouldering wreckage of every other ship on the table. I suspect from the battle reports that the game scales up quite well, games with a few large capital ships seem to be more varied and decisive. What are peoples experiences of this? I've also just ordered a Dread and 3 Gunships which I'm sure will spice things up nicely.
  13. I think retaining some of the damage from previous rounds would add a lot of atmosphere. I'd possibly allow the owner to roll once for each crit result to attempt repairs. Actual hull damage... not so sure, d3 points repaired? Roll a d6 for each point? I suppose it depends on the rest of the campaign rules: can you choose to keep a ship out of action for a game in order to continue repairs for another round etc.
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