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  1. jpj

    CoA Coeus

    Oh la la, those look nice. I like the scheme and appreciate the drones for scale. So, do the dreadnaught boxes have sufficient models to make complete robots for both bases?
  2. Nice conversion! I've not seen it done and it adds tremendous character. Did you have to modify the "seat" for it to effectively fit?
  3. Thanks for sharing! Those look quite good. And the tiny flyers look particularly dynamic next to the staid, based ones.
  4. I hope this does not preclude the release of the other Terran command vehicle we were previewed.It's styling a are much more to my liking.
  5. Checkout the new ground command goodies! http://shop.spartangames.co.uk/SearchResults.asp?Cat=2095
  6. jpj

    finally got my models

    Those look quite good. I especially like the stowage. Are they 15mm Flames of War stuff?
  7. jpj

    sorlylian test

    Great looking Sorylians, I love the glow under the outrider bikes. Thanks for sharing. I like the terrain pieces as well, where did you come about those?
  8. I second that . If the Chinese Federation in Dystopian Wars is anything to go by, they haven't even scratched the surface of weapons from other cultures/civilizations.
  9. jpj

    Erebi's Planetfall

    Ack! I haven't even base coated my Kratos! That looks superb. I'm glad to see a non-dark Dindrenzi scheme out there; they are the good guys, right?
  10. Yeah, I am pretty jazzed about some rocket-toting robo-ceratopses. Does anyone know if or where pictures of the Zenian League Heavy Amour Helixes can be found?
  11. jpj

    vonHymack's Aliens&Co

    Whoa, that takes Aquans in a whole new direction. They look sinister and great! Nice work. Just out of curiosity, did you use metallics on the "nose" of the specialist skimmer?
  12. Nice execution on the scheme. I hadn't caught the Aurebesh, that's hilarious! I can't decide if they are windows, or not. I've been treating them like some sort of engine core venting.
  13. You sir have raised the bar on AARs. Thank you for sharing!
  14. jpj

    vonHymack's Aliens&Co

    I like the tentacles, they help the minis not look so static. Did you have to pin them to keep them in place?
  15. jpj

    Kurgan's Directorate

    Ah! I knew I recognized that scheme! Nice work integrating your fleet's work into those of your ground forces. I look forward to seeing some of those crawlers.
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