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  1. So, were they all boarding individually? Because I always thought that if they link a boarding assault there is only one round of defensive AA, the same as if rockets were being linked from multiple ships and fired at a single target.
  2. I like it as a suicide ship and drawing attention while my frigates move up behind.
  3. Full compliment of topedo bombers make it through defensive AA unscathed but the Cloud generator is active on a aircraft carrier and my usual 3+ torpedoes need 5+ after that the retardant armor reduced my only 6 down to a normal hit. 15 dice and only 4 hits....so many 4's and 3's and only two 2's and a 1. Also, can raging fire negate the effects of a cloud generator?
  4. My rediculous flying DN....Time to explain why it is the "Blazing" Sun Karyu class Predator Gyro (Fire dragon) 290points DR6 CR12 MV7 HP9 AP8 AA8 CC2 RR0 Massive Capital class ship 3 Rocket Batteries 360degree 0/7/8/9 (incendiary rockets) Aft Bombs 10/0/0/0 *Breath of the Fire Dragon* - Rng band 1,Forward Fixed channel - "Incinerates all models in a fixed channel until 8" infront of this model inflicting 8AD. Should a vessel be damaged by the attack it suffers raging fire." Manoeuverable Either a Shield Generator or Disruption Generator for no extra points. Tell me what you think
  5. I love my escorts. Never run my dreadnaught without them as my brother always like to board my ships and having a DN lost as a prize with only one dmg token on it depresses me. 20points for 3AA can make a huge difference in surviveability. In short, pick up some escorts.
  6. I assume that your ika's were shredded next turn and left with very little AP so not so effective at boarding another ship?
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