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  1. I seem to remember you liked the 4-strong squadrons in 1.1 as well!
  2. Naz - will this be with the fleet guide books?
  3. Good work Ricky, Do the single carriers come with the relevant SAW? Thanks
  4. I don't even see your signatures? What's that all about?
  5. I think this has come up before and someone thought it was a typo of Yurei?
  6. It almost sounds like you have had this happen before James!
  7. Doesn't sound that different from the Italy we know and love!
  8. This is correct but IIRC default is before movement and Disruption Generators (without a node) will fire then.
  9. Kind of like in Dune? So you need to shed some speed (e.g. rockets and torpedos go slower than shells) to get through the shield better - explains the different effect shields have. I can picture Delboy and James sitting around watching Dune as well!
  10. Saxony has a 15" move, Tetsubo has 13" move, SAW fighters have 16" move. I can't see why you think any of those are faster than a torpedo that effectively has a 32" move!
  11. Bear in mind that many DW ships sail faster than the aircraft! The initial launch of a Torpedo is faster, due to the speed of the launching vessel and the blast of compressed (sturgenium enhanced) air, however if they ran very slowly then you could in theory run it over. But - why make a Torpedo that runs that slowly? Most DW Torpedos can cover 3 or 4 range bands in an activation - I've yet to see any DW vessel that fast!
  12. Good stuff mate! Wish I could get more games in but real life gets in the way...
  13. As good as google translate :-) https://docs.google.com/file/d/0Bx75cyu8KDmfWGFaRXc0VGROVWM/edit?usp=docslist_api
  14. Historically the Japanese navy did not use a prefix IJN was an American creation iirc. So my EBS don't have them, they all have names in kanji though so its not like you could tell. Interestingly there were vessels in the Japanese navy with the same name at the same time!
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