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  1. In 1.0 a squad of FSA destroyers took out my KoB carrier at max range on turn 1 of a game. He managed to double-crit me with a horrific string of sixes, rolled a sturginium flare which killed a cruiser too and then magazine exploded the carrier with the 2nd crit. Dirty, nasty FSA bastiches
  2. I don't mind as long as there is good communication. That's always the one thing that causes problems on kickstarters that can be easily avoided.
  3. That was so bad I *had* to like it.
  4. Pretty sure you did not post the correct PE Eider battleships. One or the other. The cards are the same
  5. I'm not having anxiety yet, but I do think that Spartan needs to step up it's communication game. Especially since we were told that we were going to get our pledge manager in the first week of January and now we get an update that it's getting close (end of January). Communication should be weekly and include two things: New figure design/campaign book updates and Pledge Manager updates until Backerkit has been completed. Then all weekly updates would be 100% on what has been done that week to get the kickstarter closer to delivery. I know there is a lot of work to do. We don't need details. Some teasers, some general updates and basically a sense of progress.
  6. And best of all, it doesn't have bunting!
  7. Darth Presidente is right. Impressive and well thought out.
  8. I don't have a problem with the bunting on the battleship, but I do on a carrier. Drama waiting to happen there
  9. What? Your don't like Baba Yaga's Castle? That was his major upgrade from his hut:
  10. Now THIS is what I was looking for from Spartan Games. My wife is going to be so p----d off at me!
  11. You guys are slow on the up-take today! Feast your eyes on this: http://www.spartangames.co.uk/dystopian-world-expansion-kickstarter
  12. Something else to consider is that the Survey results (who knows the amount of responses?), as clearly answered by Spartan in the blog post, states that only the 6th highest response was about rules change. More responses were about new fleets (finish off the outliers told to us from the very beginning), new source material, better communication, more support material for demo players and campaigns were all ahead of a new version of the rules. They said that the didn't rule out a new version, but that it would be later down the road as they complete what the survey responses said were more important to us gamers.
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