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  1. Chaki

    A New Table

    Seriously. Do it!
  2. Look good. Anybody's got an idea on how they will play and how those tiny token boats will come into play? The carrier looks like it carrys those as well.
  3. I'd love to see a Vassal Module for DW *dreamy*
  4. Chaki

    Basing - Do You?

    Eh. My experience tells otherwise, since ships can touch each other which is physically impossible with real bases. But hell, go on. You and your opponent should have fun but if you plan on going against a more general set of enemies, i recommend keeping an unbased fleet to play "by the book".
  5. Excuse me? As an austrian person who did say in another thread how my prussians are basically just kuk with labels filed off, i am offended! All hail Franz Ferdinand, god damnit. (Its all in good fun of course ^^, yes austrian sub models would be awesome and i seem to remember that those are actually planned for?)
  6. Chaki

    Basing - Do You?

    I won't base. Doesn't do much for the looks and just goes wonky with the rules.
  7. Preferably those who can go under water (voluntarily) and up again (also, voluntarily). A true u-boat fleet. I am aware that CoA now can field all subs with their BB being a "sub" in a way, but its just not the same.
  8. I still would love to see an all sub-faction, instead of making my enemy one.
  9. I'm a wee bit sad that those subs can't go submerged as a whole. Echo Generators are russian only :/ Maybe a simple "Completely Submerged" MAR?
  10. You are right, Klinkerhoffen. Would be interesting. But i favor diversity of models for its own sake. its my preference.
  11. Because the "muslim country" aesthetic can easily be covered by the Ottomans. So. Pyramids and an earlier digged up sphinx death robot of doom with Sebek nile subs.
  12. I'd actually would love for the prussian subs to not be boarders, but actually support the rest of the fleet to catch others so they can board them. Something along the lines that their subs can aim specifically for the engines and take them out for a round or two.
  13. I for my part would love a fleet with a heavy old egyptian theme. But i adore it. And i totally understand why people wouldn't want it.
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