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  1. I agree that it should have been 2.0 instead of 1.09. Strange decision but I am sure there was a business or perhaps copyright reason for the decision.
  2. Chronologically, the 1st edition of the game would have been the Outlaw Miniatures rule set. It was a fairly different game but if you are interested you might be able to find one with a web search. The 1.09 edition that War Cradle published would have been the 2nd edition of the game. I am hopeful that the 3rd edition will be more of an update than a dramatic reinvention of the system. Also hopeful that this means we will also see some models that were either out of print or never printed.
  3. I don't facebook so am glad to hear you all check in here every so often.
  4. You can still get them from Wayland Games though the shipping might be a bit stout. That is where I got mine 2 months ago. It is a wonderful set that goes together really easily. It is also an amazing value. I would like to see some of the stuff in that starter available separately though. Perhaps they could release a starter augment posse box that contains three of the four Younger Brothers (available singularly) to fill out the James Gang along with Warren Earp to fill out the Earp Posse. It probably wouldn't make sense to add in John Younger, who is already in the Father of the Enlightenment Posse, or Morgan and Virgil Earp who are already in the Armored Justice and the Meat Grinder Posses. Perhaps they could fill out the augment box with another Frontier Outrider (now called Bandit Outriders) and 1 or 2 Ranger Interceptors... or, and this is likely a huge ask, models and rules for James Earp, Sherman McMaster, Jack "Turkey Creek" Johnson, Charles Smith, Dan Tipton, and John Vermiliion so Wyatt can get a new Themed Posse for his famous Vendetta Ride. Now that is something that I think would sell very well. I wonder how closely the Warcradle Staff monitor the forums?
  5. All of the names you mentioned are in the current Way Ward 8 Posse box here. Are you asking about old sculpts?
  6. I have read this before but respectfully do not agree. The only entries in the 1.01 edition of the rule book I could find for this is on page 10 with a reference to page 7 (Flipping cards). The page 10 entry states: The emphasized portions do not mention "flipping" or on the "Altered Side" only that a Character rolls on the table when they meet or exceed their Madness threshold on their Ready Side. A character without a Madness Threshold on its Ready Side has no initiatory value to force the test against so wouldn't have to roll on the Madness Table for this. The parenthetical reference to "See Flipping Cards Above" (found on page 7) doesn't change the base clause above for rolling on the madness table, it simply adds that this might also initiate a card to flip from its "Ready" to "Altered" side in characters that have a Madness Threshold on their Ready Side. The page 7 entry states: The rules for flipping from the "Ready" to "Altered" sides do not initiate a roll on the Madness Table in and of themselves, it simply presents the general mechanism for switching from one side to the other for characters with a Madness Threshold on their Ready Side. Characters with a Madness Threshold on their Ready side, upon meeting or exceeding that value, initiate not just the general mechanism for flipping from "Ready" to "Altered" but also must make a roll on the Madness Table as a result of satisfying the requirements laid out on page 10 also. They don't make the roll for flipping from Ready to Altered they make the roll because they met or exceeded the Madness Threshold on their Ready side. Models without a Madness Threshold on their Ready side can not switch from their "Ready" to "Altered" sides utilizing the general rule as they have no value to check against and can not roll on the Madness Table as a result of it. The specific rules printed on their character card would have precedence over the general rule for flipping and describe the mechanism for initiating one. These may or not also predicate a roll on the Madness table as a result. The only other relevant rule book entry I could find is also on Page 10. It is under "Mythos Abilities" Again, the clause is predicated on reaching a characters "Madness Threshold" as a result of failing the Sanity check from using Mythos abilities and also accruing enough Madness to initiate the "roll on the Madness Table" as a result of meeting the characters Madness Threshold. Though it doesn't include a reference to page 7's general mechanism for Flipping this would also initiate flipping sides from Ready to Altered in a Character with a Madness Threshold and also clearing any madness up to the characters Madness Threshold on its Ready side because of meeting the requirements laid out on page 7. A character without a Madness Threshold on its Ready side has no value to initiate a roll on the Madness table against so can not take one as a result. That is not to say that characters without a Madness Threshold on their printed sides can't accrue madness from saying failing Sanity checks while using Mythos abilities or other abilities, just that the general rules for Sanity & Madness (Page 10), Mythos (Page 10), and Flipping Cards (Page 7), don't provide a mechanism to satisfy the requirements to force a roll on the Madness table from accruing them or flipping sides using some other character specific mechanism. Baring a FAQ or Errata doc from Warcradle not listed on their webpage, I don't see why a character without a printed value for Madness Threshold would ever have to take a roll on the Madness table as a result of flipping from their Ready side to their Altered side (or vice versa in the case of the Path of Chronozon characters that start on their Altered sides and can shift back and forth between them via character abilities or actions) or failing a Sanity check while using a Mythos ability. At any rate that is my take on the subject and I freely admit I could be wrong; perhaps there is something I am missing. Would love to see something concrete and official from Warcradle one way or the other, though as a Path of Chronozon player I would hope it wouldn't reduce them to uselessness. And as tone is always difficult to gauge on the internet, I am not attacking Ivoryskull, simply laying out the logic for an alternative viewpoint
  7. Are Legendary models an analog for their non-legendary counterparts? In other words, can Legendary Abraham Lincoln utilize the Secret Service Theme Posse or can he only use the generic Union Faction or Manifest Destiny Theme Posses? Additionally, can non-Boss Legendary units be recruited into a Theme Posse led by a non-Legendary Boss? The Tombstone Theme posse for Wyatt Earp seems to indicate one way while other Theme Posse builds muddy the waters (Looking at Morgan Earp specifically here). Any assistance is greatly appreciated.
  8. Sorry for the thread necro but... I am interested in building a Confederate list but notice that Ben Hamilton doesn't seem to exist in any of the posse boxes or as a singular model to complete Stonewall's theme list. Any help?
  9. Finished my Path of Chronzon group and figured I would share. First time trying OSL and realized I chose one of the hardest colors to pull off. Overall pretty happy with the results and I learned a lot. Apologize for the photography, not my best work.
  10. Thank you for the compliment. Really looking forward to playing a few games soon.
  11. Finally got around to finishing my Wild West Exodus stuff. I used Daren's "Painting the Signature WWX Look in 4 Simple Stages". I really like how they came out, though the pictures aren't as great as I would have liked (still dialing in my new light setup). I used Citadel Contrast paints instead of the diluted inks Daren suggested and went back over the skin and lenses with traditional Citadel paints to lighten them up a bit. Now just waiting for Coronabola stay at home orders to expire so I can find an opponent to run me through some games.
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