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  1. I would humbly suggest the Prussian Empire. Also a fairly straightforward force to play (basically one defensive MAR of Rugged Construction to balance her shields, and one special weapon to learn in the tesla coils - and really, who doesn't want to shoot lightning bolts?!?), and while their aerial battle group doesn't come with bombers (oh, shucks, an excuse to buy more models later to "balance" things out....) just lots of very nice looking blimps - really, the Imperium sky fortress is still one of the most gorgeous and steampunky models in the whole range!
  2. An Errata (as a separate document from the FAQ) might not be a bad idea? Just a section with bullet points for known errors/typos for the rulebook and than one similar section for each nation. Reissue the errata each time an updated orbat comes out (or more frequently as typos are caught). That way you could have an abbreviated change log within the Errata and maybe even leave it for an update. To use the example above; Federated States of America [PDF, 0.3MB] v1.5 – UPDATED: 10-APR-2015 Princton Gunships - Squadron size is 2-3 models, not 1-2 as listed. The next Errata after an update to that particular Orbat could then read; Federated States of America [PDF, 0.3MB] v1.6 – UPDATED: 12-OCT-2015 Princton Gunships - Squadron size is 2-3 models, not 1-2 as listed. Correct value shown in v1.6 - UPDATED 12-OCT-2015 and then the next time the FSA orbat is updated (v1.7), the Princeton entry could be deleted from the errata (to keep overall document size down) . Although I twenty-second the motion that a full version to version change log page within the Orbats and the Digi-Admiral is a grand idea.
  3. Perhaps Beta (Charlie?) test it here on the forums as an unofficial FAQ and let the Community provide some (hopefully constructive) criticism and input/suggestions as to how to make the document more user friendly before it makes the downloads section? Might make a good final proof read, many sets of eyes are better than a few.
  4. I know I am in the minority - but full squadrons are NOT the only way to go. Examples. 2 Armenius or 3 Saxony (I used to prefer 3 Saxony, until they bumped from 20 to 25 points) make an absolutely grand close escort/counter assault unit. They can run from cover behind a large and break up a boarding rush from corvettes very nicely with a kill or two, a lethal strike, and a preemptive assault, as well as parking in front of the closing corvettes to either force a collision or force your 60 point squadron to become a priority target. They might not kill off the squad, but a 60 point unit neutering the combat effectiveness of a 100 point squad is a win in my book. They are also a nice cheap way to knock off a sniper or two from a long range or flanking frigate or destroyer squadron. A single Hussar is still one of the best "Hand Grenade Speed Bumps" in the game. Much like the above idea, rush it in front of a squadron (hopefully without having to use the Tesla Genny for movement) and park right in front of them, a broadside plus 2 close quarters turrets, a potential tesla genny strike, and a decent boarding attempt if the squad is small enough means that while it probably won't earn it's 85 points back, it still will absorb (probably) 3 decent dice pools worth of attacks before it sinks, and that is 3 attacks that are not being pointed at your damage dealing "non-sacrificial" units. A single Havel is also a good option for this - plus mines and the extra activation (or two)! A Havel with an attached Donnerfaust is a great little close combat unit that doesn't break the bank and throws better than average AD down to their last hull points. 2 Donnerfausts is usually enough - there isn't too many situations I've found where when you want to stick a Speer in something (even most larges) for the Lightning Rod that you can't achieve the targets DR with 2 Donnerfausts instead of 3 - and I have found they attract quite a lot less attention as a partial squadron, but this is admittedly also my least favorite understrength unit. 2 Geiers (or 2 Pflichts, although I prefer the bombers) are also a very nice little strike unit when deployed off towards a table edge where they are just nibbling at his flankers while being far enough away from the main fleets to absorb too much firepower - A pair of Uhlans would probably work here too, but I haven't got mine to the top of my painting queue yet to try it out. All that said, knowing I was facing the RC isn't where I would I would usually throw most of those units - but I would definitely put the understrength Bombers and Scoutships on the table - with a bit of care in movement/placement (and assuming he sticks to the more or less default "Brick" Formation that RC uses so effectively) they could cross from RB 3 to RB 1 in a single activation, and be immune to most of those giant dice pools while merrily bombing the everloving stuffing out of his fleet.
  5. That is interesting. Neither the CoA PDF from May 2014 or current (this April) list a range. I would assume RAW it is essentially range 0, and template can only be placed on center of the model until/unless otherwise clarified as a typo.
  6. I feel that is the reason for the High Angle MAR, I think everything but Auxiliary (Ack-ack and CC) Weapons, and Bombs and Mines are supposed to be considered Gunnery Ordinance. Perfect Example is Tesla/Speerschlueder. Tesla is a Specialized Weapon, but a Speerschleuder is a Specialized Tesla Weapon that (among other things) has the High Angle MAR. Seems pointless to give it that unless they are both considered Gunnery... really needs a FAQ answer from Spartan...
  7. Without looking at your ORBAT to see if there are any extra inclusions, you are correct that Primary and Secondary Flamethrowers are Redoubtable, and Tertiary Flamethrowers are immune to hit point loss (just watch out for Chaos and Disarray Critical Effects!). Tertiary does not preclude a weapon from being Gunnery Ordinance, nor does being a Tertiary weapon automatically grant the ability to fire at Aerial models in RB1 (an example is Prussian Empire Tesla Weapons [another Specialized weapon], most Fore Tesla coils are Tertiary, while most Tesla broadsides, Tesla turrets, and aft Tesla coils are Secondary). Flamethrowers are Specialized Weapons (and thus can only Combine fire with other Flamethrowers, regardless if they are Primary, Secondary, or Tertiary), however, they do not have the High Angle MAR(only Deadly to Infantry and Redoubtable, plus Incendiary and Lethal Strike Munitions), which leads me to believe they are included under the Gunnery Ordinance designation (that REALLY does once and for all need to be FAQ'd though, which weapons fall under the designation gunnery ordinance, I don't personally think Rockets are intended to be usable against flyers in RB1 either, as they do not automatically include the High Angle MAR). Arguments for that are other specialized weapons like Volley Guns, which gain High Angle and
  8. I am very much an all types. Primarily a PE player, and even after it's Nerfing, I still take a Sturmbringer with it's squadron support Recon (or 2 of them) and usually field an imperium as well with a 5 +1 (usually deployed as bombers - nothing like a 5 strong wing of bombers to pull in opposing fighters) wing set up in almost every game. Local air is usually fielded as 3/3/4 fighters in my fleet list, but some or all of these often get immediately retasked as torpedo bombers to hunt flanking destroyers, battle cruisers, or whatever submerged nastiness is coming my way - that extra 4" threat range is often the difference between shooting 2nd turn or having to wait until 3rd turn.
  9. I'd dearly love to make a trip over from Idaho, but unfortunately will be out of the country then.
  10. nope (pg 88 & 91 digi-admiral) Heavy ack-ack is a coherency MAR, All models involved must have the applicable coherency MAR before it can be used
  11. @ Merlin, speaking from a strictly PE point of view, you are just about dead on with the Wachter. You either take one for 1 AA/CC defensive bump as a points filler, or you take 3 for 2 AA/CC and the +6 reckless AP for a dedicated boarding large. I would further that to say that I find them only a practical points expenditure with the battleships, where their secondary turrets provide a decent boost to the somewhat lackluster broadsides as you close (all of the other large/massives have only Tesla secondaries, so the Escorts can't even link with the parent). There is also still some hope for the Specialist Squadrons mentioned in the book too, and purportedly being released with the Faction books somewhere down the line. There was an episode of the Element 270 podcast (I believe it was episode 13? 11?) where Delboy/Spartan Derek gave a specific but unofficial example of a Specialized squadron (which won't count towards your core squadron minimums) based around the Konigsberg Battlecruiser with Wachter escorts (another turret/broadside boost!) where the whole Squadron would also gain the Hit & Run MAR. (Drools with anticipation....)
  12. The rule of thumb for boarding is that it is always on a model by model basis, not squadron by squadron. for example If his surface large had a CAP and an attached escort cruiser, your 3 medium flyers (1,2,and 3) could AA his CAP (linked or separately, separate is probably usually the better option as it gives you more chances to reach DR and he can still only use AA from each model in the squadron once per activation for defensive fire),, flyers 1 and 2 fire at the escort cruiser and board the large, flyer 3 can fire at the large and board the escort cruiser. or if it is three enemy cruisers (A, B, and C) flyer 1 shoots A and boards B, 2 shoots B and boards C, 3 shoots C and boards A Or more likely in that case... 1, 2, and 3 link main weapon at A, link bomb at B, and board C
  13. Glacier generators! Take your terrain with you. Assault carrier can upgrade to it, Borodino can Mimic it. Place your icebergs ahead of you and you will block line of sight to from smalls and mediums on the surface, larges are at a -1 to hit with primaries half Attack Dice with primaries (shooting over 1 class size smaller terrain) and blocked for secondary and tertiary, then hide your mediums and smalls behind your larges to cover them as you advance into your more optimal ranges. Doesn't help against his flyers or massives (or much for your Dudinka, line of sight being reciprocal, but he can also tuck in behind the Borodino a bit), but can definitely cut down on the amount of incoming firepower early on. (Edited, thanks Kapitan Montag - was still on my first cup when I wrote that..., half AD is even better than -1 in most cases)
  14. (V1.1) "Accidently" (when any Collision was 1/2 AD) collided 1 of a squad of Saxony's into an undamaged Enterprise, Promptly critted it with 19 hits and killed 4 of his AP with a Hard Pounding - perfect for the remainder to try and board him, and received no damage in return (in fact, he didn't roll a single hit). The other 4 swung in on the other side and took a potshot at his Battleship, and mag exploded it (wiping out all 4 corvettes.... so much for that boarding action against the dread), which also critted the Enterprise again and teleported it right off the back edge of the table. Left one very confused (but unbroken!) Saxony sitting in open water, wondering what just happened...
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