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  1. Under the new rules that they discontinued that particur aspect of flagships. ...of course you could homebrew something... ....but... Don't quote me on this but... I think some of the ships were reworked becuase of this. Yoou might compare your ships' cards against what was printed in the new books. T
  2. Oh Thanks.. yep those are mine that I upladed to the Spartan Games server....
  3. What about the Orcs, they are kinda "Viking-ish" Real viking ships might be a little ... mundane.
  4. BigTroy

    Demo Game

    Nice! Looks great. I like your nice bright table... Ships look great also..
  5. Nice step by step pics. Would have really loved when I was just starting. More, more, more...
  6. I see the orcs as the good guys here. The orcs are just a bunch of free roaming, good natured folk and are constantly having neo-fascist doctrine thrown at them by those dour and taciturn dwarves. We seek to free the good dwarven races from their totalitarian oppressors.
  7. I'm very happy with the new layout in the PDF. I'm glad you didn't just scan the book for us to download. The new layout is much more conducive to tablet reading & the reduction of color pictures as well as the white page background helps make it more printer friendly as well. Thank you very much Spartan Games, You are a class act. T
  8. Excellent move. Now I can print off a high quality CRIT chart and have it laminated.
  9. BigTroy

    Sea Gods

    The twins (Ward and Buckler) guard the far east against the foreign invaders of old. Admirals say that ancient magics imbued in the statues make ships near the statues seem stronger, and more secure. Ward (+2 DR) within 8" Buckler (+2 CR) within 8"
  10. BigTroy

    My Broad Blue

    This is how I made my Uncharted Seas board.
  11. BigTroy

    Sea Gods

    And lo, I declare that any who pass near my likeness and pay me homage by throwing a nice fish overboard (note a fish that is neither too large nor too small) shall be granted control of the seas and be able to maneuver like no mortal. Any who pass within 8" of this can use a turning template one size smaller.
  12. Thanks TANK0625 Check out an earlier post I made I explain how I did it. T
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