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  1. Considering WC's lock-happy attitude to discussion so far (God forbid you do anything other than smile and nod on the facebook group), I don't think it matters. I'll be surprised if more than typo reporting gets acted on. I think my previous 'feedback' is as likely to be acted on as any more detailed response, so why bother wasting keystrokes?
  2. There's so much wrong with that statement I don't know where to start. I don't think I asked for Halo Fleet Battles, did I?
  3. I'd say hidden in the rulebook for a totally different game (frankensteinian jamming together of settings notwithstanding) is pretty hidden for anyone looking for DW background. Needlessly edgy much?
  4. In before thread locked for criticising WC. These rules are the best thing that WC has produced for new-DW so far. I'm not saying that in a positive sense. No wonder the CoA background document is hidden several pages deep in the WWX website, I'd be embarrassed about it too. Have you read this drek? It's all zombies and aliens, as though they're more important to DW than steampunk imperial geopolitics. Yeah, the vault could have been aliens in better-DW, but it could have been ancient Atlanteans, time travellers, Lovecraftian elder things or a hundred other things, but what it certainly and most importantly was, was a mystery. Don't even start on the tripods, they're non-canon and you know it. And why is Sturgeon now some kind of moron who lost 'half his expedition' dicking about getting to the vault? Where is the 'building a new nation' optimism of the CoA? Why are they now some illuminati-type stupidity? Why aren't they a nation? Do you really think the edgy cynicism is a good thing? The new CoA logo looks stupid too- what, are you chasing the 40k AdMech market? Leave the skulls to GW, thanks. Having WWX carpathian get one over on the CoA with his RJ-whatever stuff definitely reads as "Hur-hur DW is ours now, it's second to WWX, suck it boat-lovers". https://www.warcradle.com/uploads/wwx-pdfs/factions/Covenant-of-the-Enlightened-DA-Background.pdf The new aesthetic sucks. The new lore sucks. The new rules suck. Throw it in the trash and start again where Spartan left off.
  5. For me, I already had a proxy plan for my CoA- they're painted red for a reason- they're going to be AdMech when the new version of Epic comes out. 10mmDW seems pointless because I was in it for the landships. DW Land without that holds zero interest for me, so I might as well choose a 10mm game that mght have a playerbase two minutes from where I work.
  6. Hurry up with those orbats... I haven't tried inflicting DW on my local group yet, knowing that the current orbats are... not great and are being replaced soon.
  7. But the rules explicitly state the opposite (see the rules quoted in @Gonmoa's post)
  8. Covenant. Have you seen the Descartes MkII?
  9. I'm going to put it down to the damn thing being the size of a Nimitz class carrier.
  10. Dystopian Wars is a game that takes things that just didn't work in the real world and says 'these work because sturginium'. The cruiser submarine concept joins the RC frigates, about half the small tank designs, screw drive engines on CoA ships, landships and more odd ideas. While cruiser submarines like the Surcouf and X1 didn't work out , it's still a cool enough idea to show up in DW.
  11. Re-build, and the phrase 'rebuild a lost SAS' suggests (fairly clearly, if not explicitly) that you can't just build as many squadrons as you have tokens for- only that you can replace squadrons that have been wiped out, not make new ones.
  12. And all that time you're not at at least obscured, the Euclid is very vulnerable (literally once it gets to low-level) for a model that hands over 425 points when shot down, or 725 when prized- and that's without any upgrades. With more than one upgrade it easily breaks 800 points prize value. That's dangerously close to 70% all the way up to 1500. It's got low-level flyer, but it dare not use it. While stratospheric it's nigh invulnerable, but it dares not ever come down from there.
  13. Previously, CoA drones relaunched with an activation marker, because without was far too powerful. Whether it works that way for new carriers is indeterminate.
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